Exploring the Hairstyle of Miss A’s Suzy


Good hairstyles from an Idol will become the new trend for others. Yup! Especially if it comes from a beautiful goddess like Bae Suzy. As many people know, Suzy changes her hairstyle a lot. Whether it’s for the stage or for the dramas she plays in. Still, she looks gorgeous with any type of hair.

Back in late 2017, Suzy played Nam Hong-joo in her drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’. If you guys had watched the drama, well, I bet you already know what Bae Suzy’s hair looked like. Let’s explore how Bae Suzy has changed her hairstyle!

Suzy’s Hot Short Hair, 2017


See!! She looks hot with her short hair. For your information, a woman with a short hairstyle is somehow indicative of a strong, mature, and fierce personality. Not fierce in a bad way, but fierce meaning you are a tough and independent woman. An Urban Legend said, if you want to throw out your bad luck, you have to cut your hair. Well, if you don’t know the secret of the poem, that means you have to be ready to turn to a better brand new page.

In the drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’, we know that Suzy cut her hair shorter because she wanted to throw out her bad luck and move along.

While You were sleeping

And this short style of hair makes Suzy look so hot somehow.

Suzy Short Hair

Maybe some of you want to try this kind of short hair? It looks nice.

Another Bae Suzy Hairstyle, 2017


Before she cut her hair short for the drama, Suzy usually had that wavy hair. In her music video ‘Yes No Maybe’ her hairstyle is wavy, long hair. It really suits her face perfectly.

Back in 2015 with her former Miss A members in ‘Only You’, Suzy also showed off her wavy long hair, there are a few scenes ( honestly, a lot of scenes) where Suzy shows off her wavy, glam hair style perfectly!

Suzy Glam Hair

Wavy long hair like that will show the feminine and sexy side of a woman. You guys can try out this kind of hairstyle if you want to go to a party or out for a date night.

Suzy Hairstyle

Bae Suzy’s New Hair!

Suzy just released her new music video for her song ‘I Love Someone Else’. In the music video (the picture above), you can see Suzy’s hair has changed, and she now has long, straight hair. It shows what Suzy’s natural hair looks like. She looks wiser and more innocent at some points.

But, in another photo teaser for the second mini album that will be released January 29, she came back with the wavy, glam, long hair.

Bae Suzy

Best Bae Suzy Hairstyle Tutorial

So if you guy are interested in achieving Suzy’s hairstyle, we gave you a tutorial video.

Maybe a lot of people likes Suzy’s short hair, but not an insignificant number also like her wavy, long hair.


Well, it’s up to you to choose between the short hair or the wavy, long hair. Suzy always looks good, with any type of hair! Don’t you think?