Former Miss A Member Meng Jia: What Is She Doing Now That She Left the Group
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Let’s Meet Former Miss A Member Meng Jia

Are you familiar with this idol? She was the one of the members of Miss A, Meng Jia, who is also known as Jia. She is an actress, singer, idol, and model from China. She is 30 years old and was born in Loudi, Hunan, China on February 3rd 1990. She was living in Beijing and started training with JYP Entertainment before she was chosen to be in the girl-group in 2007. She’s not just a pretty face, She’s also very smart. She finished her studies and graduated from Seoul Art Institute. Want to know all about her? Channel-Korea will tell you everything you want to know, so keep reading.

Jia’s Departure From JYP Entertainment
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It’s not that unusual for a performer to decide to leave their group, and there are a number of reasons why they may do it. Miss A used to be a four member group. Two of the members came from China, namely Jia and Fei. But, sadly, Jia decided to leave both Miss A’s and the agency in May, 2016. After leaving the group, she dared to be speak out about her suffering as a member of a girl-group. One of the reasons was because she really worked hard for the team and she frequently got angry at their manager. But at the time she still kept going. After discontinuing her contract with JYP, she joined Banana Plan Entertainment. Now she’s focusing on promotion in China. Well, Good luck for you, Jia.

Signed a Contract with Banana Culture Music to Pursue Solo Career in China

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After leaving JYP, it wasn’t hard for her to find a new agency. She decided to join Banana Plan Entertainment. It is still uncertain whether Jia will join another group or go solo, but from the uploaded video, fans speculate that she will take the solo route. As she launched the 40-second video, Jia announced that she would soon greet fans in Shanghai. Together with Banana Culture, her new agency, Jia is ready to start a new path.

First Solo Single, Drip

Her song ”Drip” really shows her inner gang persona and gives her appeal as a rebellious and strong woman. The song was released on November 15th, 2016. Fans were really surprised and happy for this single, since this song was her first single after she left the group.

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Candy is a single recorded by Meng Jia. This song is very catchy. It was released on April 07, 2017, by Banana Culture Music.

Jia Won the “Breakthrough Female Artist of the Year”

She’s still very hard-working, even if she is a solo singer right now, and that work has received recognition. On April 8, 2017, Jia won the “Breakthrough Female Artist of the Year” award at the 5th Annual V Chart Awards.

Not only did she win the award, she also gave a first-rate performance at the event.

Collaborating with Got7’s Jackson Wang, Mood

Meng Jia is talented actress and singer. It can be proven because she’s done many collaborations with other singers. One of those collaborations is with Got7 Jackson Wang, and is called Mood. The song was released on December 19, 2017.

Check out the music video!

Her Latest Single, Free

Her most recent work is the single Free. It was released on April 24th, 2018. After its release she immediately started preparing for her next single and a mini album. Now let’s talk about this song. “Free” is the fifth digital single released by Jia.

Her Dating Life

The former Miss A member gave confirmation that she’s in a relationship! On May 9, the Chinese media outlet Sina reported that Jia was officially dating Elroy Cheo, the son of  Singaporean oil tycoon Cheo Tong Choon. For making clarification, both Jia and Elroy Cheo posted couple selfies in Instagram stories, but according to Sina, Jia’s agency, Banana Culture, responded by confirming, “It’s true that the two are dating.

Jia’s Latest News

For now, Meng Jia is busy preparing her next album and single, which will be released soon.

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But, for now, she still enjoys her beautiful sunny days.

She really enjoys her life and cares about her healthy lifestyle.

That’s all about Meng Jia’s life after Miss A. If you want to know about other your K-pop idols or want to know more about Meng Jia profile, issues etc, you can find it all on Channel-Korea. Don’t forget, you can leave your comments below.