Ex-2NE1’s Minzy: Profile, Career, Mental Health

Minzy’s Debut as a Solo Artist

minzy 2ne1 profile

After leaving 2NE1 in 2016, Minzy turned to become a solo singer. She signed an exclusive contract with Music Works in 2016 and said, ” It (Music Works) has a family-like atmosphere, so I really like it.”

She then officially released her first solo album, MINZY WORK 01 UNO, with the track “Ninano” on April 17, 2017.

Since then, he only released one more single during her time on the label. The single “All of You Say” was her first English single and was released in December 2018. Because of this reason, Minzy filed for a termination contract to the agency in 2019. She said that at the first of her agreement, the agency promised to release 4 albums each year. But, she only had 1 album during her time there.

She filed a lawsuit against the company for 50 million won (approximately $43,000). Sadly, her lawsuit was denied.

However, on April 17, 2020, Minzy shared that she finally reached a settlement with her agency. She then became a free agent artist.

” I decided to leave my company to be free. I have finished the contract with my agency well because of the negotiation process for the fans who always support me. In previous years, I have been unable to present to you my works and performances, but I can show you all of them, more frequently, from now on.”, she said.

Finally, after her exclusive contract with Music Works ended, she released a new single in 2020 titled “Lovely'” and performed it on various music shows.


Minzy’s Becoming a CEO of Her Own Agency

minzy 2ne1 profile

After leaving her former agency, Minzy took a new path and became the CEO of setting up her own agency in October 2020 called MZ Entertainment. Minzy appointed her sister, management specialist Gong Soon-yong, as the CEO.

MZ Entertainment will also provide a dance school and a training system for junior artists. The name stands for ‘millennium Z’ to emphasize regeneration.

Apart from Minzy, the agency also oversees Gong Min-young, known as KONGSHINE, a Christian contemporary singer.

In an interview, Minzy shared the reason behind her setting up her own agency.

Isn’t it so unfair to have skill and talent if you can’t show everyone what you’ve got? I wanted to wholeheartedly support those who aren’t able to display their own latent talent.”, she said.

Given that she has been repeatedly mistreated by her former agency, we are glad to see her free on her own. Go rock the stage, Minzy!