Ex-2NE1’s Minzy: Profile, Career, Mental Health

Minzy Opened Up About Her Mental Health

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After leaving 2NE1, Minzy has been very open in discussing her struggle with mental health. She also shared an honest interview with Billboard in December 2018.

Minzy shared that since she debuted at such a young age, she has difficulties with social settings. “I didn’t know how to have relationships with people. Since I was so young in such a controlled environment, I never learned how to socialize. I really didn’t have a normal childhood—I never went out to play with other kids. I was just training and everyone was older than me.”, she shared.

She also said that the hate comments that she got have taken a toll on her mental health. “ People, netizens were critiquing the fact that, you know, we were not the prettiest group. We were the ‘ugly group.’ I didn’t know how to process that, I held that in. It was tough. [As a group], we pretended it was not a big deal and tried to forget about it, but you can’t forget about it — it’s tough.”, she said.

I was trying to keep up with the other girls in the group in terms of maturity, but when you’re up against these girl groups who look like models and you’re doing something different — cool, but different — you deal in a different way.”, she went on, expressing her insecurities being in the idol world.

She said that her low point is during 2NE1’s “I Am the Best” era. She talked about the contrast between being loved on-stage and being lonely off-stage.

She shared, “I would go on stage and everyone was so supportive, they’d love me. Then when the stage was done, I would be in the hotel feeling so empty. Life felt like just a stage. I didn’t know what my life was about; I wasn’t sure if life was better as a performer or if life would be better just alone. It was such a contrast, but I never had the time to figure out how to balance both being on stage and being alone.”

She also talked about the reason for leaving 2NE1 and YG Entertainment. “I needed some time to deal with my depression, find my own way, and decide if this was something I really wanted to do. It was something I was doing for so long, but it was so hard to maintain. I had to find my own direction, and the only way to do that was by leaving the group and fighting for my own will. I was wondering, ‘What was my life about?’”, she said.

She went on, “Leaving 2NE1, it’s not about leaving [or] breaking up the group. It’s that I fought for myself, my own future, and what I wanted. I finally chose something for myself. I did feel pressure and [a] burden [when going solo], but it was a good burden.”

However, Minzy ended the interview with a positive tone. “As I’ve come into my own, I am a different person. I’ve experienced pulling through.” As she looked back on her past self, she stated, “I want to help that woman.”, she said.

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding ex-2NE1’s maknae, Minzy! Starting from her early career and her growth as a solo artist. Do you feel proud about what she has been through? Show your support in the comment section below!