‘Little Nichkhun’ Mason Moon’s Filmography!


The Cutest Baby You Should Watch, Mason Moon!

The adorable Mason Moon is Canadian-Korean and is known as a child actor and model. He was born on March 21, 2007. He became popular after he appeared on Good Daddy and then Little Nichkhun.

This yung actor will keep you entertained just by watching his expressions, so stay with Channel-Korea and enjoy the journey of his performances on several programs!

Mason Moon’s Acting Debut in Baby and I with Jang Geun-suk


Mason Moon Moorhouse is his full name, and he started his career by appearing in a movie titled “Baby and I,” with Jang Geun-suk.

This 2008 South Korean movie was about an 18-year-old high school senior played by Jang Geun-suk, who was caring for a baby after he got a note saying he was its father. From this movie, Mason Moon become a star and child artist.

Here some of the interactions they had during the shooting of Baby and I.


The cute Mason Moon really made his breakthrough through this movie. His role in “Baby and I” got him called “Korea’s national baby.” Could you resist his adorable face?

Mason Moon in Good Daddy


The reality show “Good Daddy” or “Being a Good Daddy” became the first reality show that Mason Moon was involved in. This program appeared as a Chuseok special program (the Thanksgiving day in South Korea) and became a permanent reality show after that.

This reality show is about Mason Moonm who acts as the two0year-old host and guides the “Daddies” to complete missions with their daughter. It seems impossible, but Mason Moon, who was still too young to talk, became one of the centers of the show!

The lucky Daddies on this show were Kim Gun Mo, Kim Hyung Bum, Yoo Se Yun, Kim Heechul of Super Junior, and Lee Hongki FT Island. All five of these male celebrities come from different ages and talent skills, and had to show how they parent by solving problems such as education, outings, etc.


Mason Moon in 3 Suspicious Man

On an episode of “3 Suspicious Men,” Mason Moon appears with Shin Jung Hwan. Shin Jung Hwan let Mason Moon come with him to go to the After School waiting room in the KBS building. On the fifth episode of this reality show, The beautiful girls from After School came over to see the cute Mason Moon.

Shin Jung Hwan made him choose which was the most beautiful girl among the After School members, which made this episode very amusing! The interaction between the girls and little boy were really lovable. Watching him shyly eat sweet potato pizza was utterly charming.

Mason Moon in Hello Baby with T-ara


Mason Moon and his brothers come out in Hello Baby. Hello Baby is a South Korean reality shows that engaged K-pop star to raising baby. The girl group T-ara become ‘mothers’ for Mason Moon, Mavin Moon, and Maden Moon for three months.

The program showed how T-ara behaved while taking care of Mason Moon and his toddler brothers, and was so fun and entertaining to watch!

Mason Moon in Children Channel: Popularity Battle


Mason also appeared on Popularity Battle in 2012. He was one of seven children on the episodes of Shinhwa Broadcast, which hosted by the boy band Shinhwa. Mason Moonwan’t alone, he was filming with his younger brother and Lee Jung-ryong.

Such cute and fun show!

Mason Moon in Tone-Deaf Clinic


Mason Moon also made a cameo appearance in a movie called “Love Clinique” or “Tone Deaf Clinic” in November 2012 after his first movie, Baby and I. His mother shared this news on November 21, saying, “At the VIP preview of ‘Tone Deaf Clinic’ that Mason made an appearance as a cameo! Releasing November 29th!

The movie is about a tone-deaf girl, Dong-Joo, who has a crush on a man who is a singer. The instructor ar the tone-deaf clinic, Shing-heung, wants to help her and falls in love with her. Moreover, another of her friends, Bo-ra, also wanted to help her.

Mason Moon tweeted a selca with actor Lee Gwang Soo on his Twitter page. The caption of the post said “Lee Gwang Soo and me together.” He was posing by making a V sign.  So adorable!


Furthermore, the three Moon siblings were also invited to the VIP premiere event for the movie in Seoul.

This photo got a lot of reactions from the public, “Mason Moon has grown so much!” “Mason looks so chic,” “Lee Gwang Soo appears shy behind Mason!” and “Mason looks more celeb than Lee Gwang Soo!

Some others commented, “Don’t they look so good together? Film a drama together!“, “One is bright and cute, the other is a handsome boy full of emotions! Korea’s entertainment future is bright~~

This shows how much fans are enjoying watching Mason grow from very little baby and now getting so big! Do you feel the enthusiasm?

Mason Moon in Dear Lena

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“Dear Lena” is 2016 South Korean movie about a Goryeo woman named Lena who lives in Russia. She comes back to her original country to get a match with someone in the countryside. She’s actually hiding a bitter pain that she hasn’t been able to  overcome. The man, called Soon-goo, is an innocent green tea farmer who wants to help her and falls in love with her.  Lena comes to Korea to pursue the dream of a new life, yet her pain needs to be revealed in order to heal. Will they find a way?


Mason Moon made a cameo appearance in this film as a child from a green tree farm. This movie will bring the beautiful countryside of South Korea and a love story. Mason is always adorable anytime he pops up, making this movie more colorful.

Mason Moon in Making Family


Mason Moon also appeared in the movie called “Making Family.” This movie is about an independent women who aspires to have a family but neglects to have a husband and a man who also does not have a desire in building a family. One day, they stumbled upon a problem that made them think again.

Mason Moon becomes the son of this independent woman, Mi-yeon, who got an anonymous sperm donor in order to have a son. She works as documentary producer living in Seoul, and her son wants to meet his father. This intriguing story could make you curious till the end!