Artists and Idols are Showing Off Their Singing Skill Through Mnet ‘Golden Tambourine’

Random Facts

  • Golden Tambourine is an MNet program that started airing in 2017
  • Golden Tambourine is a program produced by senior comedian Kim Shin-young
  • Golden Tambourine chose Jo Kwon, Shim Hyung-tak, Choi Yoo-jung, and Yoo Se-yoon as permanent cast members because of their exceptional talents related to variety shows
  • Golden Tambourine consists of 11 episodes that are very entertaining for the audiences

Latest News


CJ E&M as the distributor of several South Korean variety shows announced the release of a remake of Korean shows in a Thai version. They are working with a Thai broadcasting company, True4U, which has bought the broadcasting rights. Korean variety shows remade into a Thai version include, Grandpas Over Flowers, Show Me the Money, I Can See Your Voice, and Golden Tambourine. This popular Korean show began to be remade and aired in Thailand in April 2018.

Since 2015, CJ E&M has indeed exported Korean TV show content to Thailand. And starting in 2016, CJ E&M formed the company True CJ Creations, which is the result of the collaboration of CJ E&M and the largest media provider company in Thailand, True Visions. The export of Korean content to Thailand itself is recognized by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), which is indeed very large. Thai public interest in being able to watch Korean television shows is also fairly large, even in second place after China.

“South Korean entertainment content is very popular in Thailand, which certainly has a great cultural and economic influence on neighboring countries such as Myanmar and Cambodia,” said Seo Jang-ho, head of the global content sales department of CJ E&M.

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