Here Is a Compilation Of MBC’s ‘Show Champion’ Winners In 2018

GFriend – Time for The Moon Night


Gfriend released one of their comebacks on April 30th, 2018, with the single “Time For The Night.” The single has a meaning of someone who was hesitant to show their feelings for someone else, and about how they were reminiscing some memories from the past.

Through the music video, we can see that GFriend members are pointing out the concept of a meaningful friendship, precious memories, reminiscing the good old days and also encouraging each other. Each of the members of GFriend is having her own activity and issues, and we can see how they overcome it.

In the May 2018 edition of Show Champion, GFriend successfully hit the top rank with the single “Time For The Night.” During one of their encore stages, they appeared wearing a mixture of black and grey outfits, sang along with the crowds while celebrating their success of “Time For The Night.”

Watch the GFriend encore stage performance of “Time for The Night” here:

BTOB – Only One For Me


In June 2018, BTOB made a comeback with the new EP This Is Us, along with the title track “Only One For Me.” It was released on June 18th, 2018, and marked as their first single in 2018.

“Only One For Me” is filled with rapping, rapid fire-flow with a great hook within. With the members’ soft voices and the mixture of strong raps within, “Only One For Me” has become one of the most ear-catching singles ever! For the concept of the “Only One For Me” music video, BTOB members are gathering together during a kind of party at a beach, while they are dancing with the city lights background and a bay party with luxurious stuff.

The single is about a confession of the feelings for someone, and how someone couldn’t live properly without her/or him because they were the only one they ever had. In their encore stage performance for “Only One For Me,” BTOB members amazed their fans with their simple yet fashionable style. They were dancing and singing along with the crowd while celebrating their success of “Only One For Me” as the top rank single of Show Champion.

Watch the BTOB encore stage performance of “Only One For Me” here:

TWICE – Dance The Night Away


TWICE released their comeback single in July 2018, “Dance The Night Away.” It was officially released on July 9th, 2018. The song’s meaning is about excitement feelings of love, and one of the ways to explore the feeling of happiness is through dance moves as well. Meanwhile, from the teaser of “Dance The Night Away,” we could see the concept where TWICE members were looking radiant with a simple outfit, and the vibes of a beach and summer.

According to fans’ theories about the concept of the song, it was revealed that “Dance The Night Away” actually has a horror concept because some of the members were wearing black outfits and they resembled a ghost or a demon. Such a surprising theory, right?

On one of their encore stage performances of “Dance The Night Away” TWICE kept their cheerful and cute image with the dominant blue and white floral outfits, they also performed as cheerful as ever, with a slight of random cute dance within it. And no wonder “Dance The Night Away” successfully received top rank in various music charts as well!

Watch the TWICE encore stage performance of “Dance The Night Away” here: