Here Is a Compilation Of MBC’s ‘Show Champion’ Winners In 2018

(G)I-DLE – Hann (Alone)

g idle

(G)I-DLE always amaze their fans with each of their comebacks, and “Hann” is, of course, no exception! The comeback single was released on August 14th, 2018, right after their debut in May 2018. One of the members, Soyeon, was involved in the writing lyrics process.

About the concept; from the teaser of “Hann” we could see that there’s a monochrome concept where (G)I-DLE members were wearing black, white and grey mixtured outfits with mostly black colors. The members were looking like goddesses with the black and white, colorful, and floral outfits while they were dancing stunningly. “Hann,” or also famously known as “Alone,” tells a story about people who want to forget their past love.

The single “Hann” is a kind of K-Pop and dance-pop genre, with a mixture of deadpan raps, and sweet verses too. During one of the encore stage performances of “Hann,” (G)I-DLE members were looking as stylish as ever, with their dazzling and metallic outfit, and also with the printed outfit as well!

Watch the (G)I-DLE encore stage performance of “Hann” (Alone) here:


Sunmi – Siren


One of the ex-members of Wonder Girls, Sunmi, released her comeback single “Siren” in September 2018, along with the album Warning. The single brought Sunmi her first perfect-skill certificate, which meant “Siren” got the top rank in real-time charts and daily charts from the six biggest Korean music charts such as Melon, Genie, Bugs, Naver, Soribada, and Mnet.

Meanwhile, “Siren” stands for the famous creature from the Greek mythology, but it also stands for a siren sign. From the translation of the lyrics, we could see that “Siren” is a ‘warning’ and has ambiguous meaning, where a girl is warning the boy about herself and tells him not to come closer. Sunmi was involved in the process of making “Siren,” and she also wrote the lyrics of it. “Siren” is the last part of her trilogy album, starting with “Gashina,” followed by “Heroine,” and closing with “Siren.”

On one of her encore stage performances, Sunmi was looking as chic as usual, but also there was a hint of a ‘dark’ aura just like a Siren aura within her performance as well! And obviously, she got the crowd to be amazed by her great vocal performance!

Watch the Sunmi encore stage performance of “Siren” here:


Monsta X – Shoot Out

monsta x

There’s also Monsta X and their comeback in 2018 with “Shoot Out!” The comeback single was released on October 22nd, 2018, and included in the album Take 1: Are You There? Through “Shoot Out,” Monsta X proved that their comeback is different than before, and the music video also became one of the best on the October lists. This time, Monsta X didn’t have a plot concept, but even though there was no plot, from the music video we could connect each of the scenes with the lyrics of “Shoot Out.”

Monsta X’s members were wearing a kind of jumpsuit, and they were dancing in the form of a prison cage. Not only that, from the music video, there’s also other equipment just like handcuffs, chains, muzzles, and a lot more. Generally, “Shoot Out” was within the prison theme. Then, what about the song’s meaning? “Shoot Out” actually stands as an analogy about a love that is coming to an end and a relationship that is broken, all this combined with a kind of fantasy about love.

In one of their encore stage performances, they were looking as stunning as ever with the jumpsuit style, also combined with the chain accessories and hand gloves. Watch the Monsta X encore stage performance of “Shoot Out” here:


TWICE – Yes or Yes


Next, we are back again with TWICE, this time TWICE made a comeback with the single “Yes or Yes.” The single was released on November 5th, 2018, along with the music video and it was included in their sixth extended play, Yes or Yes. Meanwhile, the single tells about a love story where the girl asks for a yes from the boy. If the boy can’t decide yet, the girl gives him two options, those are ‘yes or yes.’

“Yes or Yes” is a kind of color pop genre, sounding bouncy and bright. From the teaser, we could see that the concept of “Yes or Yes” is kind of a fairytale concept, which also makes each member to be dressed and hairstyled to be a special character, such as a witch, vintage-retro girl, and many more. Each style is representing each of the members pretty well, they have been wearing the animal printed top, peeky skirt, plaid shirt, and many more!

TWICE got the trophy for their first rank in Show Champion. During their encore stage performances on certain occasions, they were wearing the colorful image and radiant style, and it was well matched with TWICE’s usual image.

Watch the TWICE encore stage performance of “Yes or Yes” here:


Mino – Fiance


Last but not least, there’s Mino and the hit single “Fiance.” The single was included in his first solo album, XX which was also his comeback at that time. The most important thing about the single it that it was written and produced by himself along with Texu and Future Bounce. Basically, the single Fiance tells the story about Mino who was looking for someone else or a partner for his future.

“Fiance” was officially released on November 26th, 2018, along with the music video. Then, what about the concept of “Fiance?” It is a kind of mixture between a modern and historical one as well. Meanwhile, the single is a kind of hip-hop and trot music genre. In December 2018, Mino appeared in Show Champion and performed the single “Fiance.” And as we had expected, he got the first rank for the single “Fiance!”

During one of his encore stages, Mino was rocking the stage with his style and performance. He was looking as stylish as possible and proved his great vocal skills to the crowds.

Watch Mino’s encore stage performance of “Fiance” here:

That’s all the information about the 2018 Show Champion winners! We made a detailed list of all the winners of 2018, starting from the first winner in January, and moving through the rest of the artists, got to the last one, in December. All the winners are excellent artists, who deserve the win because they have proven their skills and talents with their hard work through digital selling, album selling, great performances, netizens’ voting, etc.

In the list, we could see Red Velvet, TWICE, iKON, Monsta X, and many more. Are any of your favorite idols mentioned in the list of winners? Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about today’s article and kindly leave a comment in the section below!