Miss A Suzy Diet Plan and Exercise

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Miss A Suzy Diet Secret

As the visual of group MISS A and an actress, Suzy needs to maintain her appearance to keep public attention on her. To maintain her body in really good shape, she needs to keep up her diet and exercise at gym while keeping up with her tight schedule every day. What is the secret behind her good body shape?

MISS A Suzy Diet Plan

Bae Suzy

On her diet plan, she has her own meal plan. Different from other female idols or artists who go through extreme diets, Suzy has her own meal version that people have called the most natural diet. Why? Because she still has 3 meals a day while on her diet. Here is her diet meal plan.

Breakfast – chicken breasts, a sweet potato and a cup of low fat milk.

Lunch – brown rice and salads

Dinner – 2 sweets potato

Suzy diet menu


Sometimes, she also goes through extreme diet if necessary. When going through extreme diet, she only consumes chicken breasts, a sweet potato and a cup of low fat milk a day.

miss a suzy extreme diet

MISS A Suzy Diet Tips


Whether going through a normal diet or an extreme diet, she also exercises to maintain her figure and gain public attention. There isn’t much information about her exercise tips. But during OnStyle ‘Get It Beauty’, Suzy revealed that she has done a penguin dance as an exercise for stretching her elbow while going through her daily schedule.