Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) Winner List From 2016 to 2019

A Spectacular Music Award Event You Should Check Out

The Mnet Asian Music Awards or MAMA is an annual South Korean music awards ceremony. This most-wanted music awards event is held by the entertainment company CJ E&M. Most of the prizes are given to K-pop artists, but some of the awards go to artists from elsewhere in Asia, as well.

MAMA was first held in 1999 and was broadcast on Mnet, then started spreading to countries overseas in 2010 and 2017.

Let’s find out more information about the Mnet Asian Music Awards in this Channel-Korea article below!

MAMA 2016 in Hong Kong

In 2016, the Mnet Asian Music Awards that are by CJ E&M took place outside South Korea, specifically at the Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong.

The nominees were announced on October 28, 2016, in the MAMA Nomination Special Live Broadcast.  The broadcast was made internationally in South Korea, Japan, the United States, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. For MAMA 2016, EXO was a clear frontrunner on the awards. But this MAMA 2016 edition became the lowest-rated show the awards had ever had.

Artist of the Year
Album of the Year
  • BTS
    • Exo
    • Twice
    • GFriend
    • Taeyeon
  • Exo – Ex’Act
    • Twice – Page Two
    • BTS – Wings
    • Seventeen – Love & Letter
    • Shinee – 1 of 1
Song of the Year
Best Music Video
  • Twice – “Cheer Up”
    • Exo – “Monster”
    • BTS – “Blood Sweat & Tears”
    • GFriend – “Rough”
    • Zico – “I Am You, You Are Me”
  • Blackpink – “Whistle”
    • Dean – “Bonnie & Clyde”
    • Gain – “Carnival (The Last Day)”
    • BTS – “Blood Sweat & Tears”
    • Wonder Girls – “Why So Lonely”
Best Male Artist Best Female Artist
  • Zico
    • Park Hyo Shin
    • Psy
    • Im Chang-jung
    • Crush
  • Taeyeon
    • Baek A-yeon
    • Ailee
    • Lee Hi
    • Jung Eunji
Best Male Group Best Female Group
  • Exo
    • iKon
    • BTS
    • Block B
    • Shinee
    • Infinite
  • Twice
    • Red Velvet
    • Mamamoo
    • GFriend
    • Wonder Girls
Best Dance Performance – Male Group Best Dance Performance – Female Group
  • BTS – “Blood Sweat & Tears”
    • Exo – “Monster”
    • Got7 – “Hard Carry”
    • Monsta X – “All In”
    • VIXX – “Fantasy”
    • Seventeen – “Pretty U”
  • GFriend – “Rough”
    • AOA – “Good Luck”
    • Twice – “Cheer Up”
    • Red Velvet – “Russian Roulette”
    • Sistar – “I Like That”
Best Dance Performance – Solo Best Collaboration
  • Taemin – “Press Your Number”
    • Luna – “Free Somebody”
    • Jun Hyoseong – “Find Me”
    • Tiffany – “I Just Wanna Dance”
    • HyunA – “How’s This?”
  • Suzy & Baekhyun – “Dream”
    • MOBB (Mino & Bobby) – “HIT ME”
    • Park Kyung & Eunha – “Inferiority Complex”
    • BoA & Beenzino – “No Matter What”
    • Eric Nam & Wendy – “Spring Love”
Best Vocal Performance – Group Best OST
  • DAVICHI – “Beside Me”
    • Mamamoo – “You’re the Best”
    • Beast – “Ribbon”
    • BTOB – “Remember That”
    • Urban Zakapa – “I Don’t Love You”
  • Lee Juck – “Don’t Worry” (Reply 1988)
    • Gummy – “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” (Love in the Moonlight)
    • DAVICHI – “This Love” (Descendants of the Sun)
    • Ben – “Like a Dream” (Another Miss Oh)
    • Jang Beom June – “Reminiscence” (Signal)
Best Vocal Performance – Male Solo Best Vocal Performance – Female Solo
  • Crush – “Don’t Forget” featuring Taeyeon
    • Dean – “D (Half Moon)”
    • Eric Nam – “Good For You”
    • Im Chang-jung – “The Love That I Committed”
    • Jang Beom June – “Fallen in Love (Only with You)”
  • Ailee – “If You”
    • Baek A-yeon – “So-So”
    • Baek Yerin – “Across The Universe”
    • Jung Eunji – “Hopefully Sky”
    • Taeyeon – “Rain”
Best Band Performance Best Rap Performance
  • CNBLUE – “You’re So Fine”
    • 10cm – “What The Spring??”
    • DAY6 – “Letting Go”
    • FTISLAND – “Take Me Now”
    • Guckkasten – “Pulse”
  • C Jamm & BewhY – “Puzzle”
    • Gary – “Lonely Night”
    • DOK2 – “1llusion”
    • San E & Mad Clown – “Sour Grapes”
    • Zico – “I Am You, You Are Me”
Best New Artist – Male Best New Artist – Female
  • NCT 127
    • SF9
    • Astro
    • KNK
    • Pentagon
  • I.O.I
    • Blackpink
    • Gugudan
    • Bolbbalgan4
    • Cosmic Girls


MAMA 2017 in Ho Chi Minh

In 2017, the Mnet Asian Music Awards took place in Vietnam, Japan, and Hong Kong, from November 25 to December 1, 2017. This time, MAMA had the theme “Coexistence,” and it was the first time the event was spread over three locations.

The nominations were announced on October 19, 2017, on the MAMA Nomination Special Live Broadcast.

Here are all the winners on this MAMA 2017 edition in Vietnam.
Best Asian Artist
Indonesia : Agnez Mo
Thailand : Lula
Singapura : Aisyah Aziz
Vietnam : Toc Tien
Best of Next : Wanna One
Worldwide Favorite Artist : SEVENTEEN

MAMA 2017 in Yokohama

The second part of the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2017 was held at Yokohama Arena, Japan. This become part of MAMA 2017 in Japan after the first day of MAMA in Vietnam. Some significant things happened in Japan, especially the special tribute to BoA, until controversy after the music awards finished.

Here are the winners from MAMA 2017 in Yokohama, Japan:

Best New Female Artist : PRISTIN

Best New Male Artist: Wanna One

Best Asian Style in Japan: EXO-CBX

Inspired Achievement: Akimoto Yasushi

Best of Next: Chungha

Best Dance Performance Female Group: Signal – TWICE

Best Concert Performer: MONSTA X

Discovery of the Year: NU’EST W

Mwave Global Fans Choice: EXO

Best Male Artist: Zico

Best Dance Performance Male Group: SEVENTEEN

Qoo10’s Song of the Year: Signal – TWICE

MAMA 2017 in Hong Kong

The last segment of the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2017 was held on December 1 in Hong Kong, after the events in Vietnam and Japan.

There were some interesting collaboration on the MAMA stage in Hong Kong, including Taemin Shinee and Sunmi. They even released a beautiful song and choreography. There was also a collaboration between Monsta X, Jackson of GOT7 and Vernon from Seventeen, which was a hip-hop number.

Here are the winners from the Hong Kong MAMA edition:

Best Hip Hop and Urban Music: Heize

Best Band Performance: Hyukoh

Best Music Video: BTS’s “Spring Day”

Best Collaboration: Dynamic Duo X Chen

Style in Music: Sunmi

Best Vocal Performance Female Solo: Heize’s “You, Clouds, Rain”

Best Dance Performance Solo: Taemin’s “Move”

Best Vocal Performance Group: Bolbbalgan4

New Asian Artist: NCT 127

Best Female Group: Red Velvet

Best Asian Style in Hong Kong: BTS

Best OST: Ailee

World Performer: GOT7

Best Asian Artist Mandarin: Karen Mok

Best Male Group: Wanna One

Qoo10’s Artist of the Year: BTS

Qoo10’s Album of the Year: EXO

MAMA 2018 in Seoul


In 2018, the Mnet Asian Music Awards ceremony was broken into three events again, on December 10, December 12, and December 14 in South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong respectively. This edition of the awards was first broadcast online via YouTube. The first day of the event took place in Dongdaemun Design Plaza Art in Seoul, with the theme: 10th annual MAMA: Challenge, Passion, Dream of MAMA.”

This first section of MAMA 2018 was held in South Korea again, after nine years taking place overseas and also in three countries. Some of the idols who attended were The Boyz, Stray Kids, (G)I-Dle, Iz*One, Wanna One, Marion Jola, and many others.

Here is the full list of the winners of MAMA 2018, below!

Best New Asian Artist: The Toys (Thailand), Orange (Vietnam), Dean Ting (Mandarin), Marion Jola (Indonesia), Hiragana Keyakizaka46 (Japan)
Best Engineer: LalellmaNino, Java Finger
Best Composer: Dean (under name Deanfluenza), highhopes (Dean’s “Instagram”)
Best Producer: Pdogg
Best Choreographer: Son Sung Deuk (BTS’s “IDOL”)
Best Art Director: MU:E (BTS’s “Fake Love”)
Best Executive Producer: Bang Shi Hyuk
Best Video Director: LO Ging-zim
Best of Next: (G)I-DLE
Best New Artist (Male): Stray Kids
Best New Artist (Female): IZ*ONE
DDP Best Trend: Wanna One

MAMA 2018 in Saitama


MAMA 2018 next segment was held at Saitama Super Arena in Japan on December 12. The stage was very interesting, with the venue decorated by LEDs and lamps arranged above. When the K-pop stars were performing, they looked like they were having a solo concert that seemed built only for the fans, including Stray Kids, IZ*ONE, and BTS. So cool!

For this year, there was the main award called Worldwide Icon of the Year, which was won by BTS under Big Hit Entertainment. BTS received the most awards on this Fans Choice in Japan 2018.

Moreover, there were also other special stages from Monta X and GOT7, who collaborated with BIGBANG.

Here is the summary of the MAMA 2018 winners in Saitama:

Worldwide Icon of The Year: BTS

Worldwide Fans Choice Top 10: TWICE, MONSTA X, NCT 127, NY’EST W, Wanna One, Black Pink, GOT7, MAMAMOO, Seventeen, BTS

Favorite Music Video: BTS

Favorite Vocal Artist : MAMAMOO

Favorite Male Dance Artist: TWICE

Favorite Female Dance Artist Japan: Bullet Train

MAMA Style in Music Awards: MONSTA X

MAMA 2018 in Hong Kong

The third and final segment of MAMA 2018 was held in Hong Kong on December 14.

In this segment, there were three Daesang awards given. They were for Album of the Year, which was BTS “lOVE Yourself: Tear,” Artist of The Year, which also went to BTS, and TWICE took Song of The Year for “What Is Love?”

Here are the winners from MAMA 2018 in Hong Kong:

“I Seoul U” Appreciation Plaque (given during red carpet): BTS

Best Unit: Wanna One Triple Position

Best Vocal Performance Solo: Heize


New Asian Artist: IZ*ONE

Mwave Global Choice: BTS

Best Dance Performance Female Group: TWICE

TikTok Most Popular Artist: GOT7

Best Hip Hop & Urban Music: Zico – “Soulmate” (featuring IU)

Best Band Performance: Hyukoh – “Love Ya!”

Inspiration Award: Janet Jackson

Best Asian Style: BTS

Discovery of the Year: MOMOLAND

Best Male Artist: Roy Kim

Best Dance Performance Solo: Chungha

TikTok Best Music Video: BTS’s “IDOL”

Best Vocal Performance Group: iKON

Best Asian Artist: Peck Palitchoke (Thailand), Afgan (Indonesia), Huong Tram (Vietnam), Da Pump (Japan), JJ Lin (Mandarin)

Best Female Group: TWICE

Best Dance Performance Male Group: SEVENTEEN

Best Female Artist: Sunmi

Best Male Group: Wanna One

Album of the Year: BTS – “Love Yourself: Tear”

Song of the Year: TWICE – “What Is Love?”

Artist of the Year: BTS

MAMA 2019 in Nagoya


MAMA 2019 took place on December 4 at the Nagoya Dome in Nagoya, Japan. This become the 21st event in the show’s history. MAMA 2019 had the theme “The NEXT DIMENSION: MUSIC.” Park Bo-gum become the host for the award ceremony for the third consecutive year in the Japanese editions of MAMA 2017 and MAMA 2018.

Here are the winners at MAMA 2019 in Nagoya:

Artist of the Year (daesang) :BTS

Song of the Year (daesang): BTS – Boy With Luv

Album of the Year (daesang): BTS – Map of the Soul: Persona

Worldwide Icon of the Year (daesang): BTS

Best New Male Artist: TXT

Best New Female Artist: ITZY

Best Male Artist: Baekhyun

Best Female Artist :Chungha

Best Male Group: BTS

Best Female Group: TWICE

Best Dance Performance Male Group: BTS – Boy With Luv

Best Dance Performance Female Group: TWICE – FANCY

Best Dance Performance Solo: Chungha – Gotta Go

Best Vocal Performance Group: BOL4 – Bom

Best Vocal Performance Solo: Taeyeon – Four Seasons

Best Music Video: BTS feat. Halsey – Boy with Luv

Best Band Performance: JANNABI – For Lovers Who Hesitate

Best Hip Hop & Urban Music: Heize – SHE’S FINE

Best OST: Gummy – Remember Me (Hotel Del Luna)

Best Collaboration: Lee Sora feat Suga – Song Request

Best Asian Artist Japan: Aimyon

Best Asian Artist Mandarin: Li Ronghao

Best Asian Artist Thailand: NONT TANONT

Best Asian Artist Indonesia: ANDMESH KAMALENG

Best Asian Artist Vietnam: Hoang Thuy Linh

Favorite Dance Performance: GOT7

Favorite Vocal Performance: MAMAMOO

World Performer: MONSTA X

Breakthrough Achievement: SEVENTEEN

That’s all about the Mnet Asian Music Award winners from 2016 until 2019. Don’t forget to give your comments and share your thoughts below!