Model Han Hye-jin: Profile, Facts, Dating News, and More!

Han Hye-jin’s Dating News

Han Hye-jin and Cha Woo-chan’s Relationship

In May 2017, ESteem Entertainment confirmed the rumors of Han Hye-jin dating a baseball player. ESteem Entertainment confirmed that Han Hye-jin was dating Cha Woo-chan. Cha Woo-chan, who is four years younger than Han Ye-jin, joined the Samsung Lions in 2006. He moved from the Samsung Lions to the LG Twins after receiving the highest ever paid salary for a pitcher FA (9.5 billion won), in December 2016. He recorded 194 strikeouts in 2015, ranking first in the strikeout category.

Han Hye-jin fell for Cha Woo-chan’s manliness, while Cha Woo-chan was drawn to her warm, positive personality, according to the reports. The representative also said that the couple has been going on dates in secluded areas, to avoid the public. After the dating rumors began to spread, they were reported to have witnessed the stars having a cocktail at a sushi bar.

However, after 6 months of dating in November 2017, Han Hye-jin and Cha Woo-chan decided to break up. The agency representative from Cha Woo-chan said, “They decided to part ways, but declined to comment further, this is’ a private matter.”

Even though it has been broken, Han Hye-jin and Cha Woo-chan remain in good relations as friends.

Han Hye-jin and Jun Hyun-moo’s Relationship

After the news of her breakup with Cha Woo-chan, Han Hye-jin had not been reported of dating anyone till February 2018, when she was rumored of dating her MC partner in I Live Alone, Jun Hyun-moo. In February 2018, both of their agencies confirmed that they were indeed dating.

The growing affections between Han Hye-jin and Jun Hyun-moo started when Hyun-moo asked Hye-jin to give him advice on his dressing style and Hye-jin always gave Hyun-moo the best advice in dressing. Since then, Hyun-moo has always asked Hye-jin’s advice when he wants to look fashionable with his clothes and since then their relationship has become very close until Hyun-moo expresses his seriousness first. And eventually, they started to actually date each other.

While they were dating, they always appeared compact and supportive of each other in public, including when they were MCs in I Live Alone. They always supported and praised one another. In fact, on various occasions, to support Hye-jin, Hyun-moo would send sweet messages that would make Hye-jin excited again.

However, their relationship did not last long. In December 2018, they were rumored to have broken up. Jun Hyun-moo’s label, SM C&C stated, “We are releasing an official statement regarding the breakup of Jun Hyun-moo and Han Hye-jin, which was reported today. First of all, we apologize for the official release to confirm the truth. After checking, it was confirmed that the news about their breakup wasn’t true. We apologize again for this late confirmation. Thank you.” ESteem Entertainment also issued the same statement.

However, the rumor turned out to be true and Hye-jin and Hyun-moo had broken up in March 2019. Jun Hyun-moo’s agency SM C&C released the following statement:

“Hello. This is SM C&C.

Recently, Jun Hyun-moo and Han Hye-jin returned to simply being colleagues. Although it is quite personal, as they received love from many people, it seemed right to announce the news before it gets known through other sources. After a discussion with the production team of I Live Alone, it was decided that he will take a short break following the March 8th broadcast. We express deep apologies to the viewers for affecting the program due to a personal matter.

We express gratitude to the many people who support Jun Hyun-moo, and he will work to make a better return. Thank you.”

Even though they broke up, they still maintained good relations as friends and continued to support each other.

Han Hye-jin’s Latest News

1. Han Hye-jin Getting Off from Social Media

In January 2019, in an interview, Hye-jin gave a statement as to why she rarely opens her social media. Han Hye-jin revealed, “I forgot my social media password. It’s the second time since I’ve got on social media. I have basically given up now.”

She added, “I feel more comfortable not doing it. I don’t have to share my story and I don’t have to see other stories either. Tiredness went down after I got off social media. I felt lighter. I recommend the ‘SNS diet.'”

2. Han Hye-jin Talks about Her Modeling Career

In March 2019, Hye-jin appeared again in I Live Alone. She talked about her 20-year-long modeling career and what’s it like to be a model for such a long time. In her interview, Han Hye-jin began, “It was very complicated. I just, interestingly enough, I don’t think I was very happy when I look back at the things I’ve done. I wondered why I wasn’t just happy and why I couldn’t just enjoy it. I was really upset whenever I asked myself this. Whenever I talk about work, my mom would get so upset, the event was more than what she would show me.”

She continued, “It’s a job that’s just about your appearance. Objectively speaking, you’re working with what you have on the outside, so there’s a limit to what I can change with my efforts. It was really upsetting when I heard people say how I modeled when I look like this. My mother gave birth to me wonderfully, but, though I don’t want to admit it, there are problems when it comes to a woman, daughter, and someone’s girlfriend.”