Here Are Several Mnet’s ‘Idol School’ Contestants Who Finally Debuted

6. Som Hye-in

Joining and Leaving Idol School

Last but not least, we have Som Hye-in who joined the program when she was still 22 (Korean age). She didn’t make the basic training as her score turned out to be 0, making her rank the last. She was shown to have been struggling throughout the first episode. First, she struggled with the lyrics in the vocal session. She was seen vomiting in the bathroom as well when she was undergoing the dance session. At the end of the episode, although her ranking went up to 29th, she decided to leave the show due to health problems.

Later, she revealed through an Instagram post that she had been diagnosed with anorexia even before the program began. It was reported that she also suffered other disorders like depression, social anxiety, and sleep disorder.

Debut as a Solo Singer

She nevertheless continued her activities in the entertainment industry. She made her debut as a solo singer under the name Som He-in on May 23rd, 2019, and released a single “Mini Radio” (Zizizik) along with the music video.

Coming Out Controversy

Recently, she revealed a piece of shocking news through her Instagram regarding her sexual orientation. She posted a picture with a caption: “chu chu my girlfriend,” indicating that she is a lesbian. Yet, she clarified through a Q&A on Instagram that she is actually a bisexual. Her post received both positive and negative feedback from the netizens.

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chu chu My girlfriend

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There is no further information about her current activities but we can expect her next single in the future.

In conclusion, Idol School may have become a media for the contestants to learn so much, not only in terms of skill but also to gain more popularity that could help them in their career. Some who had been eliminated can continue as singers or stop and try other areas like becoming YouTubers or actresses. Many things could happen in the program, such as a potential winner like Lee Hae-in, who didn’t make it to top 9 in the end or debuted in a group after ranking the last which now has gained a lot of attention like Cho Se-rim. Nonetheless, they have done their best throughout the program. Let’s support all of them and look forward to their activities in the future!