Find Out More About Masta Wu’s Full Profile, Career Journey, and Latest News

Learn More About Prolific Rapper, Masta Wu

Masta Wu is a Korean rapper, singer and music producer. He started his music career as an underground rapper. Masta Wu signed with one of Korea’s major labels, YG Entertainment and released his debut studio album, Masta Peace in 2003.

Before his debut with YG Entertainment, his stage name was Ginnwon. He collaborated with another rapper Digital Masta DM and formed the hip-hop duo YMGA (Young Men Gangsta’s Association)

Masta Wu has written various songs for fellow YG Entertainment artists like Hi Suhyun, Lee Hi, and 2NE1. In 2015, he owned 74 songs to his name at the Korean Music Copyright Association. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed explanation of everything about Masta Wu’s profile, discography, and latest news. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile

Birth Name: Woo Jin-won

Stage Name: Masta Wu

Date of Birth: October 25th, 1978

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Occupation: Rapper, music composer

Genres: Hip-Hop

Label: XYZ Entertainment

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Zodiac: Scorpio

Blood Type: A

Twitter: @mastawu02

Instagram: @mastawu02

Religion: Christian


  • He was previously known as Ginnwon
  • Member of hip-hop duo YMGA with Digital Masta
  • He left from YG Entertainment and started his own label
  • In 2014, he participated as a producer in Show Me The Money 3


Studio Albums

Masta Peace 2003.06.20
Mass Wu Part 2 2007.03.21


Charted Songs

Year Title Peak Position Sales
2007 “Don’t Stop” (feat. Jinu) 43 1,261 (physical)
2014 “Come Here” (feat. Dok2, Bobby) 8 169,275+ (digital)



Made in R.O.K YMGA 2008.10.10
Come Here Feat Dok2, Bobby 2014.12.02
Yamaha Feat Red Roc, Okasian 2016.10.03
Shit Feat Dok2 2017.01.26



Jinusean The Reign #5 Hip Hop Seoul feat. Chino XI, Masta Wu, Teddy 2001.02.07
#8 Hip Hop feat. Masta Wu, Lexy
PSY SSa2 #1 Intro feat. Masta Wu, Jed, Red Jay, Yohan 2002.01.16
#8 In to Sauna feat. Masta Wu
Wanted Like The First #2 Me feat. Masta Wu, Lexy 2004.05.21
Gummy It’s Different #10 So Much feat. Masta Wu 2004.09.09
Jinusean Norabose #6 Mister Jinusean feat. Wheesung, Masta Wu 2004.11.12
45RPM Old Rookie #6 One feat. Red Rocm Sean2Slow, Vasco, Masta Wu, YDG 2005.05.04
PSY Remake & Mix #14 Life feat. ChoPD, Lee Ha-neul, JP, Masta Wu 2005.07.23
SE7EN 24/SE7EN #2 Love Story feat. Masta Wu 2006.03.08
Ji Eun Rain #11 Stop feat. Masta Wu 2007.05.11



White Masta Peace (2003.06.20)
Bad Boy Masta Peace (2003.06.20)
Everything’s All Rite Mass Wu Pt.2 (2007.03.21)
Don’t Stop Mass Wu Pt.2 (2007.03.21)
Come Here Feat. Bobby, Dok2 (2014.12.02)


Interview With Danny From LA

Masta Wu appeared in an episode of Danny From LA, a weekly TV show on Mnet America. The show was hosted by Danny Im of 1TYM and funnyman Kevin Shea of Comedy Central. DFLA was designed as an insider perspective of Asian pop culture, especially K-Pop, music, and entertainment.

Masta Wu arrived in LA the day before the shooting. Originally, he planned to meet his half-brother, from a different mother, and spend time with him. It was a coincidence. Masta Wu called Danny Im the day he arrived in LA to eat out together. His half-brother, Danny Im, asked Masta Wu to make an appearance on his show and enjoy some time together.

Masta Wu arrived at the set with his usual style, full of swag and confidence. He wore sunglasses during the shooting, something which Kevin Shea took a funny jab at. Both Danny Im and Kevin Shea welcomed him with sunglasses on. The host duo said that only musicians can wear sunglasses on the recording set. Danny Im welcomed Masta WU and introduced him as the Korean Eminem because of his laid back voice. Masta Wu immediately denied the comparison and said that his style is very different compared to Eminem’s.

Kevin Shea commented that Masta Wu has that bad boy image, something that every rapper has. But as soon as they met and talked, Kevin Shea saw Masta Wu’s modesty and humility. One of the examples was when Danny Im said that Masta Wu was G Dragon’s mentor. Masta Wu denied it and said that it was because of G Dragon’s own talent. Masta Wu saw G Dragon for the first time when G Dragon was a YG Entertainment trainee. G Dragon was around eleven or twelve years old at the time.

Danny Im said that it has been 11 years since the last time they saw each other. He recalled their good times together and their bromance. Danny said that Masta Wu is his best friend while Masta Wu said that Danny is his brother.

During the show, Masta Wu introduced his latest album as part of the Duo YMGA. Coincidentally, it was the last album that Danny Im was featured on. The album included feature collaboration with rapper CL, one of 2NE1’s members. The collaboration was the first music collaboration from CL. Danny Im said that the album was a memorable album.

Leaving YG Entertainment and Future Plans

YG Entertainment announced the departure of Masta Wu from the agency on January 8th, 2016. Masta Wu decided to start his own label, XYZ Entertainment and continued his music career with the label. Masta Wu is one of the longest contracted artists with an entertainment company. YG Entertainment continued to support him with his future activities.