TWICE’s Mina’s Net Worth: Is She the Richest Member?

twice mina net worth

Wealthy and Sophisticated, TWICE’s Mina Is Worth Millions!

Judging by her sophisticated appearance, fans can easily notice that TWICE’s Mina comes from a wealthy family. Mina’s family moved from the USA to Japan when she was very young. Despite her family’s wealth, Mina decided to make her own fortune and found success as a TWICE member. Now, more than five years after her debut, Mina’s net worth rose to a whopping 1 million USD.

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Mina’s Net Worth

twice mina net worth

It is estimated that TWICE has accumulated around $35 million throughout its activities. Each member has a net worth of around $1 to $1.5 million. According to reports, Mina is worth more than $1 million. However, Mina is not the richest TWICE member. TWICE’s richest member, Sana, collected around $3 million, and the second richest member, Tzuyu, amassed nearly $2 million

Mina’s Earnings and Assets

twice mina net worth

Over more than 6 years as a TWICE member, Mina managed to accumulate more than 1 million USD. TWICE’s members are forbidden to perform solo or do individual projects, but she still receives more money than most young girls of her age.

It was estimated that JYP Entertainment invested nearly 0.5 million USD for TWICE to debut. The investment paid off almost immediately. TWICE and its members, including Mina, received CF contracts for 10 different brands

twice mina net worth

Other than dancing, Mina’s other talent is her elegant and graceful image. She frequently appears on the covers of famous fashion magazines. She can make ordinary outfits look sophisticated and classy.

Compared to other TWICE members, Mina rarely appears on TV programs. It is why she collects far less than the more popular members such as Tzuyu, Momo, and Sana.

Mina’s Royalties and Copyrights

twice mina net worth

Mina wrote several song lyrics for TWICE’s albums. She is currently registered in KOMCA (Korean Music Copyright Association) as a songwriter. She helped in writing the lyrics of TWICE’s “Shot Thru the Heart” and “21:29.” She frequently appears in music videos such as Got7’s “Stop Stop It” and Wooyung’s “R.O.S.E.” In December 2020, Mina released her first photobook titled Yes, I Am Mina. Mina’s photobook sold at a retail price of more than $50.

TWICE’s Mina’s Family Fortune

twice mina net worth

Mina was born in San Antonia, USA, to a Japanese family. TWICE’s Mina’s family moved to Kobe when she was young. Mina’s father, Akira Myoui, currently operates a medical center and works as the director. It is fair to say that Mina was born into an upper-class family. Although Mina is not the richest TWICE member, her family is surely the richest among the other members.

Mina’s family has always been supportive of Mina’s talent. According to the media, Mina’s parents supported her interest in dancing, especially ballet, and allowed her to take ballet classes for 10 years in an expensive ballet school. No wonder she became one of the best dancers in TWICE.

twice mina net worth

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