Everything About MAMAMOO’s Sunshine, Solar: Profile, BTS Fangirl, Cover Song List, and More

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Up-Close and Personal With Solar, MAMAMOO’s Sunshine

Do you know who MAMAMOO are? Yes, MAMAMOO is one of the popular K-Pop girl groups from South Korea that have their unique auras and of course, they are all beautiful.

And today, Channel Korea will give you a run-through of everything about one of their members, their sunshine, Solar. So, are you guys getting excited yet? No more waiting, let’s check this out!


MAMAMOO’s Solar’s Profile and Facts


Kim Yong-sun (김용선), or people have known her by her stage name Solar (솔라) is a member of the K-Pop Idol group MAMAMOO. Solar was born in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea on February 21st, 1991, which makes her a Pisces woman. Solar’s height is 163 cm (5’4’’) and her weight is 43 kg. She has an older sister, Kim Yong-hee.

Solar attended the Modern K Music Academy University. However, she originally wanted to become a Flight Attendant. But then, the way to becoming an idol opened for her as she was discovered by MAMAMOO’s agency, RBW (formerly WA Entertainment). Her extraordinary talent was discovered accidentally when a representative of the agency heard her sing. Solar has taken courses in Kumon and Japanese as well.


In MAMAMOO, Solar considers herself as MAMAMOO’s Mom. And so, she is the oldest one in the group. Her positions in the group are the Leader, the Main Vocalist, the Visual and Face of the Group. She used to share a room with MAMAMOO’s Hwa Sa. But after the “Um Oh Ah Yeh” era, all of them moved out and now have their own places. As a leader, she also wrote lyrics and composed some songs for MAMAMOO. Solar once took part in an OST, the song is titled “Like Yesterday” with MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, then she also created the official fan song for moomoos (MAMAMOO’s fandom name). Outside from MAMAMOO’s activities, she collaborated with f(x)’s Luna and EXID’s Hani for “Honey Bee,” under Mystic Entertainment and sang another OST with Kim Min-jae titled “Star.” And for the other information, Solar is ranked 36th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018.”

Solar once explained why her stage name is Solar. She said that there were some reasons behind that name, due to her bright personality. At first, because her name is Yong-sun, she wanted to make her name Sunny but there was already Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and there was also Taeyang, which means “sun” in Korean. So she decided to use Solar as her stage name.


In her private life, Solar is close to Red Velvet’s Irene and Apink’s Chorong. She can play the piano, likes listening to Lil’ Wayne, and loves dogs. Solar has a dog named Jjing Jjing. Solar and Moonbyul aren’t good with roller coaster/high rides and she is considered to be MAMAMOO’s scaredy-cat, due to her fear of ghosts. And of course, she has an ideal type of man for her. Solar likes Simon D, she has said that his rap is so impressive and cool that she felt that they could do something good together along with the music.

And as a piece of additional information, Solar really wanted to be a tour guide in Korea for foreigners (Battle Trip). But now she has become our beloved K-Pop idol.


Is MAMAMOO’s Solar a BTS Fangirl?


MAMAMOO’s Solar has told everybody that she admired BTS. In the live-streaming, with Moonbyul, Solar said that she really loves BTS’ performance and admired them for getting so many awards. She also said that BTS’ “Blood, Sweat and Tears” is one of her favorite song from BTS.

An instance that has drawn a lot of attention is when Solar is singing and dancing to BTS’ “Fire” on MAMAMOO’s concert. She received so many positive comments due to her excellent cover of BTS’ Fire.”



What a hot performance, our beloved Solar. Her performance fits really well with the song “Fire.”


Solar’s Personal YouTube Channel


For you who still don’t know, Solar has opened a personal YouTube channel in order to be able to share more personal content in there. The name of her YouTube channel is Solarsido and her introduction video has become the cutest thing ever from Solar.

Her first video was uploaded on February 21st, 2019, and successfully got a lot of attention from kpoppers due to her cuteness. She really dragged the other members of MAMAMOO into her scheme. What a cute idol.

According to soompi.com, the channel name, Solarsido appears to be both play on the solfege system as well as the combination of “Solar” and “Attempt or Challenge” in Korean.


Solar’s Appearance in King of Mask


King of Mask is a South Korean singing competition program, presented by Kim Sung-joo with the introductions voiced by actor Lee Won-joon. It airs on MBC starting from April 5th, 2015, until the present day, every Sunday in South Korea.

There are plenty of great and surprising reveals that King of Mask has done. On August 30th, 2015, there was an episode of King of Mask where MAMAMOO’s Solar had joined the show, under the big mask of Sunflower. Solar put on such an energetic performance that one of the panel members started throwing out names of possible girl group members and a few of them agreed that she seems to fit with the “wild” image of MAMAMOO. Then, when she took off her mask, it turned out that it was really one of the members of MAMAMOO.


Solar’s Cover Song Compilation


Despite their good songs, MAMAMOO is also known for the good covers of other artists’ songs. And of course, Solar as the Main Vocalist of MAMAMOO always awards their fans with her beautiful voice in every cover song she makes.