Here Are Several Memorable Moments From ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ Throughout Time: WJSN’s Cheng-xiao, TWICE’s Tzuyu, BTS’ Jung-kook, etc.

Man’s Relay – BTS’ Jung-kook at the Finish Line


The relay race is one of the running competitions in ISAC which are carried out alternately or in a relay. In one continuous run team, there are four runners, which is the first, second, third and fourth runner. In the run number, there is a specificity that will not be found in other runner numbers, which is moving the stick while running fast from the previous runner to the next runner.

The Chuseok special episode of Idol Star Athletics Championships 2016 was aired on September 15th, on the Korean MBC channel. Participants in that year’s event included members of BTS, OT7, TWICE, Apink, GFRIEND, MONSTA X, EXID, VIXX, BAP, BTOB, B1A4, AOA, Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, Block B, MAMAMOO, ASTRO, MADTOWN, Cosmic Girls, Heo Young-ji, and many more. Unfortunately, SM Entertainment artists couldn’t participate because they went on vacation together in Hawaii to celebrate the company’s 20-year Anniversary.

At the men’s 400-meter Relay branch, BTS‘ Jimin started strong, quickly moving the baton to the other members and Jungkook ran the last lap. Finally, Jungkook managed to win the match.

2013 Aces – INFINITE’s Hoya vs ZE:A’s Dong-jun


INFINITE’s Hoya and ZE:A’s Dongjun were chosen as idols who tend to receive the most medals during the MBC Idol Star Athletics Championship which aired on February 11th, 2013.

When asked who would get the most medals, Dongjun humbly stated, “I think it will be Hoya.” MC Park Seul-gi then asked the two singers to show off their famous and perfect abs, which they then flashed for the camera, causing the MCs, fans, and netizens to go crazy.



Aerobics is a type of exercise that stimulates heart rate and breathing rate to increase rapidly during exercise sessions. Aerobics is known as cardio, a sport that requires oxygen to be sent to the working muscles. Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC) 2018 Lunar New Year this time again was enlivened by the presence of men’s aerobics.



Last but not least was SEVENTEEN, which featured an extremely intense athletic performance inspired by the Transformers. With high-energy flips and abundant bends, everyone in the arena had their thoughts blown up by the SEVENTEEN showcase.

As for the final winners of this new event, SEVENTEEN and ASTRO were tied with 19.10 points in the end. Because there had to be a winner, the judges paid more attention to the performance of both performances and ASTRO eventually took home first place with 9.45 points against SEVENTEEN with 9.30 points.



Teen Top was the first performer, they combined some extraordinary street and athletic dance with a classical music style that included the works of Tchaikovsky and Gershwin.



In 2017, ASTRO performed amazingly in this sport. ASTRO was able to win a gold medal by displaying pirate-themed choreography. The five members who presented the choreography succeeded smoothly and won a lot of points. Even Cha Eun-woo, who seemed stiff during training, was able to finish it very well. In 2017, ASTRO successfully faced Seventeen, BAP, KNK, Snuper, and Teen Top.