K-Drama Review: A True Historical-Fantasy Story of a Joseon’s Physician in ‘Mirror of The Witch’

The Soundtracks

There are four songs used as the soundtracks for this drama. However, there aren’t any official videos of these soundtracks. There are fan-made videos, based on the song and the drama, and the audio is there too. Enjoy these videos!


10 Reasons Why You Should Give ‘Mirror of The Witch’ A Try

1. Chemistry between main characters

Many people worry about real-life age differences between the two actors, but I don’t find that affects anything. Yoon Shi Yoon looks so young that the age difference doesn’t seem too big. And both of them are quite sweet as a couple, with a very good relationship. The two actors were very convincing in their feelings for each other. It is always kept very pure, but has a maturity to it. I really like watching their love bloom. When Yeon Hee is eager to break the curse and become normal, Jun is the person who loves her, no matter what she looks like or is capable of. Both have some very intense moments in their long struggle to survive. The look of their longing was so much, and the broken heart they had to face was written on their faces. They are my favorite part of this drama, and I really enjoy their fairy tales like a love story.

2. Charm in the characters

In this drama, all the characters have their own charm and shine in their own way. Yoon Shi-yoon, who plays Heo Joon, looks amazingly good when he works odd jobs to earn a lot of money, when he meets and is fascinated by Yeon Hee, or when he falls in love, or when he starts fighting the injustices he experiences. All the characters in this drama, whether they are protagonists or antagonists, have their own strengths and stories that complement each other. This drama makes me feel at home watching it for an hour without skipping.

3. Unexpected episodes

One item that stands out in this drama is its dark shades. Because of the fantasy theme and the magic, so that in the beginning of the series the dark aura feels very thick. Besides that, what will happen in the next episode is quite unexpected. I have tried several times to guess what will happen in the next episode, but it turns out that what happened caught me by surprise. For example, characters who have enough portions will die quickly and make the audience ask themselves: “Why should they be closed? Then what will Yeonhui do?” etc. But don’t worry, some of them come back with all kinds of twists that might not be predicted by the audience. And that’s why I’m connected with this drama.

4. Dark mood

The Witch’s Mirror is like a dark tale that I find different from many other dramas that I’ve seen. Even though there were moments of humor scattered throughout, the overall feeling was dark and moody.

5. Great actors

The storyline is okay, cool characters, will not mean anything if the actor / actress who plays the character cannot act. I have repeatedly stopped watching dramas because I couldn’t stand watching acting from one of the characters (especially the main character) who was bad. For the second actor or other supporting actor whose acting is bad, I still give tolerance.

6. Multi-genre

If you’re a lover of Saeguk dramas (historical drama), there’s nothing wrong with trying to watch the Mirror of The Witch. The horror is there, the romance is there, and comedy is there too.

7. Amazing side characters

For those of you who prefer to download and watch on the sidelines, I still give a warning: some scenes are quite amazing (at least for me). Especially if the Hong Joo shaman appears.

8. Sae-ron’s role

Yeon Hee, played by Sae-ron, is indeed a 17 year old girl! She has magic power because of the curse she’s carried since her birth. When the curse was passive, she looked normal. But when the curse is active, Yeon Hee’s hair turned white and her eyes turned blue. There is five years between the story’s opening and the curse going active, but we all know that there’s not usually a change in one’s looks between the ages of 17 and 22.

9. Good visuals

The shooting was also very, very good. In essence, the whole drama is highly recommended. Apart from the dark aura and unexpected stories, the visuals for this drama are pretty good, I think.

10. Pretty good ending

The storyline became more monotonous when it was getting close to the end. Fortunately, the ending was not too disappointing after being somewhat disappointed with the three episodes leading up to it.. The story’s end felt satisfying and complete.