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MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Talks About Hwasa’s Solo Promotions and her Own Main Goal in ‘Knowing Brothers’


Mamamoo’s Moonbyul has revealed her main goal in Knowing Brothers.

MAMAMOO featured as a guest in the April 20th episode, and Min Kyung-hoon expressed, “Hwasa got a bit of fame after her solo promotions. What do the other members think? It was rough for me to promote as Min Kyung Hoon when I’m also a member of Buzz.”

Solar expressed, “I think because she’s a member of MAMAMOO, it does influence MAMAMOO as well,” and Moonbyul said, “When Hwasa got 1st place, I was proud of her. I was very content to see that someone from our team got to #1 solo.” Hwasa also said, “The unnies cheered me on from the background. They sent coffee carts and pizza to the music video set.”

As for her own goals, Moonbyul stated, “I have a strong sense towards my family. As strong as when I got a tattoo. My final goal is to buy my parents a single-family home.”