Check Out Mamamoo’s Latest Song and Their Next Comeback Prediction, Here!

Let’s Get To Know More About the South Korean Girl-Group MAMAMOO

MAMAMOO is a South Korean girl-group that debuted in 2014, under the label Rainbow Bridge World. The group consists of four members, Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa. Before their official debut, MAMAMOO first released the single Don’t Be Happy, featuring Bumkey early in 2014. As a warm-up, they released a single titled Hi Hi Ha He Ho for their debut mini album. Then, they debuted on June 18, 2014, with the song Mr. Ambiguous from their first mini album “Hello”.

Mr. Ambiguous starred a series of famous artists or idols such as CNBLUE’s Jonghyun, Wheesung, Baek Ji-Young, Jung Joon-Young, Rhymer and Bumkey. The group made their stage debut on Mnet’s M! Countdown the next day. MAMAMOO released a comeback single titled Piano Man on November 21, and this time the music video starred B1A4’s Gongchan.

MAMAMOO Confirms Their Comeback Date with Mysterious Teaser Image!

Late last month there was news that MAMAMOO would comeback in November and now MAMAMOO confirms their comeback schedule.

Through their social media accounts, MAMAMOO uploaded a photo that was quite mysterious. In the photo, MAMAMOO members were seen walking around at night, past the McDonalds logo that was already known to many people. But not much information was given in the upload, only November 29, 2018, was written there.

MAMAMOO last made a comeback in April, with the release of the ‘Red Moon’ album with the title track Egotistic (너나 해)’\.

MAMAMOO Released All Member’s Teasers For ‘Wind Flower’!

Ahead of the release of the song Wind Flower and the BLUE;S album, MAMAMOO released 4 teaser solos for each of their members.

The BLUE;S album will be released in full on November 29, 2018, at 18:00 local time.

Mamamoo Appeared Eccentric And Melancholic in the “Wind Flower” Music Video!

After a week of teasing fans with the latest album and song. Finally the girl-group released their newest song. Not only did they release the new song titled Wind Flower, Solar and friends also released a music video.

Just as promised, the five-minute Flower Flower music video was officially released on November 29, along with the release of the “BLUE;S” album. This latest Mamamoo song is inseparable from the usual Mamamoo character, but it is getting more comfortable with a touch of retro nuance. Also, you can practice Hwasa’s dance in the mind Flower Music video.

Mamamoo’s ‘Wind Flower’ Stage Performances

Mamamoo’s Comeback Prediction

After the comeback in November, 2018, Mamamoo hasn’t told the media when they will comeback in 2019. But according to outstanding sources, Mamamoo always has sequential comeback schedules with GFRIEND and BTS.

Some time ago, a media portal discussed speculation from the three agencies that, according to fans, had close relations and the possibility of sheltering in the same large agency.

Some fans even knew and were suspicious of these three agencies because on several occasions there was some evidence that confirmed this speculation. They are Big Hit Entertainment, Source Music, and Rainbow Bridge World (RBW).

These speculations started from the observation that the artist’s comeback schedules from the three agencies always looked like they happened in order. Fans rank it as ‘Mamamoo >> GFRIEND >> BTS’. For example, Mamamoo started a comeback in March, 2018, with the song Starry Night. It was followed by GFRIEND’s comeback in April with the song Time For Moon Night, and finally BTS, who made a comeback with the song Fake Love last May.

This speculation was further strengthened when Mamamoo and GFRIEND announced their comeback schedule for their summer albums, where both groups will be together to make a comeback this month. Seeing this, many fans have predicted that BTS will make a comeback in August, according to the calculations and sequences of these three groups.

This makes fans feel sure that, in fact, these three agencies are in the same big agency. However, because of the different concepts, they chose to separate themselves and establish agencies that were in accordance with the concepts of their respective founders.

But if it’s true, fans also see that although separate, the three CEOs of the agencies have such a close relationship that even some musical concepts, photo albums, and music videos from their three artists look similar.

It doesn’t only happen with their music. The three groups have also performed variety shows and joint advertisements such as when BTS and GFRIEND became models for the uniform company, SMART Uniform, and Mamamoo and GFRIEND performed together on the variety show Showtime!

Even so, neither Big Hit Entertainment, Source Music, or RBW have responded to this. Their new closeness has only been proven to be limited to the three CEOs, who often look familiar and are often involved in making joint songs.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Confirmed Will Make Her Solo Debut Soon!

There’s news that MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is preparing her solo album.

MAMAMOO’s agency, RBW Entertainment, confirmed the news by saying, “MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is preparing a solo album planned to be released in February. The exact date hasn’t been decided yet.”

Previously, Hwasa had collaborated with other artists outside MAMAMOO, such as when singing the song Love Comes with eSNa and Don’t with Loco.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Announces Her Solo Debut Date!

After previously confirming that she would be making her solo debut, now Hwasa has announced the date of her debut.

Through MAMAMOO’s social media account, it is known that Hwasa will make her solo debut on February 13, 2019, at 18:00, local time. The announcement was accompanied by a short clip showing Hwasa in bed.

The youngest member of Mamamoo showed a mysterious expression on the video she uploaded. Meanwhile, in the photo captions section, Hwasa gave a brief announcement about her solo debut schedule with several related hashtags.

Not long after it was uploaded, the post was flooded with comments from netters and fans. Not a few feel enthusiastic and impatient to wait for Hwasa’s solo debut.

“I’m really looking forward to your solo debut,” wrote a netter. “I’m very enthusiastic about my queen’s solo debut,” added the other netter. “I’m looking forward to it so much I feel like crying,” said another. “I’ve waited a long time for this, congratulations my queen, I will always support you,” concluded other netters.

Hwasa debuted in 2014 as a member of Mamamoo. She’s given off a sexy and graceful image while attending public events, so that not a few gave her the nickname ‘Queen’.