Meet The Human Gucci Kim Tae-hyung: Find Out More About His Expensive Apparel

Other Brands

Kim Taehyung Alexander Mcqueen Tuxedo Blazer

Kim Tae-hyung has not only been wearing Gucci apparel, but he has also worn other brands with fantastic prices. For example, he wore a tuxedo blazer from Alexander Mcqueen with a price of $2,394 USD while performing at MAMA in 2017.

He was also been seen wearing expensive brands for his airport fashion. When he was at Incheon airport on his way to Hong Kong, he wore a Vetements’ white logo raincoat with a price of $606 USD and a Burberry blue peony rose print scarf which is priced at approximately $268 USD.

He also wore a Burberry wool linen mohair blend mouline oversized cardigan with a price of $1,342 USD while he was on his way to Los Angeles.

When he appeared at AMAs, he wore a SAINT LAURENT black military officer blazer that has a price of $2,229 USD.

While performing a mini-concert at Jimmy Kimmel, Kim Tae-hyung wore an Adidas Original by Alexander Wang Coach jacket that costs $369 USD.

On BTS’ music video for “Mic Drop,” Kim Tae-hyung was seen wearing a jacket from the Ellioti brand that costs $193 USD and an Alexander Wang branch print jacket that has a price of $631 USD.

He wore an Alpha Industries outlaw biker jacket that has a price of $250 USD for the remix version of the “Mic Drop” music video.

When BTS appeared at the Billboard Awards, Kim Tae-hyung was seen wearing pieces of clothing from the SAINT LAURENT brand. At that time, he wore a SAINT LAURENT classic black low waisted pleated trouser that costs $750 USD, monk-strap patent-leather creepers with a price tag of $548 USD, and a black and white lipstick dot Yves collar shirt that has a price of $790 USD.

Latest News

Recently, it was reported that BTS was working together with Naver Webtoon and they have released a webtoon series titled Save Me. The webtoon story itself surrounds the BTS universe while they are in The Most Beautiful Moments in Life period, which made the fans speculate many theories about the music video. As the plot of the story is provided by Big Hit Entertainment, maybe from this webtoon we can finally find out the truth behind the music video and the real story behind it!

Meanwhile, their music was also featured in the new Coca Cola commercials, starring Park Bo-gum. The advertisement itself used BTS’ song “Answer: Love Myself” from the album Love Yourself: Answer. The advertisement also includes phrases that contain BTS’ songs titles, such as “RUN like yourself,” “Your Spring Day is today,” and “You’re my IDOL.”

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