Mblaq Plastic Surgery Before and After Comparison


Did Mblaq Really Have Plastic Surgery ?

We never hear bad news from MBLAQ but as you know in Korea it is really hard to know whether artist or musicians have had plastic surgery before or not. In Korea, to be considered as beautiful you always have to look slim and have a thin face, a good nose, tall body, wide eyes and others. Many celebrities in Korea have had plastic surgery in order to have good looks. So how about Mblaq, did they get plastic surgery ?

The Leader, MBLAQ Seungho’s Plastic Surgery

seungho mblaq

Many people really like Seungho, he is the leader, the eldest member of the group and many members call him the “Yang Panda”.

Seungho Mblaq

In this case, Seungho got under eye surgery, however, not any other kind of surgery.

A Puppy Boy, MBLAQ Mir’s Plastic Surgery


Mir has a nickname in Korean as “Bangaji” which is a pun from “Gangaji” = puppy, cause he is so cute when tries to show every emotion with his face. Because of his cute face, many people think that he got plastic surgery.

Mir Mblaq

In other facts, Korean citizen find it a little bit hard to see the different between Mir and Hong Ki FT Island because they looks so similar. Maybe the fans just say that Mir has only had personality reconstruction surgery and he hasn’t had plastic surgery.

Jung Byung Hee or MBLAQ G.O’s Plastic Surgery

G.O Mblaq
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G.O always hides his shaving marks with make-up. Before debut, G.O never shaved his mustache.

G.O mblaq

But now he looks so fresh without it because he had laser hair removal (a cheap one). But he never changed other parts of his face.

MBLAQ Lee Joon’s Plastic Surgery For Handsome Looks?

Lee Joon Mblaq

Lee Joon proved his face came from before his debut with Mblaq cause he began his entertainment career in an acting role on the series That Person is Coming in 2008.

lee joon mblaq now

Some fans said that he had some kind of muscle enlargement surgery. But some fans again said that he never had plastic surgery.

MBLAQ Thunder’s Plastic Surgery

Thunder MBLAQ
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Thunder has only one double eyelid on his left eye. Haters said that he must have had brain compression surgery. But actually, he just dieted and made himself look better than before.

Thunder mblaq