K-Drama Review: ‘Mine’ The High Society’s Lifestyle And Strong Ambitious Women

Mine: The Soundtrack

K-Drama soundtracks are usually one of the important things in supporting the developing storyline. If you watch Mine, don’t miss the soundtrack of this K-Drama.

Lee Seung-yoon’s “This Is Mine”

ID:Earth (Ideas)’s “Mine”

SAya’s “In a Dream”

Park Sun-yae’s “Dear Son”

Kim Yuna’s “Winner”

Stories Behind Mine

mina kdrama review

In the process of filming, every drama has some sort of a story behind it, starting from the behind story, problems that occurred during filming, or some specific stories involving cast members or team producers. For that, let’s see more interesting stories behind Mine in this section below.

The Director Reveals The Character Of A Tough Woman In Mine

kdrama review mine

Mine has finished its journey in June 2021. During its broadcast, the drama garnered a lot of attention due to its strong woman-oriented plot and ‘forbidden’ portrayal of lesbian romance. As is known, Mine tells the story of a woman who tries to find her identity after becoming the daughter-in-law of a rich family. They also try to break away from the prejudices in the world.

Regarding the concept, director Lee Na-jung who has spawned a number of hit projects such as Fight for My Way, Love Alarm, and Oh My Venus revealed her main goal of creating Mine. She confessed that she wanted to make a refreshing drama centered on women.

kdrama review mine

Director Lee Na-jung said, “I wanted to make a refreshing story out of a female-centered narrative.” She also revealed that she always kept the Mine story focused on the characters Lee Bo-young and Kim Seo-hyung while creating a complicated narrative around a rich family.

She explained, “Because this drama has characters full of colors and different sub-plots, my main priority is to unite them all into one story. To do so, I put Seo Hi-soo and Jung Seo-hyun’s perspectives in the middle and followed their emotions.”

“And for the second part of the drama, I added a mystery genre component to it. I took the time to compose scenes so that viewers can follow and experience genre changes,” she explained.