BTS Members Ideal Type of Girl (Looks, Height and Weight, Age and Celebrity Ideal Type)

BTS ideal type

Korea’s Top Boy Band: BTS Members’ Ideal Type Of Girl

As K-Pop fans, we can choose any boy group member as our ideal type of boy, but we can not deny that we are also curious as to what kind of girl our favorite idols like or prefer. Take the popular K-pop group BTS as an example, each member has their own ideal type.

With impressive talents and good-looking visuals, we can expect that they may also have a rather interesting ideal type based on age, personality, and style. Want to know more about their ideal type? Let’s check it out!

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The Ideal Type Of Girl Of BTS’ RM (Kim Namjoon)

BTS’ leader, RM, likes a girl that has both a feminine and sexy aura in her. He would like to talk with that girl and hear her nice voice at the same time. RM does not like it if his girl smokes or goes clubbing often. As for her height and weight, she should be somewhere between 166–170 cm tall and weigh 60 kg.

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RM’s ideal type is a girl with long straight hair who loves to read and has many ideas, so he can converse and exchange ideas with her. He also likes smart girls and girls who take good care of their appearance and hygiene. Also, he wants someone that would respect his privacy and personal things.

BTS’ RM’s Ideal Type Based on Age

Many idols set standards of age for their ideal type, but RM is kind of different. For the leader, RM, age is just a number so it does not concern him that much.

BTS’ RM’s Ideal Type’s Fashion Style

RM likes a casual style so he likes girls that look good in a simple white T-shirt with a pair of jeans and high red Converse sneakers.

The Ideal Type Of Girl Of BTS’ Jin

Jin‘s ideal type of girl would look as cute as a puppy and also have a personality like a puppy too. Since he likes to eat delicious foods, she should be excellent at cooking. Jin also likes the type of girl that is kind and good at taking care of him. The ideal girl’s height would be between 160–166 cm.

Jin would like someone of the same nationality as him which is Korean. The oldest member in BTS wants someone who is caring and positive but also mature and has a developed sense of responsibility. As Jin likes to throw some dad jokes, he wants her to enjoy his jokes and to be easygoing, so he can share his jokes with her.

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BTS’ Jin’s Ideal Type of Girl Based on Age

Not only based on personality, but BTS’ Jin also has an ideal type based on age. For Jin, the age gap between him and his girlfriend can be five years and he probably prefers someone younger than him.

BTS’ Jin’s Ideal Type’s Fashion Style

Jin likes girls that wear tops that are one size larger with skinny jeans and also wear cute shoes. Leather shoes, bracelets, and/or glasses since he likes cute girls.

The Ideal Type Of Girl Of BTS’ Suga

Suga really likes someone similar to him that is composed, wise, and also likes music especially hip-hop and rap. He also would like to have someone that will understand him very well. A girl that is 155–160 cm tall and weighs 43 kg will be suitable enough for him to be his ideal type.

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As far as the age difference is concerned, Suga would like someone who is 1 to 6 years younger than him. But if she is older than him it is also okay. Also, Suga wants someone who would always support his career and be there by his side.

BTS’ Suga’s Ideal Type Based on Age

According to his fellow members, BTS’ Suga likes someone younger than him. But he might like someone older too since his crushes were older girls.

BTS’ Suga’s Ideal Type’s Fashion Style

BTS’ Suga’s likes girls that suit any kind of clothes but to be more specific girls that can wear simple and plain clothes with Nike Air Jordans 11.

The Ideal Type Of Girl Of BTS’ J-Hope

J-hope likes girls that are interested in books, good at not only taking care of him but also others; he would like to have a girl that is very supportive of him. Like Jin’s ideal type, J-hope’s ideal type of girl should have excellent cooking skills too. His ideal girl would be 160–164 cm tall and weigh 45 kg.

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J-hope wants someone who will only be looking at him and be the only one for him. He also likes girls with long hair that have a lot of aegyo. He would prefer to date someone who is not famous.

BTS’ J-Hope’s Ideal Type Based on Age

BTS’ J-Hope doesn’t see anything in terms of age for his ideal type. For him, the only important thing is the age of love.

BTS’ J-Hope’s Ideal Type’s Fashion Style

J-Hope’s ideal type is a girl that wears feminine clothes but not that fancy because he thinks the most important thing is to wear clothes that suit your body.

The Ideal Type Of Girl Of BTS’ Jimin

Jimin‘s ideal type of girl is so simple: she should be a nice and cute girl with a petite body that is smaller than him. So the ideal height and weight for his girl is 159–161 cm, and 40 kg, respectively.

Jimin likes girls with long straight hair. He also likes girls with hairstyle looks such as loose bun, short wavy hair, or half-up hairstyle. He wants someone who has a soft character, good feelings, has beautiful eyes, and will always be taking good care of him.

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BTS’ Jimin’s Ideal Type Based on Age

BTS’ Jimin’s ideal type based on age is someone who is younger or older. It can be someone older by one to two years and younger by one to five years.

BTS’ Jimin’s Ideal Type’s Fashion Style

BTS Jimin prefers girls that wear oversized blouses or shirts with a pair of jeans or shorts that match the top.

The Ideal Type Of Girl Of BTS’ V

If Jimin’s ideal type is simple, V‘s ideal type is rather complicated. His ideal girl would be chic and cold outside, but actually have a heart that is so warm and would like to make him a cup of hot chocolate.

Furthermore, his ideal girl’s personality would be a cute girl inside and can be kind and respectful to her own parents so he can also expect his girl to be kind and respectful towards his parents too. V wants his girl to be good at managing his money so he would not waste his money easily. V’s ideal girl would be 162–164 cm tall and weigh 45 kg.

V likes a cute, fun girl with a lot of aegyo who he can enjoy spending time with. He would like a girl with long straight hair. He also wants someone who can respect both of his parents and loves animals.

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BTS’ V’s Ideal Type Based on Age

BTS’ V doesn’t really set standards of age for his ideal type. He is similar to RM, age does not really matter that much but he prefers younger girls.

BTS’ V’s Ideal Type’s Fashion Style

BTS V likes girls that dress up like him, usually wearing a hoodie (with a very large hood) with skinny jeans or a skirt. For shoes, it can be red or white converse, gray Vans, or black Adidas.

The Ideal Type Of Girl Of BTS’ Jungkook

Jungkook likes a girl that has a good voice and can sing well like him. She should be good at cooking, have a smart brain, and be also nice. His ideal girl’s height and weight are 168 cm and 45 kg, respectively, but the most important things are that she should be a healthy person with pretty legs and toned muscles.

Jungkook likes a girl with long hair and intelligence. He likes someone who is confident and says anything she thinks without fear but also mature and cares for him. In the end, Jungkook also would like to have a girl that has a personality as competitive as him.

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From the explanations above, we can conclude that our angelic boys also want angelic girls as their girlfriends.

BTS’ Jungkook’s Ideal Type Based on Age

BTS’ Jungkook’s ideal type is someone who is older than him. As the youngest member of the group and since he started his career at such a young age, he prefers older girls. He also mentioned that his father is younger than his mother.

BTS’ Jungkook’s Ideal Type’s Fashion Style

BTS’ Jungkook said he does not really know much about fashion or clothing but he prefers girls that wear oversized shirts with shorts and the color can be all black. For shoes, it can be sneakers from Vans or Converse.

BTS Mentioned Several Celebrities as Their Ideal Types

BTS members reveal some celebrities as someone that is close to their ideal type. If you are curious about their ideal type of girl among celebrities from Korea and overseas, here are BTS members’ ideal types of girls.

BTS Members’ Ideal Type Among Korean Celebrities

SNSD or Girls’ Generation is mentioned as one of the Korean celebrities that close to BTS members’ ideal type. However, in an episode of YaMan TV BTS revealed that they do not have even a single girl group member’s number and they thought it was because all of them never stayed in another agency.

Then HaHa, one of the MCs, asked them which girl group they want to get close to. Suga and V said they want to get close to the members of Girls’ Generation. The other members like Jimin and Jin said they want to get close to members of Red Velvet, while the maknae Jungkook wanted to get close to IU.

BTS Members’ Ideal Type Among Western Celebrities

It is normal to have a certain ideal type of girl from outside your country, and some BTS members have revealed their foreign ideal type. How about we check them out?

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When the maknae of BTS was asked about his foreign ideal type of girl, Jungkook chose Emma Watson. Jungkook finds her very attractive.

The oldest BTS member, Jin, chose the captivating Scarlett Johansson as his foreign ideal type. Jin said Scarlett Johansson is so charming, even for Korean people her charm is captivating.

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V chose a British actress, Kaya Scodelario, as his ideal type among other foreign celebrities. V the visual of BTS fell for her charm after he saw her in one of her series.

As for other BTS members: J-Hope, Suga, RM, and Jimin, there is still no official information about their foreign ideal type of girl. They have never explicitly stated or mentioned any names of foreign actresses or singers as their ideal type of girl.

Now that we already know what kind of girls BTS members like, are you among the ideal type of girl of any of the boys?

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