Get To Know Mamamoo’s Vocalist, Whee-in: A Soulful Ballad Singer, The Loudest Member Of The Group

Tattoo Meaning

Wheein has several tattoos on her body. And they look beautiful and have a deep meaning.

First, Wheein has a tattoo on her index finger that reads “soppy.” The tattoo’s meaning is soft.

Second, Wheein has a deep meaning tattoo on her arm that is written in French: “la vie est courte l’art est long” which means “life is short, art is long.”

Third, she has a tattoo on her collarbone that reads: “Viva La Vida” which means “live life.”

Fourth, Wheein has a friendship tattoo with her fellow Mamamoo member Hwasa. Wheein and Hwasa have been friends for 10 years, and they got matching tattoos on their heel and neck. The tattoo on the heel reads “Resonance” which means “if something has a resonance for someone, it has a special meaning to them.”

Fifth, Wheein and Hwasa’s other matching tattoo is “Caddo” written on their necks. The word means “friend or the person who carries your sorrow in her neck.”

Sixth, Wheein has a tattoo that portrays a woman and the word “Magnolia.” The word means “traditional femininity and uncommon fortitude.”


On November 27th, 2018, there was a post titled “My father passed away and my family fell apart because of Mamamoo member’s father” spread through online communities. In the article, it was written that the Mamamoo member’s father had operated a company that produced things like containers, portable bathrooms, and caravans and cooperated with a freight company that was in charge of transporting cargo.

The post stated that there was no trust relationship between the companies. When asked about the payments, he would brag that his daughter was part of a girl group named Mamamoo and reassured about the payments that way. He always pushed back the payments. And it was believed that it was Wheein’s father.

Later the same day, Mamamoo’s agency, RBW, released an official statement on behalf of Wheein. Wheein explained, “I grew up without my biological father’s support. He paid no attention to our family and neglected his duties as head of the household. My family has always suffered from the unexpected debts that he incurred.” Wheein also revealed that her parents got divorced in 2012. However, her mother had had to live with the reputation for being a delinquent borrower and had to deal with the damage that her father caused before, even though they have lived apart since the divorce.

The Mamamoo member added, “Because of this situation, the accusations that have arisen have taken us very much aback. I will confer with my family and work to resolve the situation as much as we can. I apologize to my Mamamoo members and apologize to everyone for causing concern with this controversy.”


Single albums

  • Soar

Release Date: September 4th, 2019


  1. “Good Bye” (헤어지자)
  2. “Easy” featuring Sik-K
  3. “Good Bye” (헤어지자) (Inst.)


  • “Narcissus” (나르시스) (with Kim Heechul & Kim Jung-mo)

The music video of the song was released on April 14th, 2016, as a part of SM Station.

  • “Angel” (with Solar)

The music video of the song was released on August 30th, 2016, in the album Memory.

  • “Da Ra Da” (다라다) (with Jeff Bernat & B.O.)

The song was released on June 7th, 2017, for the album Purple.

  • “Loving One Person” Prod. Kim Hyunchul (with Hwasa, Wheein)

The song was released in 2019 from the album 10th – preview.

As Featured Artist

  • “Under Age’s Song” Phantom feat. Wheein

Released in 2014 from the album Phantom Power.

  • “The Sunlight Hurts” (햇살이 아파) Standing Egg feat. Wheein, Yoon-dak OBroject

Released in 2014 from the album Like.

  • “Domino” CNBLUE feat. Wheein

Released 2015 from the album 2gether.

  • “Please Just Go” (그냥가요) Louie feat. Wheein

Released in 2015.

  • “Ex-Girl” Monsta X feat. Wheein

Released in 2016 from the album The Clan Pt. 1 Lost.

  • “Hey!” (야!) Sandeul feat. Wheein

Released in 2016 from the album Stay As You Are.

  • Anymore” (부담이 돼) Jung Key feat. Wheein

Released in 2017 form the album Empty.

  • “Holy-Day” Jung Min-hyuk feat. Wheein

Released in 2017.

  • “Love or Like” Standing Egg feat. Wheein

Released in 2017 from the album Dramatic.

  • “Miss U” Jude feat. Wheein

Released in 2018.

  • “Tears Drops” DinDin feat. Wheein

Released in 2019.

  • “4:44” Park Bom feat. Wheein

Released on May 2nd, 2019, from Park Bom’s album Blue Rose.

Soundtrack appearances

  • “Shadow” (그림자). The soundtrack song was released in 2017 for the South Korean drama Yellow OST Part 1.