Here Is a Compilation Of MBC’s ‘Show Champion’ Winners In 2018

show champion

Here Details About The Winners Of Show Champion!

Have you heard about Show Champion? If you are one of those people who really like to watch this kind of Korean shows, you must be familiar with this particular one. But if you haven’t heard about Show Champion, it’s alright because we are going to introduce you with it. Basically, Show Champion was one of the music programs in South Korea which was aired by MBC Music. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with the details of the show, so keep on reading!

In Show Champion, people could see a lot of great performances from many idols. Moreover, they could also choose one of their idols and support them to be the winner through a vote. Every month there was a different winner, and choosing the month’s winner was one of the most anticipating moments by both the idols and the fans of the show as well. And here is the compilation of the winners of the 2018 Show Champion!

About The Show

show champion

Before we talk about the 2018 Show Champion‘s winners, let’s start with some basic information about Show Champion first! What was the show about? Show Champion was famously known as one of the popular music programs in South Korea, which was also a mixture of a music show and a variety show including performances and interviews as well.

Show Champion was providing the most popular singles, the hottest issues, and the best rookies every week. And also, Show Champion had a specific voting system. The winners were evaluated through a system of digital selling, album selling, netizens voting, professional music judges, genie pre-voting, idol champ pre-voting, and also from MBC’s Music broadcast point. As time went by, the winning criteria were increasingly diverse and growing.

The show was hosted by comedian Kim Shin-young, but also on some occasions, there would be guest hosts as well. Not only that, but there were also various types of winners of Show Champion, such as Issue Champion, Rookie Champion, Rookie Survival, and many more!

Oh My Girl – Secret Garden

oh my girl

First, in January, we have Oh My Girl with the single “Secret Garden!” The single was included in Oh My Girl’s fifth extended play Secret Garden in January 2018 and became the winner of the January 2018 Show Champion as well!

“Secret Garden” has a deep meaning in relation to the overall concept of Oh My Girl, about encouragement and not giving up on your dreams. You simply have to pursue your dreams, and Oh My Girl members are clearly encouraging you to do so with their song “Secret Garden.” Moreover, listening to the single can make you imagine the vibes of a fantasy land!

Meanwhile, in the music video of “Secret Garden,” Oh My Girl members are radiant in pastel colors and emitting dreamlike vibes. And just like the title “Secret Garden,” there’s also a hint of hidden flowers within that.

On one of their encore stages, Oh My Girl members appeared on the stage all dressed in the same outfit, a kind of printed lace dress with a printed accent! They were looking effortlessly gorgeous during their dancing and singing performance of “Secret Garden!”

Watch the Oh My Girl encore stage performance of “Secret Garden” here:


Red Velvet – Bad Boy

red velvet

In the February 2018 issue of Show Champion, there was Red Velvet with “Bad Boy!” Basically, the Red Velvet comeback with the single “Bad Boy” was in January 2018. Through this comeback, Red Velvet provided the fans with a monochrome concept, just like we could see in the “Bad Boy” teaser as well. Not only that, but in “Bad Boy,” Red Velvet members were looking more mature and elegant, in the female spy concept.

The single “Bad Boy” was included in The Perfect Red Velvet, their second repackage album which was released on January 29th, 2018. From the translation of the lyrics, we can see that “Bad Boy” was about a love story between a girl and a bad boy. Even though he was a bad boy, he had something attractive that made the girl fall in love with his charm. Meanwhile, the girl also didn’t fall in love with him easily, and as a plot twist, the bad boy was under her love spell.

Red Velvet members who are usually looking both cute yet feminine, went for an elegant and sexy image this time with “Bad Boy.” With different vibes than usual, Red Velvet members were rocking the style of their new concept!

Watch the Red Velvet encore stage performance of “Bad Boy” here:


iKON – Love Scenario


Next one, there’s iKON with “Love Scenario!” The comeback single was released on January 25th, 2018, and turned into the winner of the March 2018 edition of Show Champion. The song was made by one of the ex-iKON members, Hanbin, and he explained that the song was inspired by the movie La La Land about the sweet kind of farewell.

“Love Scenario” tells the story of a relationship that has come to an end. Even though the relationship is over, it is simply a new beginning to start a brand new day. Mostly the sound of “Love Scenario” is kind of a cheerful song, but if you look right through the lyrics, there’s a hint of regret about a relationship within it.

In the music video, iKON show off a chill and free concept during the scenes. Each of the members of iKON is dancing and standing around the parking lot, and walking around a bus stop. But still, there’s a slight hint of a broken relationship within the music video even though it doesn’t really appear anywhere.

During one of the encore stages of iKON’s “Love Scenario,” the members appeared casually wearing simple and casual outfits, and with ear-catching vibes. iKON was performing “Love Scenario” happily while they were celebrating their win!

Watch the iKON encore stage performance of “Love Scenario” here:

Wanna One – Boomerang

wanna one

“Boomerang” was released on March 19th, 2018, from the album 0+1=1 (I Promise You). The single became the winner of the April 2018 issue of Show Champion. The song tells about how someone has fallen in love with someone else, but the love is kind of a ‘boomerang’ to themselves, and how they wished the love would be returned back to them just like a boomerang. The music is kind of electro-trap and dominant along with the powerful rhythm and beat.

Meanwhile, the concept of “Boomerang” from the music video is kind of a golden age concept, with the dominant black and gold colors. “Boomerang” was using the darkest concept so far from Wanna One, among all of their comebacks previously.

During one of Wanna One’s encore stages of “Boomerang,” they appeared with a semi-formal outfit composed of a blazer and shirt with a mixture of black and brown colors. While holding the trophy as winners, Wanna One members were celebrating the success of their “Boomerang” as a top rank single along with the crowds.

Watch the Wanna One encore stage performance of “Boomerang” here: