Everything About MAMAMOO’s Girl Crush Rapper, Moonbyul: Profile, Debut Story, Discography, and Much More!

Moonbyul’s Filmography


Television series

Year Network Title Role Note
2015 Naver TV Cast Start Love Yoo Na-young Episodes 1–5
2016 TVN Entourage Mamamoo Episode 1

Reality shows

Year Network Title Role Note
2017 KBS Idol Drama Operation Team Herself Episodes 1–13
2019 In Sync Herself Episodes 1–4

Mamamoo’s Solar And Moonbyul Reveal the Unique Way They Fight and Make Up!


Mamamoo was present as a guest star on TVN’s Life Bar variety show which aired on Thursday, March 14th. MC Shin Dong-yup initially asked if the members had quarreled.

Hearing this, Hwasa said that they also had a fight like the others. “We also had a fight, but the older members were involved in more physical fights,” said Hwasa.

“We only argued and said something like, ‘We did this’. We just …” Solar said while swinging her hand. “(We say things like) ‘What are you saying?’ and also kick each other,” added Moonbyul while pretending to fight.

“They fight like that and supporting characters (Hwasa and Whee In) try to separate them,” Hwasa said. Kim Hee-chul then asked whether the older members hit the younger ones. “No, we don’t,” said Solar. “Then the four of us will fight each other,” added Hwasa.

Moonbyul later revealed that they were fighting over trivial matters. Solar also added that they would fight just because they were angry, not because of something serious.


“We fight for trivial matters,” Solar said. “We will fight because we are angry at that moment. It is not because we are overly frustrated in a certain period, it happens when talking at that moment.”

Solar and Moonbyul then pointed out what happened when they quarreled. They even throw cereal at each other while fighting.

“At one time, Moonbyul was passive, so I told her, ‘Try to be more active in expressing yourself’,” Solar said. “I told her, ‘My personality isn’t like that so I don’t think I can do it. I tried, but I can’t do that,'” said Moonbyul.

“I said to her, ‘No, you can do that’, and I said it repeatedly. I said, ‘Do it’ and she said, ‘I can’t’. That’s when (we fight with each other),” said Solar. “We throw cereal at each other,” Moonbyul said.

Shin Dong-yup says that they fight like that because they have a very close relationship. “But you can throw things at each other and fight because you are very close and can easily make up. You won’t do that unless you are really close,” Shin Dong-yup said.

Solar and Moonbyul agreed with Shin Dong-yup’s words. “After fighting, we do not hold grudges. After fighting, we send each other photos of puppies and funny pictures, then makeup,” they said.

Solar and Moonbyul also revealed that they both have fiery personalities, so they often quarrel. However, they claim to be quick to make up and not hold grudges.

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