BTS Members Ideal Type of Girl (Looks, Height and Weight, Age and Celebrity Ideal Type)

BTS ideal type

Korea’s Top Boy Band: BTS Members’ Ideal Type Of Girl

As K-Pop fans, we can choose any boy group member as our ideal type of boy, but we can not deny that we are also curious as to what kind of girl our favorite idols like or prefer. Korea’s trending boy group BTS is the center of public attention for their achievements in the music industry, and not only in Korea but they have won world-class awards as well. With impressive talents and good-looking visuals, we can expect that they may also have a rather interesting ideal type. Want to know more about their ideal type? Let’s check it out!

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BTS Members’ Ideal Type: Attraction Towards SNSD Members

SNSD or Girls’ Generation is a well-known girl group, they have many popular songs and have been appearing on various dramas as well as variety shows. With their own charms, they managed to catch the attention of some of the BTS members. In an episode of YaMan TV, BTS revealed that they do not have even a single girl group member’s number and they thought it was because all of them never stayed in another agency.

Then HaHa, one of the MCs, asked them which girl group they want to get close to. Suga and V said they want to get close to the members of Girls’ Generation. The other members like Jimin and Jin said they want to get close to members of Red Velvet, while the maknae Jungkook wanted to get close to IU.

BTS Members’ Ideal Type: Ideal Age Of Girlfriend

BTS ideal type

Everyone has their own preference in the age gap between them and their future boyfriend/girlfriend or their ideal type. Such is the case with BTS members, each member has his own preference regarding the age gap between him and his future girlfriend. So, here is the age of the ideal girlfriend of BTS members.

  • For Jin, the age gap between him and his girlfriend can be five years and he probably prefers someone younger than him.
  • For the leader, RM, age is just a number so it does not concern him that much.
  • As for J-hope, the only important thing is the age of love.
  • For Suga, according to his fellow members, he likes someone younger than him. But he might like someone older too since his crushes were older girls.

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  • For Jimin, it can be someone older by one to two years and younger by one to five years.
  • For V, he is similar to RM, age does not really matter that much but he prefers younger girls.
  • As for the youngest member of the group, Jungkook, since he started his career at such a young age, he prefers older girls.

BTS Members’ Ideal Fashion Style For Their Ideal Type

BTS ideal type

RM likes a casual style so he likes girls that look good in a simple white T-shirt with a pair of jeans and high red Converse sneakers.

Jin likes girls that wear tops that are one size larger with skinny jeans and also wear cute shoes. Leather shoes, bracelets, and/or glasses since he likes cute girls.

Suga: he likes girls that suit any kind of clothes but to be more specific girls that can wear simple and plain clothes with Nike Air Jordans 11.

J-hope: a girl that wears feminine clothes but not that fancy because he thinks the most important thing is to wear clothes that suit your body.

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Jimin: prefers girls that wear oversized blouses or shirts with a pair of jeans or shorts that match the top.

V: V likes girls that dress up like him, usually wears a hoodie (with a very large hood) with skinny jeans or a skirt. For shoes, it can be red or white converse, gray Vans, or black Adidas.

Jungkook: he said he does not really know much about fashion or clothing but he prefers girls that wear oversized shirts with shorts and the color can be all black. For shoes, it can be sneakers from Vans or Converse.

BTS Members’ Foreign Ideal Type Of Girl

BTS ideal type

Being an idol or celebrity makes people curious and want to know everything about you. From ordinary things until personal things, including their love interests such as ideal type. That kind of thing would draw people’s attention because it is something that is considered fun and interesting to talk about, especially among the fans. That is why there is a lot of information that you can easily find about that because they have mentioned the topic a couple of times in interviews or TV shows.

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It is normal to have a certain ideal type of girl from outside your country, and some BTS members have revealed their foreign ideal type. How about we check them out?

Is BTS’s Jungkook’s Ideal Type Emma Watson?

BTS ideal type

When the maknae of BTS was asked about his foreign ideal type of girl, Jungkook chose Emma Watson. Jungkook finds her very attractive. For us, it is not surprising since everyone also loves Emma Watson since her Hermione days for her beauty, brain, and acting skills.

Is Scarlett Johansson BTS’s Jin’s Ideal Type?

BTS ideal type

The oldest BTS member, Jin, chose the captivating Scarlett Johansson as his foreign ideal type. Jin said Scarlett Johansson is so charming, even for Korean people her charm is captivating.

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BTS’s V’s Ideal Type: Kaya Scodelario?

BTS ideal type

V chose a British actress, Kaya Scodelario, as his ideal type among other foreign celebrities. V the visual of BTS fell for her charm after he saw her in one of her series.

BTS’s J-Hope, Suga, RM, and Jimin’s Foreign Ideal Type Of Girl

bts ideal type jimin rm suga jhope

As for other BTS members: J-Hope, Suga, RM, and Jimin, there is still no official information about their foreign ideal type of girl. They have never explicitly stated or mentioned any names of foreign actresses or singers as their ideal type of girl.