The Fashion Queen: Get Inspired by Mamamoo’ Hwasa’s Outfits!

Mamamoo' Hwasa's outfits

Get Inspired by the Fashion Queen Hwasa’s Outfits!

Hwasa is a rapper, vocalist, and the youngest member of MAMAMOO who is known for her powerful vocals. Hwasa is a Korean idol who breaks the beauty standards in Korea with her exotic tan skin and sexy body. Not only that, MAMAMOO’s youngest member always gets attention from many people because of her fashion style that is always out of the box.

Do you wanna know about Hwasa’s fashion style which might become your inspiration for completing your outfit? In this article, Channel-Korea will give you some of Hwasa’s outfits from casual to her iconic and bold fashion. Keep on reading!

Let’s Take a Look at Hwasa in Denim

hwasa mamamoo denim

First, let’s take a look at her style with denim. As we know, denim is a type of fabric made with cotton, so it has a soft quality. If we wear denim, it will follow our body shape, as can be seen on Hwasa. She often dresses up in denim, which you can see through the photos below!

1. Wide Leg Denim Jeans

Hwasa outfits denim

2. Stunning Denim Top with Wide Leg Jeans 

Hwasa outfits denim

3. Sexy Denim Shorts

Hwasa outfits denim

4. Oversize Denim Jacket with Black Sailor Cap 

Hwasa outfits denim

Some people think that Hwasa is the queen of denim because she seems like she has a denim warehouse. She also always looks fashionable with it.

Get Inspired with Hwasa’s Fashion Style!

hwasa mamamoo fashion

Besides her style in denim, there are many styles of her outfits that you should see to inspire you to dress up! Here are the looks!

Hwasa’s Casual Look

hwasa mamamoo fashion casual look

The casual style is a fashion style that looks simple and comfortable for people who wear it. Casual style doesn’t mean dressing as you like but using your clothes casually or semi-formally. Hwasa is often caught with her casual look. Here are Hwasa’s casual outfits that you can copy!

1. Vintage Dress

Hwasa's outfits

In the photo above, we can see Hwasa wearing a yellow-floral vintage dress that she combines with boyfriend jeans. She also wore two bags, a transparent plastic tote bag and a white shoulder bag.

2. With Outerwear/Cardigan

Hwasa's outfits

In the photo above, we can see Hwasa wearing a white t-shirt and ripped jeans. She looks stunning with red lipstick.

Hwasa's outfits

Hwasa isn’t ashamed to look casual with a face without make-up like the photo above. She wore a nude tank-top with a cardigan and she combined it with a dotted long skirt.

3. Oversized Sweater/T-shirt

Hwasa outfits oversized

You can copy Hwasa’s style like the photo above with a colorful and bright oversized sweater. You can use this outfit for your daily activities while relaxing.

Hwasa outfits oversize

Oversized t-shirts are often worn by Korean people like Hwasa. In the photo above, Hwasa wore a blue oversized t-shirt with underwear and cute socks.

Hwasa’s Iconic and Bold Outfits

1. Black Velvet Suit

Hwasa's Iconic outfits

If we talk about Hwasa, it seems like it would be incomplete if we didn’t talk about her iconic fashion style. Like in the photo above, Hwasa wore a sexy black velvet suit with a shimmering fishnet. In this outfit, she looks very high fashioned coupled with her earrings.

2. Joker with Purple Transparent Outfit

Hwasa outfits

Surely, you have seen this Hwasa outfit, right? She dared to appear with green hair like a female Joker. She also wore a light green bodysuit which she combined with a purple transparent outer layer and plastic pants. This style is so iconic!

 3. Clear and Transparent Top

Hwasa Iconic outfits

In this outfit, Hwasa wore a clear vogue top that showed her white bra. She also combined it with jeans and thigh-high yellow boots.

Red Carpet Fashion Look!

hwasa mamamoo

Hwasa often wears unique and bold fashions rather than elegant dresses. But, when she wears a dress, everybody is amazed such as when they see her on the red carpet.

1. Long White Dress With Wavy Hair

Hwasa's outfits

2. Gorgeous White Mermaid Dress With an Elegant Bun

Hwasa's Red Carpet outfits

3. Black Glamour Dress With Long Wavy Hair

Hwasa's Red Carpet outfits

That’s all the information about Hwasa’s fashion styles that you can take for your outfit ideas. Which Hwasa style suits your character? Tell me by putting your thoughts in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this article on your social media so that your friends can also be inspired by Hwasa’s outfits, and follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial to get more article updates!