Let’s Steal Min Hyo-rin’s Cute And Forever Young Fashion Style!


Let’s Steal Min Hyo-rin’s Looks!

Even though Min Hyo-rin is famous for being Big Bang‘s Taeyang’s wife and mother of his children, she has also been long known for being a great actress and model. She has starred in more than 5 films and TV drama productions. Her proportional posture and clear skin have landed her various roles in ads and magazine photoshoots.

But, aside from her great sense of fashion in the photoshoots, Min Hyo-rin also has a great sense of style in her off-duty looks. Starting from the cute summer dress to casual jeans, she has her way of charming people. So, are you ready to steal her style and show more of your charms? Scroll down to this article below to find out the tricks!




For the first ‘summer’ or ‘beach’ look, Min Hyo-rin would like to keep it casual with short jeans accompanied by a white tee. This look is not only gonna give you a casual look while you are chilling at the beach but also the mysterious sexy look that invites people to seek more.


Now for the real ‘sporty’ beach look, Min Hyo-rin wears the flower pattern one-piece flawlessly. She also gives a friendly and warm atmosphere with her wide hat while protecting her hair from the sun.


Now, for the final look taken from a CeCi magazine photoshoot, Min Hyo-rin pairs a cute pattern dress with a flower head. The combination of this look gives her a versatile vibe as it can be worn in both informal and semi-formal occasions.


Girlfriend Material


On her date with Big Bang’s Taeyang, Min Hyo-rin likes to keep it low-key by throwing on jeans and a hoodie top, paired with sporty shoes. This look gives her a girlfriend material kinda look as well as the girl next door look.


In the picture above, Min Hyo-rin looks stunning with her formal black dress. She wears a simple dress and yet it really accentuates her feminine features.


On another friendly date, Min Hyo-rin was wearing black pants topped with a black crop top. She also added a choker to give more character to her outfit. This style really put her in the girlfriend material category.




It’s not a secret that Min Hyo-rin really likes Dior’s designer bags. In a selfie that she took, she paired an orange Dior bag with an equally beautiful orange long dress. The combination of the pop orange colors and her black thick wavy hair gives Min Hyo-rin a rich elite look.


In one of Dior’s events, Min Hyo-rin wears a fairytale-like semi-transparent white dress that steals the spotlight attention. Once again, she looks rich and fancy.


And of course, how can we not include this one? Look at how unreal she is! Who’s more stunning than Min Hyo-rin in a piece of a wedding dress? We only can think a few.




Min Hyo-rin looks good in everything, including blue denim jeans. Paired with high heel boots and a simple white tee, Min Hyo-rin successfully pulled off this casual look!


Min Hyo-rin, once again, rocks the casual look by appearing trendy wearing soft blue pants and a wide white bag. Posing in front of various red flowers, she appeared dreamy in the picture above.


Not wanting to bore fans with her long pants look, Min Hyo-rin also successfully pulled off this casual yet sexy look by pairing up the short denim jeans with a stunning red top. And on top of that, she looks much younger than her actual age!


Red Carpet


Min Hyo-rin knows that red carpet moments are a big deal, so she appeared stunning in each of the moments. Like the first look of this sexy black dress that gives us a peek at her great body proportion.


And another fancy look where she wears a sparkling black dress that is really suitable for the special night.


And of course, her signature princess looks where she wears a wide white gown and looks like Cinderella on her special night. We stan this gorgeous beautiful princess!


So, those are all the references of Min Hyo-rin‘s best styles in case you want to steal her charm. Which one is your favorite? Tell us your thoughts in the comment box below!