Get to Know More About ‘MIXNINE’ Contestant from FAVE Entertainment, Lee Soo-jin

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Lee Soo-jin, a Trainee From Fave Entertainment

Lee Soo-jin was born on December 12, 2001. She began her career in the entertainment industry as a trainee with FAVE Entertainment, eventually joining a survival show called MIXNINE as a contestant representing her agency. More recently, she was a member of FAVEGIRLS along with seven other members.

Profile and Facts

Lee Soo-jin is one of the beautiful trainees from FAVE Entertainment, and is a talented singer and dancer. Let’s get to know more about her!

Profile of Lee Soo-jin
  • Full Name: Lee Soo-jin
  • Hangul: 이수진
  • Birth Date: December 12, 2001
  • Birth Place: South Korea
  • Blood Type: A
  • Profession: Singer, Dancer
  • Years Active: 2018 – present
  • Agency: FAVE Entertainment
  • Associated Acts: MIXNINE, FAVEGIRLS
  • Hobbies: Listening to music, writing in her diary, finding delicious food to eat, watching performances from senior artists.
  • Motto: Let’s live smart, fun, and positive!

Facts About Lee Soo-jin
  • Lee Soo-jin was the first confirmed member of FAVEGIRLS.
  • Her Nickname is Pink Princess.
  • Her representative color in FAVEGIRLS is Pantone 1765 C.
  • Her role models are IU and YooA of OH MY GIRL.
  • Lee Soo-jin once joined the survival show MIXNINE as a contestant representing FAVE Entertainment and even ranked in the top 9, but had to withdraw from the show because of a car accident and need to receive emergency surgery.
  • Her bucket list includes being able to listen to FAVEGIRLS songs at school before school starts, trying to eat ramyun on a plane, and having room service with the other members while promoting overseas.
  • Lee Soo-jin has a timid personality, but she can show much of her hidden talent on the stage.
  • Her habits are folding the end of the clothes and applying lip balm.

Lee Soo-jin in MIXNINE

Lee Soo-jin became a contestant on MIXNINE on October 29, 2017. MIXNINE is a competition show between a team of nine boys and a team of nine girls, where the winning team will get to debut as idols.

Throughout the show, she maintained her rank in the top 9 spots, but following a car accident, she had to withdraw from the show.

Here’s some video of Lee Soo-jin’s time on MIXININE. Check this out!

Car Accident Involving Lee Soo-jin

On December 31st, Lee Soo-jin was involved in a car accident along with her fellow trainees Lee Soo-mi, and Kim Bo-won They were just heading back from filming from MIXNINE when the accident happened. Their van collided with a car in front of them, and they have quickly rushed to the hospital afterward. Lee Soo-min and Kim Bo-won were discharged after being found to have only minor injuries, unfortunately, Lee Soo-jin had to undergo emergency surgery for internal injuries. After the surgery, she continued to stay in the hospital for further treatment.

Lee Soo-min and Kim Bo-won decided to continue the show, while Lee Soo-jin made the decision to leave the program after discussions with her family, the doctors and MIXNINE staff. Fave Entertainment said in a statement, “Lee Soo Jin was in a car accident. She had emergency surgery and is currently hospitalized. We decided she would leave the show after conferring with her, her family, her doctors, and the ‘Mix Nine’ staff”.

Fave Entertainment also added, “Not only to Lee Soo Jin, Lee Soo Min, and Kim Bo Won, but we are also sincerely apologetic for causing worry to their families and fans who must have been shocked by the sudden news of the accident and to the ‘MIXNINE’ staff and contestants. We will put in our full support for their future treatment and recovery.”

After the accident, Lee Soo-jin posted a letter to her fans, saying that she is recovering well. She said that many things that she dreamed of became reality even though she only appeared on MIXNINE for a little while. She also thanked all of her fans for their support, and expressed her gratitude for all the new experiences she was able to have..

Part of Favegirls

The FAVEGIRLS pre-debut project initially began with 14 trainees under FAVE Entertainment, although only seven trainees would ultimately make it to debut as part of the new girl-group. On October 21, the first of the seven group member to be revealed on the FAVEGIRLS official Instagram account was Lee Soo-jin. The news was quickly followed by the names of the other six members of the new group, Monday, Park Harlin, SHin Jiyoon, Park Soeun, Kim Gaeun, and Lee Jaehee.


Let’s take a look of Lee Soo-jin’s activities along with the other members of FAVEGIRLS!

FAVEGIRLS’s Official Instagram: @favegirls2018

One of Lee Soo-jin hobbies is doing dance covers. Let’s take a look of her dance cover of Nicki Minaj’s song!

Along with Monday and Park Soeun, Lee Soo-jin is doing a dance cover of TWICE’s ‘What is Love?’

Here’s the latest selfie of the members of FAVEGIRLS!