Mark Lee’s Brother And Facts You Should Know About Them As Siblings!

Mark Lee's Brother

Get To Know More About Mark Lee’s Brother And Their Stories Together

Do you know about NCT’s Mark Lee? He is known as a member who is multitalented and also inspires a lot of fans. Not only is he famous for his talent in making music, but he is also a young idol who has shown hard work since childhood.

In this article, there is detailed information about Mark Lee’s personal information, which is come from his family. Do you know that Mark Lee has an older brother? If you don’t know about it, make sure you don’t skip any information about it in the article below!

Mark Lee’s Brother Is Rumored To Be Named Lee Jin-hyung

Mark Lee's Brother

Mark Lee is a Canadian rapper who is now successful in Korea by joining a large agency in South Korea, SM Entertainment. He was born on August 2, 1999. When it comes to his family, much is not known as he was never revealed about it.

Many fans are also curious about Mark Lee’s siblings. Does he have sisters or brothers? Mark Lee has an older brother named Lee Jin-hyung. They have almost the same name because Mark Lee’s Korean name is Lee Min-hyung.

Mark Lee's Brother

Mark Lee’s brother may be a few years older and he also has the same good qualities as his brother. No one has ever seen Mark Lee’s brother and he still maintains his family’s privacy.

Some of NCT’s members also have their own siblings that they have revealed to the public. Fans also really appreciate the closeness of NCT’s members with his siblings, which are very sweet and warm.

Mark Lee’s Brother Is Now A College Student

Mark Lee's Brother

Many fans will be wondering, what is Mark Lee’s brother like? However, Mark Lee is very careful about talking about personal matters such as his family. He had mentioned his older brother through an event in ‘SM CONGRESS 2021’, but he didn’t say much.

Mark Lee shared that his older brother had also joined an audition and had a desire to become an idol. However, it turned out that his older brother failed at the audition and he did not try again.

Mark Lee's Brother

Nonetheless, Mark Lee revealed that his older brother is fine and now is a college student. It proves that not only is Mark Lee smart, but his older brother is also a smart person!

Mark Lee Joined Auditioned Because Of His Brother

Mark Lee's Brother

Mark Lee shared his audition experience to become an SM Entertainment trainee. Mark Lee auditioned in Vancouver America and made it through that time. The funny thing is, actually this NCT Mark audition only joined his older brother.

At ‘SM CONGRESS 2021’, Lee Sooman the founder of SM Entertainment interviewed his foster children. Including the NCT group and there was Mark Lee was one of the guests. Talking about SM’s plan to audition for a new group formed by NCT’s ​​Hollywood, Mark as a Canadian citizen was asked to share his experience.

Mark did pass through SM’s global audition in America at that time. It was his brother who finally got him interested in auditioning, but unfortunately, only Mark passed in the end.

“At that time, my brother and I were the last participants to be auditioned, and the trainer said to my sister, ‘You are talented, but I don’t see much enthusiasm in you’,” said Mark, followed by laughter from the other members.

At first, Mark Lee may not have thought that he would be selected as a trainee from SM Entertainment, but in the end, he successfully passed the audition and successfully became an idol under NCT, SuperM, and many other sub-units.

Well, that was all for the information about Mark Lee’s brother whose identity has not been revealed until now. Let’s continue to support Mark Lee and his brother by respecting his privacy with his family. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!