Who Is TWICE’s Mina’s Boyfriend? Find Out About Her Dating Rumor Here!

TWICE's Mina boyfriend

Learn More About TWICE’s Mina’s Dating Rumor, Boyfriend Type, and Her Relationship Status

The dating scandals of TWICE‘s Jihyo with Kang Daniel and TWICE’s Momo with Kim Heechul have been revealed to the public. Besides TWICE’s Jihyo and Momo, there is also another member who has been highlighted for apparently having a special relationship without the public knowing, TWICE’s Mina.

TWICE’s Mina has been accused of having a relationship with GOT7’s member Bam Bam. But, JYP Entertainment, the agency of both artists, confirmed that the two of them didn’t date. Besides that, there is no news about Mina’s boyfriend, which probably means she keeps her relationship private or just doesn’t have time for a relationship.

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TWICE’s Mina Never Revealed Her Boyfriend

TWICE's Mina boyfriend

If some people are wondering if TWICE’s Mina ever had a relationship with someone special, the answer is no. TWICE’s Mina has never been involved in dating or a relationship until now. Maybe some members of TWICE have already dated and confirmed their dating rumors, but not TWICE’s Mina.

TWICE’s Mina has never revealed a romance story or about having a relationship with someone special. However, there were also several dating rumors that involved TWICE’s Mina but were immediately denied by the agency.

TWICE’s Mina’s Dating Rumor With Male Idols

TWICE's Mina boyfriend

TWICE’s Mina never confirmed her dating news until now, but there’re several dating rumors that were circulated about her with some K-pop male idols that made fans quite surprised by the news.

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TWICE’s Mina and GOT7’s BamBam’s Dating Rumor

TWICE's Mina GOT7's Bambam Dating

Rumors of romantic relationships between idols are not new anymore. Recently, fans were surprised by rumors of a love affair between GOT7’s BamBam and Twice’s Mina Myoui.

This rumor of Mina’s relationship started with a photo whose authenticity is still being debated by fans. But, netters apparently connected the gossip of their relationship with a blind item that circulated some time ago.

According to the blind item, A, who is a member of a top girl group, is reportedly in a relationship with C, a member of a boy group. Because both of them are under the same agency, they often practice together, even celebrating C’s birthday until A finally debuted, and they still see each other.

TWICE's Mina boyfriend

A and C are often seen on a date at the cinema wearing masks and hats so as not to be caught. However, some fans can still recognize them and feel uncomfortable with their relationship. Netters believe that A and C referred to in this blind item are Mina and BamBam.

“I’m very jealous of BamBam. Mina is really beautiful,” a netter commented. “BamBam once said that he had a date with a trainee from Japan,” said another netter. “Well, isn’t this like confirmation? I’m happy for them,” added another.

TWICE's Mina boyfriend

Photos of the two of them were uploaded to BamBam’s personal Instagram account, which fans don’t know about. However, it accidentally spread. This photo is circulating on SNS in China and is believed to have circulated because someone hacked BamBam’s personal Instagram account. In the photo, BamBam and Mina are seen taking pictures at a very close distance and are said to be in bed. As soon as this photo went viral, many thought they were dating.

TWICE's Mina boyfriend

Here are some comments from Korean netizens :

“(+160, -1) The fact that the photo was uploaded to a personal account makes it look suspicious. And the fact that it was after their schedule was at midnight, if they weren’t dating, why did they accidentally meet at midnight? The fact that they are already very busy but still taking time to see each other makes this even more suspicious.”

“(+38, -0) They are 100% dating. How could girls and boys take photos like this if they weren’t dating? JYP has to admit it, or they might not admit it because it could affect GOT7’s comeback.”

“(+313, -27) So I guess they were close enough to meet after finishing their schedule and taking a selfie in bed together.”

As soon as this photo was taken, many fans said that the photo was fake and the result of photoshop. This reason appears to maintain the image of BamBam and Mina, considering that both of them are still new to the entertainment industry, especially Mina.

Here are comments from some Korean netizens:

“(+358, -25) Fans tried to defend but JYP broke their efforts. I’ve never seen a situation where fans try to photoshop an actual photo just to prove it’s photoshopped when it’s not.”

“(+86, -1) JYP treats their fans like idiots. Just admit that they are dating.”

TWICE's Mina boyfriend

BamBam and Mina Myoui are in the spotlight of the netters because of their intimate photos. Allegedly dating, JYP immediately gave a statement by revealing the two were just friends.

After the photo was widely circulated and rumors emerged of the two of them, the agency finally spoke up. It is known that these two idols are partners in the same agency, JYP Entertainment. “It’s just a candid photo. The two of them are friends of the same agency. We will take legal action if there are bad rumors that hit our artists,” the agency said.

It was reported that the photo was edited, but the agency’s statement revealed that the second photo was not edited or photoshopped. JYP explained the photos of the two idols are real but that doesn’t mean they have a special relationship.

What do you think?

TWICE's Mina boyfriend

Even so, many netters don’t believe it and are even more curious about the relationship between the two. As a result, netters tried to find new evidence that the GOT7 and TWICE members were indeed dating.

One of them is Mina’s beautiful photo uploaded on TWICE’s Twitter account. Playing Pokémon, Mina was seen taking a photo with the snake-shaped character Ekans. Netters call this a love code because Bam or Baem in Korean means snake.

TWICE's Mina boyfriend

Not only Mina but BamBam is also suspected of showing his love for the “Knock Knock” singer by holding a penguin doll. A similar doll was once held by Mina who was wearing a penguin costume.

“Let’s be honest. I’m very sure they are dating,” commented a netter. “It may seem excessive. But it’s proven, usually those who often code will be caught too. Like Baekhyun and Taeyeon, Kai and Krystal are also,” another continued. “If it’s true dating, then it’s over. Mina, you’re still a rookie, don’t hurt Twice’s career with this,” another said.

TWICE's Mina boyfriend

Until now, some fans, both GOT7 and TWICE fans, still doubt the authenticity of the photo. But, some other fans found evidence that BamBam and Mina were in a relationship. The evidence in question is photos of them wearing couple items. One of the photos shows BamBam and Mina wearing long-sleeved tops with similar motifs and colors, which are red stripes.

TWICE's Mina boyfriend

Meanwhile, in another photo, BamBam and Mina are seen wearing a combination of black and white tops with stripes and red blazers. No doubt, netters were made even more curious about these photos.

“Let them be non-Korean idols to have to depend on each other and become a couple,” commented a netter. “They can’t argue with this,” said another netter. “I think they are really dating,” added another.

TWICE's Mina boyfriend

Do you think TWICE’s Mina and GOT7’s Bambam are secretly dating each other?