MCND’s Castle J: Profile, Age, Real Name, Etc.

MCND’s Castle J’s Performances on Stage

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We have seen how cool MCND’s debut era is. They did really well while performing their first title track in their practice room, they look so cool on the music video too. But being an idol doesn’t mean that they only perform on a music video and inside their practice room only. All singers should sing their songs live and that’s what MCND did!

MCND made a great debut era by performing their debut song “Ice Age” on music shows. Even after they did a comeback, they also managed to amaze us with their performances in music shows. Let’s see some music stage performances of MCND!

And now, let’s see the videos that are only focused on Castle J!

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MCND’s Castle J’s Drama

We mentioned before that Castle J made a debut as an actor before becoming the idol that we know today. He probably can continue his acting career but he chose to be an idol, which made him into a leader of MCND. But how exactly Castle J was doing when he was a child actor back then?

Let’s see some dramas which Castle J starred in!

Castle J in Suspicious Housekeeper

Castle J starred in a drama titled Suspicious Housekeeper, a Korean drama adapted from the Japanese drama with the title Kaseifu no Mita. The drama was aired in 2013. The story tells about a household of four children and a father. Their mother has passed away. Since the father is working, he hires a housekeeper to keep the children and the house on guard. But the housekeeper is nothing like a human.

When the drama was aired, Castle J or Son Sung-joon was still around 14 years old. He portrayed the bully of Eun Sae-gyul, one of the family’s children.

What do you think of the drama’s synopsis? You can watch the whole drama to find out more about one of Castle J’s dramas!

Castle J in The Queen’s Classroom

Another Korean drama adapted from a Japanese drama; Castle J starred in a drama titled The Queen’s Classroom. Just like the title, the classroom was handled by a teacher that is referred to as a queen. Since Ma Yeojin, the classroom’s teacher is really strict and realistic to her elementary school’s students, her students are opposing her actions.

In this drama, Castle J portrayed a student named Hankook. This drama was aired in 2013, just like Suspicious Housekeeper. At that time, Castle J was around 14 years old. If you’re curious about this drama, you might as well watch the whole drama and see how good this drama is!


Well, that was all the information about MCND’s Castle J that we can share with you to get to know him better. We have learned that he started as a child actor and became a talented idol years after. Castle J does not only have great acting skills, but he’s also a charismatic idol, especially when he’s performing on stage. What do you think of Castle J? Which of his charms do you like the most? Kindly share your opinion in the comment section, please.