Lets Check Each Member of BTS Ideal Type of Girl (Looks, Height and Weight, Age and Celebrity Ideal Type)

Compilation of BTS Ideal Type of Girl 2016-2017

Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon)


BTS’ leader, Rap Monster, likes girl that has both feminine and sexy aura in her. He would like to talk with that girl and hear her nice voice at the same time. Rap Monster does not like it if his girl smokes or goes clubbing often. As for her height and weight, it would be 166-170cm tall and 60kg.



Jin’s ideal girl would look as cute as a puppy and also have a personality like a puppy too. Since he likes to eat delicious foods, she should be excellent in cooking. Jin also likes the type of girl that is kind and good at taking care of him. The ideal girl’s height would be 160-166cm tall.



Suga really likes someone similar to him that is composed, wise, and also likes music especially hip-hop and rap. He also would like to have someone that will understand him very well. A girl that is 155-160cm tall height and 43kg will be suitable enough for him.



J-hope likes girls that are interested in books, good at not only taking care of him but also others, besides he would like to have a girl that is very supportive of him. Like Jin’s ideal type, J-hope’s ideal girl should have excellent cooking skills too. His ideal girl would be 160-164cm tall and 45kg weight.



Jimin’s ideal type of girl is so simple; she should be a nice and cute girl with a petite body that is smaller than him. So the ideal height and weight for his girl is 159-161cm tall and 40kg.



If Jimin’s ideal type is simple, V’s ideal type is rather complicated. His ideal girl would be chic and cold outside but actually has a heart that is so warm and would like to make him a cup of hot chocolate. Furthermore, his ideal girl’s personality would be a cute girl inside and can be kind and respectful to her own parents so he can also expect his girl to be kind and respectful towards his parents too. V wants his girl to be good at manage his money so he would not waste his money easily. V’s ideal girl would be 162-164cm tall and 45kg.



Jungkook likes a girl that has a good voice and can sing well like him. She should be good at cooking, have a smart brain, and is also nice. His ideal girl’s height and weight is 168cm tall and 45kg. But the most important things are that she should be a healthy person with pretty legs and toned muscles. In the end, Jungkook also would like to have a girl which has personality as competitive as him.

From the explanations above, we can conclude that our angelic boys also want angelic girls as their girlfriends. Now that we already know what kind of girls that BTS members like, are you one of their ideal girls?