Mamamoo’s Story: ‘Queendom’, Members’ Hardships, and Winning The Competition

Mamamoo share their thoughts about the victory at Queendom

“This is the ‘appreciation for the effort’ that we have all done.”

After taking the victory at Queendom, the members of the Mamamoo group expressed their gratitude and opinions on this matter. Mamamoo won the final victory with the new song “Destiny” on the show Queendom which aired on October 31st, 2019. Shortly after it was aired, Mamamoo’s leader, Solar expressed her feelings, “When we entered Queendom, many people worked hard with us. I want to tell them ‘You have worked hard’. Besides, to MooMoo (Mamamoo’s Fans) who are always worried about us and are by our side! Thank you very much and I think this gift is a ‘tribute to the effort’ we have all done.”

Moonbyul thanked the fans, “It seems that only MooMoo can complete our imperfections. We have come this far thanks to MooMoo’s support.” Then, she said, “It’s great to be able to learn many things when participating in Queendom. I think the six groups deserve to be winners. I hope you all will continue to give love and support to all of us.”

Wheein said, “Thank you for giving us lots of love and attention. Your support during this event will be a motivation for Mamamoo on our future path, so I think this will be a meaningful moment. I love all my members and all who have worked hard.”

Hwasa was moved to tears after being crowned the winner on a live broadcast, “I really did not predict that I would win, and because I could not imagine it, I was very surprised. I am very grateful to many people whose sacrifices and difficulties so far have been ‘very big’. until I didn’t realize it.” The singer added, “During the live broadcast, I couldn’t express all my gratitude to all of you, so I wanted to use this opportunity to do it. I am very grateful to all of you. I also want to express my gratitude and affection to MooMoo friends.”

Comeback Preparation

Kpop Chart

MAMAMOO has announced their comeback plans with the latest full album.

On Saturday (02/11), MAMAMOO uploaded an animated teaser through their official social media account. MAMAMOO plans to return with their second full album on November 14th, 2019, at 18:00 KST.

Through this teaser video, we will be presented with an animation of the words ‘BLACK’, which stands for ‘Bless Life And Carry Knowledge’. This will be MAMAMOO’s next comeback in 2019, after the last release of “gogobebe” in March.

This news was also announced shortly after the Queendom program aired its last episode and MAMAMOO came out as the winner.

Random Facts

Mnet is currently enthusiastically showing its newest program Queendom. The program, hosted by actress Lee Da-Hee, featured a competition between 6 K-Pop groups including Mamamoo, AOA, Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, (G) I-DLE, and Park Bom ex-2NE1 to get the best group nickname and win prizes from Mnet’s comeback program. In the program, there are some facts that attract the attention of the audience, what are those facts? Let’s see below!

  • Queendom is a competition among K-Pop girl groups who have already debuted.

In contrast to other K-Pop survival shows that usually feature competition among trainees to debut as a group, Queendom conceptualizes as a competition among K-Pop girl groups that have already debuted to look for the best.

  • The contest is among 5 K-Pop girl groups and 1 female solo singer.

Queendom contestants are not too much, there are only five K-Pop girl groups and one female solo singer, ranging from those who are still rookie to senior ones. The Queendom contestants were Oh My Girl, MAMAMOO, AOA, Lovelyz, (G) I-DLE, and Park Bom ex-2NE1.

  • A battle show comeback concept.

The concept of Queendom can also be called a comeback battle show because the six Queendom contestants make a comeback simultaneously with the release of a single on the same day.

  • The winner gets the title ‘Queen’.

The contestants who release the single compete for the number one spot on the music charts. The girl group that successfully occupies the best place will get the title ‘Queen’.

  • This program is hosted by actress Lee Da-hee.

Mnet has confirmed and released a teaser which shows that Lee Da-hee will be the MC of Queendom. Lee Da-hee admitted that she was happy to be chosen as the MC of Queendom because she was a fan of the K-Pop girl groups. Lee Da-hee also promised to work hard because the job of becoming an MC was a new challenge for her who usually has different roles in front of the camera.

That was all for the information about Mamamoo’s appearance on Mnet’s latest show Queendom. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!