Before and After: Did Minzy Undergo Plastic Surgery? Let’s Find Out!


The Beautiful Minzy, Did She Undergo Plastic Surgery?

After her decision to leave 2NE1, the girl-group from YG Entertainment which already made her name, Minzy continued her career as solo singer. She’s not just a singer, either, Minzy is also famously known as both a rapper and dancer, and she’s also been on some variety shows.

Building a successful career in entertainment relies on a number of factors, including talent, hard work, luck, and also physical appearance. How about Minzy’s physical appearance, especially her face?

Over time we can see that Minzy’s face doesn’t quite look the same, which made us wonder if she had any plastic surgery? In this article, Channel Korea will look at Minzy’s plastic surgery issues.

People’s Assumptions About Minzy’s Face


If you’re looking back on Minzy’s past appearance, you might be a little surprised because of some differences between Minzy in the past and how she looks now. Many people already assume that she had plastic surgery.

There have been some trolls who have been pretty critical about Minzy’s appearance.. Once, when she shared her picture on Instagram, a lot of people commented on her picture, saying she’d had too many surgeries done, and she was unrecognizable.

Through her agency, Minzy did confirm that she had plastic surgery on her nose, for rhinitis. YG Entertainment also revealed that Minzy had suffered from rhinitis for a long time, and she had surgery to straighten her nose to treat the condition. She also said that she hadn’t ever had plastic surgery before, and the procedure on her nose was her first time.


Even though she had previously denied it, eventually Minzy also spoke up once about the changes to her physical appearance. She said she worked out a lot in YG’s gym, and also went on a diet. She said her mother motivated her to make those changes for the better, and that’s why her look has changed.

Despite the explanation, people already had their own thoughts on the subject. Whether it’s from using makeup or plastic surgery on other parts of her face besides on her nose, Minzy’s look has changed a quite a bit. Her face used to be pretty round, and it looks much sharper than before.

Minzy’s Before and After Photos


If you guys are curious about how Minzy used to look, here are some pictures taken before and after her transformation!


You might see the difference from the left picture and the right picture. Minzy’s eyes look wider now, and her jawline looked sharper than before.


In the picture above we could see the difference on her nose. Yes, her nose looked sharper than before.


On the left is the young Minzy of the past, and on the right we have the current Minzy!




Just take a look on the picture above! Do you think the differences in Minzy’s face are the result of makeup, or did she have other work done at the surgeon’s?

So what do you guys think about Minzy’s plastic surgery issue?