Here Are Several Mnet’s ‘Idol School’ Contestants Who Finally Debuted

4. I.B.I – Lee Hae-in

Participated in Produce 101, Debuted as I.B.I

Lee Hae-in participated in Mnet’s popular survival program Produce 101 Season 1. The top 11 would be debuted as I.O.I yet she failed to become part of the top 11, marking her final ranking at the 17th place. Luckily, the chosen runner-up contestants, including Hae-in, had a chance to debut in another project group I.B.I.

Some people even called them the sisters of I.O.I. They debuted on August 16th, 2016, under LOEN Entertainment. They released the single “Molae Molae.”

As they finished all the planned project, the group was officially disbanded in 2017 then Hae-in joined Idol School.

Joining Idol School

Lee Hae-in was 24 (Korean age) when she joined the program. She ranked 25th for her basic training with a total average score of 3.73 (1 for vocal, 8.4 for dancing, and 1.8 for physical). In the first episode, when the girls were having a vocal lesson, Hae-in lost her voice and did it poorly. Regardless, she managed to rank 1st in the class. In the next episode, she still struggled with her voice but managed to finish the class well and ranked 2nd.

For Debut Diagnostic Exam 1, Hae-in was in the team Yukhoe Rice with seven other girls and performed BLACKPINK’s “Whistle” while she was posited as sub-vocalist 2. She received 68 votes and her group ranked 1st while she stayed at ranking 2.

For Debut Diagnostic Exam 2, Hae-in was put in class Advanced Performance A along with four other girls and she became the leader of the group. The class performed SNSD’s “Mr. Mr.” but lost to group B. Yet, Hae-in ranked 1st within the group and received a score of 87.8. However, her ranking dropped to 10th in episode 6 after previously also dropping to 15th.

For live broadcast mission on Kakao TV, Hae-in was in a team with two other girls on Channel 2 and brought the topic “DJ Na-Sha-In” (an acronym of their names). Their channel became the 3rd highest in terms of viewerships (10.3%).

For Debut Diagnostic Exam 3, Lee Hae-in was in a group consisting of three to perform S.E.S’ “I’m Your Girl.” Prior to the performance, the group received special mentoring from the artists themselves through a video call. Hae-in was chosen as the leader again and ranked 1st within the group with a score of 77.9. As a result, she climbed back to ranking 9th and made it to the final.

For Final Debut Diagnostic Exam, the girls were divided into three groups and made a performance. Hae-in was in the third group and performed Bae Yoon-jung’s “MAGICAL.” She was posited as the main vocalist A. Her ranking went up to 6th in episode 10 but unfortunately, she was pushed back to 11th in the last episode thus failing to debut as a member of fromis_9. Although many accused that the voting was rigged (furthermore made a petition to demand an explanation from Mnet), the result remained the same.

What is going on with her now? Currently, there is no further news about her activities especially in the entertainment industry, but she keeps on updating her Instagram to make sure she is doing fine with her life. You may as well check her Instagram @s2onlyone1.

5. SKARF Tasha

Debut as SKARF and Disbandment

Tasha passed the audition that was held by JYP Entertainment and Alpha Entertainment in Singapore. She then signed a contract with Alpha and was being prepared to debut in a girl group with other Korean girls which was later named SKARF.

The group debuted on August 14th, 2012, and released their self-titled album Skarf with the title song “Oh! Dance” along with the music video.

In September 2014, a member left the group and eventually the group was quietly disbanded in 2015.

Joining Idol School

After being disqualified due to personal reasons in MBC’s Dancing 9, Tasha joined Idol School to continue her dream in the entertainment industry. She joined the program at the age of 25 (Korean age), making her the oldest contestant at the time.

After the basic training, Tasha ranked 2nd, right after Lee Hae-in, with a total average score of 8.5 (8 for vocal, 9.5 for dancing, and 8 for physical). In the first episode, Tasha got the instructors’ attention, making her the best student in the dance class. However, at the end of the episode, she ranked 39th out of 41, in other words, the 3rd to the last. Yet, in episode 2, she managed to climb up by ranking 24th.

For Debut Diagnostic Exam 1, Tasha was included in the group AHAT (Ice+Hot) to perform TWICE’s “Cheer Up” and became the leader and sub-vocalist 5 of the group. She received only 14 individual votes and the group ranked 4th out of 5. Her ranking dropped to 26th in episode 4 after being dropped to 25th in episode 3.

Next, in preparation of Debut Diagnostic Exam 2, Tasha was included in the same class as Lee Hae-in, Advance Performance A, where she got to do the killing part of the song SNSD’s “Mr. Mr.” Unfortunately, her killing part didn’t leave as much impression as she ranked 4th within the group (score of 81.1) and her group didn’t win. At the end of episode 6, it was revealed that her ranking dropped to 27th after climbing up to 25th in the previous episode.

In the live broadcasting mission, Tasha was once again teamed up with Lee Hae-in and received the same result of the viewerships (10.3%), making them rank 3rd. As a result, her ranking also went up by one to 26th.

Next, for the Debut Diagnostic Exam 3, Tasha happened to be the leader of the group and performed KARA’s “Step.” She herself received a score of 83.2 and ranked 2nd within her group. Although her ranking also went up to 23rd, she had to wrap up her participation due to the elimination system which only allowed 18 contestants to go to the final.

After being eliminated, she decided to keep pursuing her solo career. In 2018, she went back to Singapore and is now known as a YouTuber with the concept of making “Lifestyle” videos. You can check one of her videos below and visit her channel Tasha Low.