K-Drama Review: A True Historical-Fantasy Story of a Joseon’s Physician in ‘Mirror of The Witch’

Curses all express wishes that some form of difficulty or misfortune will overtake or be attached to another entity: one or more people, a place, or an object. In particular, “curses” can refer to such desires or statements that are made effective by magical or spiritual powers, such as deities or gods, spirits, natural forces, or some kind of mantra with magic. In the last sense, the curse can also be called a hex. In many belief systems, the curse itself (or the accompanying ritual) is considered to cause the results. To reverse or eliminate curses is sometimes called “deletion” or “breaking”, because the mantra must be removed, and often requires complicated rituals or prayers.

The Curse Made the Princess Met a Physician when She Thrown Away

The drama was inspired by the story of the king’s physician called Heo Jun, who wrote a traditional Korean medicine book. There wasn’t much that was remarkable about Heo Jun’s life before becoming the king’s physician, so the drama’s writer was interested in writing the story of teenager Heo Jun, based on his imagination.

The story begins when Heo Jun falls in love with Yeon Hee, the wasted king’s daughter. It all began with the Queen, who was convicted for not being able to get pregnant when she was required to produce offspring. In her desperation, Queen Sim was persuaded to ask for help from a royal shaman named Hong Joo, to have children through black magic.

On the recommendation of Hong Joo, Queen Sim sent a junior shaman named Hae-Ran to serve the king overnight. When Hae Ran gets pregnant, Hong Joo moves the baby’s spirit from Hae Ran’s womb to Queen Sim’s womb. Knowing that she had a miscarriage due to Hong Joo’s black magic, Hae Ran became angry and put a curse on the baby, who actually turned out to be twins. a boy and a girl. In order to break the curse one of the children would need to be sacrificed. For the sake of securing the royal line, the decision was made to sacrifice the baby girl. A leader of the Taoist temple decides to save Yeon Hee and hide her deep in the forbidden forest, which is where Yeon Hee meets Heo Jun for the first time and lives happily ever after.

Here are some stills from the drama:


The show was filmed beautifully, and the world of it created was beautiful and very interesting look of the dark side of the Joseon world, where mysticism and magic controlled the day and even kings were under their sway. Everything is stylish and polished, dark and brooding.


The chemistry between Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Sae Ron in Mirror Of The Witch is wonderful, despite the age difference between the two leads.  Despite the fact that the characters they were playing were both about 17 years old, in reality, Kim Sae Ron was only 15 years old when the drama was filmed, and Yoon Si Yoon was 29.

The Cast


Yoon Shi Yoon plays Heo Jun. I really enjoyed the various emotions that he could bring to the drama. Jun has a difficult life in many ways, and getting involved with the princess only makes things more complicated. But his feelings for her continued to build when he became her protector. He has to deal with a lot of heartbreak, but when he has to be with her, he will sacrifice anything.



Kim Sae Ron is the king’s doomed daughter, Yeon Hee. Kim Sae Ron is a very talented girl who is able to bring out Yeon Hee’s sweet and innocent side, and she is stronger and more responsible. She was an ideal choice for the part of the beautiful princess who has fought so much.


Hong Joo (Yum Jung Ah) is the main shaman, who uses dark magic to make everything move. She is cruel and strong, and will not stop to achieve what she wants. Her strength is so far above the usual that she can make almost anyone her puppet. You can’t be careless for a moment when talking about this woman.


Choi Hyun Soo (Lee Sung Jae) made it his mission to protect Joseon and the doomed princess as he worked to find a way to break the curse. But because of his complicated history with Hong Joo, their competition has never been simpler.


Yo Gwang (Lee Yi Kyung) is part of Hyun Soo’s good team and helps protect Yeon Hee. He put everything on the phone to protect it and break the curse.


Poong Yeon (Kwak Shi Yang) is Hyun Soo’s son, who developed feelings for Yeon Hee when she was hidden. This created some issues because she really only saw him as a brother. Kwak Shi Yang brings intensity to his character because Poong Yeon has many personal demons to overcome.


There are a number of talented supporting characters who greatly influence the show Mirror of the Witch. Queen Shim (Jang Hee Jin) becomes a participant who is willing to go along with Hong Joo’s plan because she is desperate to conceive children.


King Seon Jo (Lee Ji Hoon) found himself to be one of Hong Joo’s dolls when he held on tight. I found him as a very strong character, and it was often difficult to predict what he would do.


Heo Ok (Jo Dal Hwan) is Heo Jun’s half-brother, who treated him poorly in the first part of the drama. He looked down on Jun because he was born of a slave. Saying their relationship is tense would be an understatement.


And as Poong Yeon’s right hand, Sol Gae (Moon Ga Young) is always by his side in his efforts to protect Yeon Hee. She was dedicated to him and had to deal with her own developing feelings.