Let See Comparison Between Miss A VS F(X)


Miss A VS F(x)

Miss A and f(x) are two popular girl groups in their era. f(x) debuted first in 2009 while Miss A debuted in 2010. Both are known for their different and unique concepts. They promoted a lot back then and gained many interests. But, time flies and things happen. Jia and Min have left JYP Entertainment, which is Miss A’s agency. At the same time, f(x) is also rumored to disband soon. It’s an unfortunate thing, but, let’s take a look back for a while to appreciate them.

Miss A Jia and f(x) Victoria


Jia and Victoria were both born and grew up in China. Jia was born in Loudi on February 3, 1989 and Victoria was born on February 2, 1987 in Qingdao. They came to South Korea and had their dream come true by debuting as an idol. Both Jia and Victoria also made their debut as an actress. Not only are they known for their beauty, but they are also known for their outstanding dancing skill. Jia and Victoria even had a flexibility battle on the TV program Star King. Watch it below:

Miss A Jia and f(x) Amber


Amber and Jia are both the main rappers of the group. With different styles, they show their rap skills in every song. While Amber is a bit boyish, Jia is more feminine. But they both show a strong image. They are actually good friends since Amber also comes from China. Amber was born on September 18, 1992. But the 3-year-gap is not a problem for them to get close. Watch Amber and Jia’s closeness below:

Miss A Fei and f(x) Amber


Fei and Amber are also the China line of the group since both of them come from China. Fei’s position is lead vocalist while Amber’s is main rapper. Born on April 27, 1987, Fei is older than Amber. But, their differences are not a matter for them to get close. Amber once came to support Fei’s solo debut stage and posted their photos together.

Miss A Suzy and f(x) Sulli


Sulli and Suzy are both lead rappers. With their outstanding beauty, Sulli and Suzy are also known as the visuals of the groups. They also made their debut as  actresses. Sulli and Suzy have achieved a lot in their young age as they were both born on 1994. They once wore the same dress too.

Miss A Suzy and f(x) Krytsal


Not only are they known as the youngest, Krystal and Suzy are also known as the face of their group. With different styles, they give the same vibes. Krystal is known for her reliable image while Suzy is known for her friendly image. They are also talented in singing, considering both of them are in charge of vocals.

Miss A Min and f(x) Luna


Both having outstanding vocal skill, Min and Luna are known as the strongest vocals of the groups. Min and Luna both have the soprano voice type, but Luna’s voice is stable and relaxed while Min’s voice is kind of low and dynamic. It’s not only their voice, but their dancing skill is also no joke.

This comparison is not made to judge who is good and who is bad. Miss A and f(x) are both amazing in their own way. Even though there is always a competition in music industry, and we have to face the fact that they won’t be active any more, don’t forget that they are all actually friends and we should keep supporting them, too!