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All About Rapper Microdot

Microdot is a South Korean rapper from Culture Think Entertainment. Even though he is Korean, his nationality is New Zealander, and he currently stays in New Zealand. Crowned as the master of rap on KBS’s Happy Together, Microdot is known as a skillful rapper as he showed his rap skill on TV shows. Let’s get to know more about rapper Microdot.


Profile and Facts of Microdot

Microdot profile

Full Profile

Real Name = Shin Jae-ho

Birthday = November 21, 1993

Origin = Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea

Nationality = New Zealand

Height = 174 cm

Zodiac = Scorpio

Genre = Hip-hop

Occupation = Rapper – singer

Agency = Culture Think Entertainment

Years active = 2006 – Present

Social Media = Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



  1. He is a member from duo hip-hop group, All Black, with rapper Dok2.
  2. He is rapper Sanchez younger brother.
  3. He launched his own clothing line, DOWNBAD limited, on 2013.
  4. He shared on an interview that his hidden talent is dissing.
  5. He has a ‘hook’ tattoo on his hand.
  6. On KBS “Happy Together – Kings of the Genre episode”, he crowned as king of rap.
  7. Guckkasten Hyunwoo do a fortune read to him and said he has an ears to bring a fortune.
  8. He got to meet Son Heung-min through KBS 2018 “Celeb PD”.
  9. His favorite activity is fishing.



Microdot discography

2006 – Chapter 1 with Dok2 as All Black

Chapter 1 is All Black album which released on May 9, 2006 through Gap Entertainment and CJ E&M. All Black is a hip-hop duo group with Dok2 and Microdot as member. The album released as digital consists of 5 songs.

Microdot Chapter 1
No Track List
1 Music (feat Sanchez)
2 Dream (feat TBNY)
3 High
4 Holiday feat Dynamic Duo
5 Bonus (feat Bumkey)


2015 – Microtape

Microtape is Microdot mini album which released July 2, 2015 through Luminant Entertainment. Microtape contains Microdot mixtape with total 8 songs including the title track Homage.

Microdot Microtape
No Track List
1 Homage
2 You and I (feat Sanchez)
3 For The Road To Riches
4 Applaud You
5 Download
6 Hold You Down (feat Bumkey)
7 Celebaration (feat Kiggen)
8 Growing Up


2016 – +64

+64 is Microdot second mixtape album which released on July 28, 2016 through LOEN Entertainment. The album consists of 8 songs including title track Wave, a collaboration song with Ravi and Lil Boi.

Microdot +64
No Track List
1 Auckland City
2 Wave (feat Ravi & Lil Boi)
3 Forest Gump (feat Dok2)
4 Talkin Bout (feat Jessi)
5 I’m Yours (feat Times X Two)
6 Live Fast (feat Wise)
7 Hella Trill
8 Still The Same


As Featured Artist

2015 – We Young with DickPunks

2015 – New Days with ZZAPA

2015 – Chaos with KittiB and YDG

2016 – Backindadayz with Bumkey, Dok2, Sanchez, DH-Style

2016 – Fire with Han Yo-han and Isle

2016 – Sun Block with Superbee

2016 – Arirang with K-Tigers and Eun Ga-eun

2016 – This Means Good Bye with A-Train

2016 – Knock with Ash-B

2016 – I Like with Koh Na-young

2016 – Dead Great Names Society with Bizniz and Basick

2017 – I See U with Dash

2017 – Nuna with Owol

2018 – Fiancee with Jung Joon-young



Microdot filmography

Like other rappers, Microdot rarely comes to the music show. He often active in other tv programs such as reality show, variety show, and survival program. Microdot also more active in releasing songs and become featuring artist in many shows with many popular artist and rapper. However, Microdot appearance is one of the most unexpected appearances in any program. Let’s check out Microdot TV appearance until now,

Microdot filmography
Year TV Network Title Notes
2015 Mnet Show Me The Money 4
Unpretty Rapstar 2
2016 – 2017 JTBC Tribe of Hip Hop S2 Producer for Swish House
2017 SBS The Law of The Jungle in Wild New Zealand Appeared from ep. 268-273
2017 – Present Channel A The Fishermen and the City Cast Member
2017 – 2018 tvN modulove


Show Me the Money 4

“Show Me the Money” is a South Korean rap competition TV show from Mnet channel which already airing since 2012. The success of the program makes the show still airing until now. On season 4 of the show, Microdot appeared as one of the contestants. His unexpected appearance made the current judge such as Jinusean, Tablo, San E and Verbal Jint at the time shock. His close relationship with Dok2 revealed as they like a brother in the past.

Microdot strong appearance made his existence in the show rocketed. Although he only survived until top 10 among other rapper with a mix from idol, as member of Brand New Team, his popularity rise and he could be recognized on the entertainment industry as both rapper and entertainer

Unpretty Rapstar 2

Microdot appeared as a featured artist in Mnet “Unpretty Rapstar” contestant. “Unpretty Rapstar” is a show for female rapper who claimed they are unpretty but they proved that they can still rap well.

Tribe of Hip Hop S2

“Tribe of Hip Hop S2” is 2016 South Korean music show by JTBC. The show is presented by Shin Dong-yup and San E and still on going until now. The show is about 50 contestants must not be professional or underground rappers or act as a main rapper from group to show off their rap skill and group by houses after chosen. On the show, the contestants identity will be revealed after the first part of the performance. If more than one ‘house’ want to accept the contestants, each house will use diamonds to bid on the contestants, but if the house run out of diamonds each episode, they can only pick members that were unopposed. In the 1-on-1 challenge, two rappers go head-to-head to a track with adjusted lyrics by their mentor, but contestants can perform with their own lyrics. Contestants can intimidate each other without performing any a diss battle. The winner will win a ring with a full 1-carat diamond.



Microdot Sanchez

Microdot has an older brother who also a rapper, Sanchez. Pursuing the same career path in the same industry do not make them fight to reach the top, but they share the same path. Microdot and Sanchez often do collaboration and support each other activity.


Dating News

Microdot dating

Microdot confirmed to dating actress Hong Soo-hyun on July 1, 2018 publicly. The couple started as good friend after they appeared together on Channel A show “The Fisherman and the City” on October 2017. But right after Microdot parent scandal, the couple grew apart and slowly ended up parting ways. When Hong Soo-hyun got question regarding Microdot scandal on her new variety show “Seoulmate 2”, she stated that she doesn’t have any comment regarding it and will only talk related to her new program.


Controversies on His Parents

Microdot family controversy

Microdot parents caught to having fraudulent activity and also scamming to several townspeople in Jecheon and also some of their acquaintances approximately 20 years ago with total of 2 billion KRW (1.7 million USD). Although his agency, Culture Think, denied the rumor at first. However, they made another clarification stated that the rumor was true and Microdot family are nowhere to be found afterward. People who claimed as victim shared some statement surface online.

“They sold their house, all of their electronics, and even their milking cow to flee. Many people lent them money, and I am only guilty of trusting in my fellow people. But now, I can no longer trust anyone, and even if I were to be paid back, it would mean nothing.”

Because of this, Microdot steps down from all programs he used to appeared and gone along with his brother, Sanchez. They already got Interpol Red Notice from South Korean police. Currently, Microdot and his family are in Auckland and shared they will back to Korea for joined investigation process after they got passport and visa.



Microdot instagram

Microdot used to be an active user of Instagram before he is gone with his family now. Microdot last update was on November 18, 2018. Before went missing, actually there are several things he would do in the future if there is no scandal like that which already shared on his Instagram.

Microdot became a guest member for MBC “I Live Alone”.

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오늘밤 #나혼자산다 꼭 함께 봐요!

A post shared by 마이크로닷 (@microdot) on

Microdot seems will have a collaboration with APINK Eun-ji on November 25, 2018.





Latest News

Microdot latest news

Currently, there is no update news about Microdot activity in Korean Entertainment industry since his family scandal until now. There is no further plan whether he will back as a rapper or entertainer.