Let’s Know More About Mblaq’s Debut (Date, Song, and Stage)


Who is MBLAQ?

MBLAQ is a boyband who debuted on October 15, 2009, under J Tune Camp. MBLAQ which stands for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality, formerly consisted of 5 members, Seungho, G.O, Mir, Lee Joon, and Thunder. But on December 2014, Thunder and Lee Joon left the group and chose to focus on their individual activities. MBLAQ is now on hiatus because they are doing military service. But it doesn’t mean they will be forgotten by all K-pop lovers. Here we will remind you of the MBLAQ profile, how MBLAQ was formed, and all about their debut for those of you who miss MBLAQ.

MBLAQ Members’ Profile

1. MBLAQ Seungho


Seungho was the leader and also the lead vocalist of MBLAQ. He was born on October 16, 1987. He is known for his responsible and mature character, but when he wants to act like a kid, you would be surprised of how reckless and childish he can be.



G.O (Jung Byung Hee), is the main vocalist in MBLAQ. He can play both guitar and piano. G.O was previously a former member of boy group “TYKEYS” who debuted in 2007 before he became part of MBLAQ.

3. MBLAQ Mir


Mir (Bang Cheol Yong) is the main rapper in MBLAQ. Mir is the maknae (youngest member) among MBLAQ members. He is known for his English, as he likes to write his daily journal in English and also speak in English for fun.

4. MBLAQ Lee Joon

lee joon

Lee Joon (Lee Chang Sun) was the ex main dancer, vocalist, and also the visual of MBLAQ. He was also known for his nickname “Honey Abs”. Joon was also known for his ballet dancing abilities.

5. MBLAQ Thunder

thunder mblaq

Thunder (Park Sang Hyun) was the ex lead rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist of MBLAQ before he decided to depart. Thunder has gained a lot of attention because he is the younger brother of 2NE1’s Sandara Park. He was also one of the most popular MBLAQ members because he has an innocent and cute face.

MBLAQ Debut Date


MBLAQ (Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality) debuted in 2009, specifically October 15, 2009. As MBLAQ was formed by Rain, they debuted in Rain’s Legend of Rainism Concert. MBLAQ had been trained by J. Tune Camp for 2 years before they finally debuted. Before, the MBLAQ debut had also been announced through their appearance in Nylon magazine on September 21, 2009. After they appeared in Nylon, everyone was eagerly waiting to see their ability in both singing and dancing.

MBLAQ’s Debut Song

MBLAQ’s debut song was released on October 14, 2009, a day before their very first performance in Rain’s concert. They successfully won everyone’s heart with their first song, “Oh Yeah”.

“Oh Yeah” was known for its music that had Rain characteristics in it.┬áIt was released on October 12, 2009 with its music video and the debut single album “Just BLAQ” was released 2 days after. “Oh Yeah” succeeded in bringing MBLAQ to the top of various charts in South Korea. MBLAQ also performed in some broadcasts, such as M.net’s M! Countdown, Music Core, Music Bank, etc.

MBLAQ Debut in Japan

It has been a common thing for Korean idols to have special debut in Japan to greet their fans, and the same thing goes for MBLAQ. After succeeding in their South Korean debut, MBLAQ expanded their wings to include Japan. They debuted in Japan on December 10, 2009, along with Rain’s fan meeting.

MBLAQ Debut Stage

As it has been mentioned before, MBLAQ made their appearance in Rain’s Legend of Rainism concert, but they also performed on Mnet M! Countdown after “Oh Yeah” was released and it became MBLAQ’s very first stage and broadcast. Appearing in all black and good visuals, MBLAQ gained a lot of attention from Kpop lovers. And not long after that they accumulated their own fans and sold their first album.

MBLAQ Debut Album

MBLAQ debut album “Just Blaq” was released on October 14, 2009 with 4 track lists, including their debut song “Oh Yeah” in it. Here is the complete song list of “Just Blaq”.

No. Song Title Lyrics by Music by Arrangement Length
1. “Oh Yeah” (fet. Elly from Jiggy Fellaz” Rain C-Luv C-Luv 3.29
2. “G.O.O.D Luv” Rain C-Luv C-Luv 3.16
3. “My Dream” C-Luv C-Luv Jang Jae Min 3.51
4. “If You Came Into My Heart Jo Deok Bae Jo Deok Bae Jo Deok Bae 3.00

MBAQ First Solo Concert


“Men in MBLAQ” was MBLAQ’s very first solo concert after debuting. They were inspired by the film “Men in Black”, and they wanted to show their best effort and performance to their fans. On the “Men in MBLAQ” press conference, Seung Ho, MBLAQ leader, mentioned that he was so happy and enthusiastic to meet their fans on stage that his hearts was about to explode. Thunder also said that he was nervous and tired, but at the same time he felt the big responsibility to give his all-out performance. MBLAQ prepared their concert for 3 months and they hoped that their fans would be happy to see them. They also stated that their main purpose of holding a solo concert was to capture all fans’ heart.

After the announcement, MBLAQ started their ticket selling on June 21, 2011 through Interpark, and surprisingly everyone was so enthusiastic that their “Men In MBLAQ” was sold out in just 1 hour. Not only their fans in Korea, but their fans from all around the world came to see their very first solo concert.

“Men in MBLAQ” was held in Jamsil Stasium, Seoul, South Korea on August 20th, at 5.00 PM KST. “Men in MBLAQ” was held one year and 10 months after their debut date. They performed 24 songs, including their debut song “Oh Yeah”, and other songs starting from “Y” till “Monalisa”. There were also some solo performances by Seung Ho and Lee Joon. Not only that, Thunder and G.O self composed a song that was also sung in the “Men in MBLAQ” concert.