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In mid-November of 2018, news outlets reported that Mamamoo fans were boycotting Mamamoo’s upcoming concert in December. The fans reasoned that the group had been working continuously in overly-packed schedules since early 2018, as they had two mini-album releases, a Japanese debut, 70 local events, overseas performances, solo album releases, seven concert shows, and solo concerts. Not only the hectic schedules, but the fans are also particularly angry because RBW did not do their job properly, reusing old concert images and a notice that included broken reservation links for Mamamoo’s official showcase. The fans demanded that Mamamoo’s winter concert should be delayed for the sake of the members’ health, as well as the feedback from the agency.


RBW, Mamamoo’s agency, initially stated that they couldn’t delay Mamamoo’s concert because they had booked the concert venue (SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium) in August, so if they delay or cancel the concert, they will receive a penalty and be unable to perform at the place for a year. However, their stance changed on November 16, after receiving the fans’ votes to postpone the concert. Despite the concert setback, Mamamoo still released their eighth mini-album, Blue;s, in late November.