Merry & Happy Mini-album by Twice

Artist Twice
Title Track Heart Shaker
Release Date December 11th, 2017
Length 50:38
Label JYP Entertainment


For Christmas of 2017, Once, Twice’s fans, got a very special Christmas present from their favorite girl group. Twice releases a Christmas-inspired album as a reissue of their 1st studio album Twicetagram, titled Merry & Happy. The reissue was released under JYP Entertainment on December 11th, 2017, and consists of 13 tracks from their 1st studio album and 2 additional new tracks, “Heart Shaker” as the lead single and “Merry & Happy” as the second track.

While the other 13 tracks are “Likey”, “Turtle (거북이; Geobugi)”, “Missing U”, “Wow”, “FFW”, “Ding Dong”, “24/7”, “Look at Me (날 바라바라봐; Nal Barabarabwa)”, “Rollin”, “Love Line”, “Don’t Give Up (힘내!; Himnae!)”, “You in My Heart (널 내게 담아; Neol Naege Dama)”, and “Jaljayo Good Night (잘자요 굿나잇; Jaljayo Gunnait)”.

Story Behind Merry & Happy by Twice

After successfully releasing Twice’s 1st studio album on October 30th, 2017, titled Twicetagram, JYP Entertainment decided to launch a reissue of Twicetagram. The reissue was set to be released as a Christmas-inspired album as well as a special Christmas gift for Twice’s fans, Once.

As it is a Christmas-inspired album, the reissue is titled Merry & Happy with two additional tracks included in the album, “Heart Shaker” as the lead single and the second track has the same title as the album, “Merry & Happy”. While the other tracks are from the 1st studio album, Twicetagram.

As soon as “Heart Shaker” was released digitally on various online music platforms, the song took the Number 1 position on four different charts, while “Merry & Happy” peaked at number 24 on the Digital Chart.

Through JYP Entertainment’s Official YouTube Account, they uploaded the MV teaser of the lead single “Heart Shaker”. You can check out the teaser, here!

The “Heart Shaker” MV teaser by Twice was uploaded on December 4th, 2017, and since then the video has gained 11,618,474 views and 317,274 likes.

The Production of Merry & Happy by Twice

The reissue consists of 13 tracks from the previous album plus two additional new tracks, “Heart Shaker” and “Merry & Happy”. JYP Entertainment uploaded the sneak-peek or highlight for both new songs on YouTube on December 9th, 2019, with a duration of 1 minute for each song. You can listen to the song, here!

The sneak-peek of “Heart Shaker” and “Merry & Happy” by Twice that was uploaded by JYP Entertainment on YouTube has gained 2,200,199 views and 98,983 likes since it was first released on December 9th, 2019.

“Heart Shaker” as the lead single of this album was written by Galactika with David Amber and Sean Alexander as the ones who composed the music. While J. Y. Park “The Asiansoul” the producer for this album also wrote the lyrics for the second track, “Merry & Happy”, alongside Joe Lawrence, Dawn Elektra, and Sam Hocking as the composers. Some of the Twice members also took part as songwriters for the other 13 tracks with various other artists.

Tracklist of Merry & Happy by Twice

Here is the full tracklist of Merry & Happy by Twice that was released under JYP Entertainment on December 11th, 2017, as a Christmas-inspired album.

No. Title Lyrics Composer(s) Arranger(s)
1. Heart Shaker Galactika David Amber,
Sean Alexander
David Amber,
Avenue 52
2. Merry & Happy J. Y. Park “The Asiansoul” Joe Lawrence,
Dawn Elektra,
Sam Hocking
Black Eyed Pilseung,
Jeon Gun
3. Likey Black Eyed Pilseung,
Jeon Gun
Black Eyed Pilseung,
Jeon Gun
4. Turtle (거북이; Geobugi) Jeong Ho-hyun ( Jeong Ho-hyun ( Jeong Ho-hyun (
5. Missing U earattack,
earattack Earattack,
6. Wow Mafly,
Lee Mi-so,
Pop Time,
Pop Time
7. FFW Kiggen,
Reign Write,
8. Ding Dong Jowul Risto Asikainen,
Antti Hynninen
Antti Hynninen
9. 24/7 Nayeon,
Daniel Caesar,
Ludwig Lindell,
Cazzi Opeia
Caesar & Loui
10. Look at Me (날 바라바라봐; Nal Barabarabwa) Frants,
11. Rollin earattack,
Fox Stevenson
Fox Stevenson,
12. Love Line Jeongyeon Darren Smith,
Tammy Infusino
Darren “Baby Dee Beats” Smith
13. Don’t Give Up (힘내!; Himnae!) Chaeyoung Chris Wahle,
Thomas Harsem,
Andreas Ohrn
Chris Wahle
14. You in My Heart (널 내게 담아; Neol Naege Dama) Jeong Ho-hyun (,
Choi Hyun-jun (
Jeong Ho-hyun (,
Choi Hyun-jun (
Jeong Ho-hyun (,
Choi Hyun-jun (
15. Jaljayo Good Night (잘자요 굿나잇; Jaljayo Gunnait) Kevin Oppa (mr. cho) Kevin Oppa (mr. cho) Kevin Oppa (mr. cho)

Charting of Merry & Happy by Twice

The Christmas-inspired album by Twice Merry & Happy, as well as the reissue of Twice’s 1st studio album Twicetagram, has gained some positions on various charts. Here is the list of achievements of the album Merry & Happy on the charts.

Chart Country Peak Position Year
Japanese Digital Albums (Oricon) Japan 15 2017
Japan Hot Albums (Billboard) Japan 38 2017
South Korean Albums (Gaon) South Korea 1 2017
South Korean Album (Gaon) Year-end Chart South Korea 19 2017
South Korean Album (Gaon) Year-snd Chart South Korea 77 2018


That’s all the information and details about the reissue of Twice’s 1st studio album Twicetagram entitled Merry & Happy that was released as a Christmas-inspired album on December 11th, 2017. We hope that all you have read will help you to learn more about Twice’s album and songs. Do not forget to always stay tuned to our website Channel-Korea, because we always provide you with various articles related to Twice.