Admit Having Plastic Surgery, Let’s Compare Min Hyo-rin’s Looks Before and After

South Korean Popular Actress Min Hyo-rin

Jung Eun-ran or, as she’s better known by her stage name, Min Hyo-rin, is an actress, model and singer from South Korea. Min Hyo-rin was born in Daegu on February 5, 1986. She started using the name Min Hyo-rin when she debuted as a model for the clothing brand “Flapper” in 2006. She later appeared in several music videos from singer Park Ki-young and F.T. Island. Before she made her debut as a singer, her large teaser posters were displayed at several central points of Seoul as promotional steps. Then she released her first album “RinZ” in 2007, and the single “Touch Me” in 2008.

Min Hyo-rin made her acting debut in the Triple TV series with Lee Jung-jae and also Song Joong-ki in 2009. She became one of the main actresses in the 2010 web series adapted from the novel Romantic Movement by Alain de Botton, with four different directors for each short film in various locations around Seoul.

Min Hyo-iin is the wife of South Korea’s top boy-group’s main vocalist, Taeyang from Big Bang. they were married on February 3, 2018, before Taeyang carried out his compulsory military service.

Name Min Hyo-rin ( 민효린 )
Original Name Jung Eun-Ran ( 정은란 )
Born February 5, 1986, Daegu – South Korea
  • Actress
  • Singer
Years Active 2006 – Present
  • Star Fox Entertainment ( 2006 – 2014 )
  • JYP Entertainment ( 2014 – 2017 )
  • Plum Entertainment ( 2017 – Present )
Spouse(s) Big Bang’s Taeyang ( 2018 )

Facts of Min Hyo-rin’s Plastic Surgery

Min Hyo-rin is known to the public as a beautiful actress. But to get her beauty, Min Hyo-rin was willing to spend a lot of money having plastic surgery.

Min Hyo-rin is an artist who isn’t shy about admitting to having plastic surgery. In the Entertainment Weekly program broadcast by KBS2TV on May 28, 2016, Hyo-rin claimed to improve her eye shape and have veneers put on her teeth. “I performed surgery on my eyes and veneers for my teeth,” said Hyo-rin, but she denied doing plastic surgery for her nose.

For this reason, Hyo-rin filed a complaint with the surgeon who used her name in the advertisement for the plastic surgery procedure performed by the doctor. For this illegal profiteering, Hyo-rin won three million won or approximately the equivalent to 3,000 dollars. The court stated that he supported Hyo-rin because, “Although Min Hyo-rin did not suffer any financial loss for this ad, but the profiteering of her name caused a misunderstanding that Hyo-rin had received plastic surgery procedures for her nose. To compensate for psychological damage, we ordered the surgeon to pay three million won.”

Min Hyo-rin’s Nose Job Rumor

Many Korean celebrities have had nose jobs to get their nose to look sharper and thinner. It’snot just female celebrities who have such procedures, even male celebrities also do it. A sharp and thin nose can make them more confident. They think that the sharp and thin nose can make them look more handsome and beautiful. Many celebrities are willing to spend quite a lot of money just to get the ideal nose shape. There are celebrities who really do it or and still more who just have rumors circulating in the community regarding the nose jobs.

The beautiful artist Min Hyo-rin is no exception. She is often rumored to have surgery on her nose. Hyo-rin explained that the rumor arose because she often did tricks in front of the camera so that her nose looked sharp. She admitted that she was not confident with the shape of his nose, and often covered it with makeup. “In the past, I did not show the true shape of my nose for fear that the makeup would wear off,” she added. “But if I am now required to show the shape of my face, I’m not afraid. I’ll show it to you.”

Min Hyo-rin’s Eyelids Rumor

Many Korean artists are born with small, narrow eyes, and without double eyelids. Some of them feel less confident with a single eyelid, and that makes them decide to do plastic surgery on their eyelids. They perform double eyelid surgery to get big, bright eyes. Not only that, they also perform eyelid surgery to reduce the wrinkles that occur around their eye area.

In the before and after photos that have been circulating, Min Hyo-rin’s eyes only have a single eyelid, but as her career progressed, she had double eyelids. That is why many people suspect that she has surgery on her eyelids.

Min Hyo-rin has denied having a nose job, but in the end she admitted that it was true that she made changes to her eyelids. Now her eyes look more attractive than before, the changes in the shape of her eyes contribute greatly to her beauty.

Min Hyo-rin Before and After Undergoing Plastic Surgery


This is Min Hyo-rin’s appearance as it was revealed to the public before she carried out the plastic surgery procedures.


This is how Min Hyo-rin is looking now, looking more beautiful than before.