Everything You Need To Know About Mnet’s ‘Road to Kingdom’


Complete Information About Road To Kingdom

Road to Kingdom is the male idol group version of Mnet’s Queendom. Road to Kingdom provides a second chance to new groups or less popular idol groups to gain exposure through the global TV program. Road to Kingdom was held from April 30th to June 18th, 2020, by Mnet. There were seven contestants that competed in an attempt to win the prize, an appearance at the ultimate idol survival show, Kingdom.

Road to Kingdom showed the struggle of each contestant and the pressure to survive until the final stage. In the program, their creativity, determination, and mentality were key to achieving the prize. Each of the contestants promoted themselves and gained votes from global K-Pop fans and judges. In the end, only one idol group could be the winner and participate in Mnet’s Kingdom.

In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about idol survival program, Mnet’s Road To Kingdom. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down!

All About Road to Kingdom


Road To Kingdom is an idol survival show by Mnet. The music program was broadcast from April 30th to June 18th, 2020. It is considered as the male version of Queendom.

Seven groups of Korean idols competed in a bid to revive their musical career. Most of the groups have huge potential and are mostly unknown to global fans and not just to hardcore fans. All groups battled to survive to win a spot in Kingdom.

In order to provide insight, short video clips of Queendom participants were aired in the first episode. Some basic information or hints about the program and future participants were given as well, such as:

  • Only one group will survive and enter the kingdom
  • Two groups will be eliminated during the program
  • Each group must prepare four performances, excluding the eliminated groups
  • There are seven idol group participants
  • There is a 90-Second preliminary performance

Elimination Rules

Two groups will be eliminated before the final performance. Elimination rules:

  • One group will be eliminated when collecting the lowest total points from the first and second performance
  • One group will be eliminated when collecting the lowest total points from the third performance

During the final performances, the progress of each group would be based on the following rules:

  1. Points from the three preliminary performances (10.000 points–1st performance; 10.000 points–2nd performance; 10.000 points–3rd performance)
  2. Points from the streaming platform (official videos that are posted on YouTube and Naver TV–maximum 15.000 points)
  3. Points from comeback singles–maximum 15.000 points
  4. Points from final live comeback stage performance–maximum 35.000 points

First place idol group earns the right to participate in Kingdom.

First place idol group in final live performance can participate in Kingdom.


Progress of each participant

1st + 2nd Performances Combined Results
Rank Artist Total Points
1st The Boyz 20,000
2nd ONF 16,890
3rd Pentagon 16,207
4th Oneus 10,918
5th Verivery 10,726
6th TOO 10,240
7th Golden Child 8,427


1st + 2nd + 3rd Performances Combined Results
Rank Artist Total Points
1st ONF 31,890
2nd The Boyz 30,765
3rd Pentagon 26,853
4th Verivery 21,529
5th Oneus 18,840
6th TOO 17,699


Finale Live Comeback Stages (Episode 8)
Order Artist Song Ranking (Digitals)
1 Oneus “Come Back Home” 4th
2 Verivery “Beautiful-x” 5th
3 The Boyz “Checkmate” 1st
4 Pentagon “Basquiat” 3rd
5 ONF “New World” 2nd

Progress of each contestant

Contestant Performances
90-Second Performance Song Of King My Song
The Boyz 1st 560 1st 10,000 1st 10,000
ONF 5th 155 3rd 8,633 3rd 8,257
Pentagon 2nd 480 2nd 9,467 5th 6,740
Oneus 6th 145 7th 2,417 2nd 8,501
Verivery 3rd 340 6th 3,117 4th 7,609
TOO 7th 135 4th 5,033 6th 5,207
Golden Child 4th 320 5th 4,033 7th 4,394


Contestant First Elimination Collaboration Your Song
The Boyz 1st 20,000 3rd 1,000 2nd 9,765
ONF 2nd 16,890 1st 5,000 1st 10,000
Pentagon 3rd 16,207 1st 5,000 5th 5,646
Oneus 4th 10,918 3rd 1,000 4th 6,922
Verivery 5th 10,726 2nd 3,000 3rd 7,803
TOO 6th 10,240 2nd 3,000 6th 4,459
Golden Child 7th 8,427


Contestant Second Elimination Video Views +
Digital Points
Finale Live
Total Overall Ranking
The Boyz 2nd 30,765 1st 30,000 1st 35,000 1st 95,765 1st
ONF 1st 31,890 2nd 19,162 2nd 27,359 2nd 78,411 2nd
Pentagon 3rd 26,853 3rd 16,374 3rd 17,133 3rd 60,360 3rd
Oneus 5th 18,840 4th 10,795 4th 10,503 4th 40,138 4th
Verivery 4th 21,529 5th 6,490 5th 3,852 5th 31,871 5th
TOO 6th 17,699 6th


Release Date No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length

Song of King Part 1

May  8th, 2020 1. Everybody Jo Yoon-kyung

Hwang Hyun (MonoTree)

Thomas Troelsen

Coach & Sendo

ONF 4:00

Song of King Part 2

May 15th, 2020 1 Very Good (Pentagon ver.) Zico




Pop Time

Pentagon 3:24
My Song Part 1
May 15th, 2020 1. Shine + Spring Snow Hui





Flow Blow






Pentagon 3:18

My Song Part 2

May 22nd, 2020 1. The We Must Love Hwang Hyun (MonoTree) Hwang Hyun (MonoTree) ONF 4:10
2. Wannabe (Sampling Paganini 24 Caprices No.24 In A Minor Op.1) BLSSD BLSSD Golden Child 4:14
3. Lit Kim Do-hoon

Lee Sang-ho

Inner Child (MonoTree)


Kim Do-hoon

Lee Sang-ho

Inner Child (MonoTree)

Oneus 4:16
4. Photo Wkly Carl Ryden

Cazzi Opeia

Ellen Berg Tollbom

Gabriel Brandes

Verivery 4:08
5. Magnolia Lee Seu-ran Tyler Shamy TOO 3:55
6. Reveal (Catching Fire) Hwang Yoo-bin Drew Ryan Scott

Justin Reinstein

Phil Schwan

Sean Alexander

The Boyz 4:07

Your Song Part 1

June 5th, 2020 1. Be Mine Song Soo-yoon


Kim Seung-soo

Han Jae-ho

Oneus 3:41
2. Hard Carry earattack





TOO 3:54
3. It’s Raining J. Y. Park

Hwang Hyun (MonoTree)


J. Y. Park ONF 3:40

Your Song Part 2

June 12th, 2020 1. Follow (PENTAGON Ver.) Seo Ji-eum

Brother Su



Daniel Kim

Willie Weeks

Andreas Öberg

Skylar Mones

Pentagon 4:06
2. gogobebe Kim Do-hoon



Kim Gun-mo

Kim Do-hoon

Verivery 4:07
3. Quasi una fantasia Jung Il-ri



Devine Channel The Boyz 4:05

Road To Kingdom Finale

June 12th, 2020 1. Come Back Home Park Woo-sang



Kim Do-hoon

Park Woo-sang

Lee Sang-ho

Inner Child (MonoTree)

Oneus 3:49
2. Beautiful-x Jinli (Full8loom)

Glory Face (Full8loom)

Jinli (Full8loom), Jake K (ARTiffect) Verivery 3:25
3. Checkmate Jo Yoon-kyung Imazine


Andreas Ohm

The Boyz 3:12
4. Basquiat Hui






Pentagon 3:18
5. New World Hwang Hyun (MonoTree)


Hwang Hyun (MonoTree)


ONF 3:54