Miss A Suzy Casual and Airport Fashion


How Suzy Express Her Style

Who knows about Suzy? The little girl in Miss A has now become a beautiful girl with her style. Many netizens who saw the singer’s casual fashion wear commented, “Suzy has a casual fashion sense,” other netizens said that Suzy has a good sense in Fashion, and completed her look. Whatever Suzy wears looks gorgeous.

Bae Suzy of the K-pop girl group Miss A, or Suzy as she’s commonly known, currently ranks amongst South Korea’s hottest celebrities, and has been dubbed a ‘CF [commercial film] Queen’ for having one of the highest numbers of product endorsements. We can see that in her appearance, of course. If you want to know about her fashion, here it is.

The Casual Fashion and Style of Miss A’s Suzy


Casual looks, with a simple warm sweater you can show off your casual style just like Suzy did.


Next casual style by Suzy is a jacket with jeans, but don’t forget to wear high heels for a finished girly and casual look.


For those of you who want to look casual but beautiful as well, you can use a “short cut top” with a cool pattern, completed with stylish glasses.


Casual means jacket and jeans ? For Suzy, it means beautiful but free. You can copy this style and complete it with red lipstick and clothes in a pattern, of course.


For those of you who have a “love-hate relationship” with girly style. You can copy this style, especially in Autumn. With a jean jacket and denim pants, completed with a hoodie it looks so comfy, but so stylish too.


Casual but little rocky! Here is casual fashion with never ending beauty. Pair your jacket and t-shirt with sexy jeans.


In the summer, casual style might look even better. You can copy Suzy with sexy short hair paired with an open shoulder top, and short pants or long pants. It makes your body look more slim and sexy. Especially if you have a good shoulders.


You hate tops and prefer shirts? Don’t worry. Suzy looks good with simple shirt and pants. Don’t forget to choose the right color.


Last but not least, you can use a tanktop with a contrasting color and simple jeans. It looks beautiful and simple too.