The Youthful Beauty: TWICE’s Mina Doesn’t Need Plastic Surgery

mina plastic surgery

Mina Got Her Beauty and Elegance From Her parents

TWICE members have always been under scrutiny for their appearance. Comparison videos and pictures of TWICE members before debut and after debut circulate on social media. If anti-fans suspect that several major changes are spotted, they immediately accuse TWICE members of going under the knife.

Almost none of the plastic surgery rumors are aimed at TWICE’s Mina. Simply, the anti-fans can’t find any photos to support their inspection. Mina has grown up into a beautiful young woman with grace and elegance. Moreover, pictures of Mina’s gorgeous parents are proof of her natural beauty.

Take a look at Mina’s plastic surgery rumors in this article. Stay tuned!

Mina’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Most of the time, the accusations of plastic surgery of TWICE members are baseless. Surely, there are differences in before and after debut appearances. Facial characteristics can change when someone enters puberty, becomes an adult, or simply through exercising and losing weight.

In the case of TWICE’s Mina, there are almost no rumors of Mina’s plastic surgery operation. The proofs are everywhere with Mina’s childhood pictures, teenage pictures, pre-debut pictures, and her parents’ pictures. Mina is always effortlessly beautiful. Her youthful appearance stays as it is. Even TWICE’s Jongyeon is envious of Mina’s timeless beauty.

Mina’s Plastic Surgery Surgeon Analysis

According to plastic surgeons, TWICE members have the best-looking noses in the K-pop industry. Mina has a more traditional-looking nose, but its shape is simple and perfect. Her nose arch is straight, the tip is high, and it is placed in a very perfect position. Her nose is not too big, but the size and the ratio are well-balanced with her face.

Several skeptical fans noticed that Mina’s eyes look bigger compared to her childhood photos or pre-debut photos. However, Mina’s fans immediately collected Mina’s childhood photos and compared them with current photos to stop the rumors.

Mina’s Plastic Surgery Before and After

All of the members in TWICE are very pretty. The girls have the best beauty combination from three countries, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Both Mina and Sana have the perfect Japanese face that is pretty, pure, and childlike. Mina’s face and behavior exude elegance and actress-like beauty.

Mina never admits to going for plastic surgery. To be honest, she doesn’t need to confess and deny all the plastic surgery rumors. Anti-fans can look for her childhood photos, pre-debut photos, and current photos and compare all of them. There is barely any change from the fact that she lost a little bit of cheek fat and grew into a beautiful young woman.

Mina’s Childhood Pictures

When fans look at Mina, they usually see her as an elegant, calm, and well-mannered idol. Mina grew up in a rich and successful family. Her mother works as a lawyer while her father works as a top surgeon at Osaka University Hospital. His brother is an American football athlete. Mina was born in the US, but her family moved to Japan when she was a child.

Mina gets her dancing skills mainly from taking ballet classes from a popular ballet school for 10 years. It was not easy to stay motivated and learn ballet for such a long time. Mina was discovered by JYP Entertainment’s talent agent when she was shopping with her mother in Osaka. She auditioned and became a trainee for less than two years before debuting with TWICE.

Mina’s Parents’ Pictures

Both of Mina’s parents are gorgeous. Her parents have the best combination of beautiful/ handsome looks and brains. Take a look at the beautiful pictures of Mina’s father Akira Myoui and Mina’s mother Myoui Sachiko and you will never doubt that Mina is indeed a natural beauty.

Very few rumors about Mina have gone to plastic surgery. Her parents are living proof of Mina’s youthful beauty, and even the best plastic surgeons admit Mina’s natural look.

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