Don’t Miss Out on MAMA 2017’s Best Performances, Winner, Special Stage, and More!

Find Out About The Fantastic 2017 Mnet Asia Music Awards

The Mnet Asia Music Awards is a prestigious music award show that invites popular music artists from all over Asia. This event is highly anticipated by many people around the world and the artists themselves, since it is a super-compelling event and gives recognition for all the work they’ve done in music. In this Channel-Korea article, let’s read more about the fantastic 2017 Mnet Asia Music Awards, below! Stay tuned!

2017 Mnet Asia Music Awards

The 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards ceremony had the theme “Coexistence,” and was organized by CJ E&M. The event took place from November 25 through December 1, 2017, in three locations, including Vietnam, Japan, and Hong Kong. Usually, Mnet Asian Music Awards takes place in South Korea. It was the 19th ceremony in the show’s history, and the first ceremony spread among three countries. The nominees were announced on October 19, 2017, through the 2017 MAMA Nomination.

Main Award

Artist of the Year
 Album of the Year
  • BTS
    • Twice
    • Exo
    • Wanna One
    • IU
  • Exo – The War
    • BTS – Love Yourself: Her
    • Wanna One – 1×1=1 (To Be One)
    • Twice – Signal
    • Seventeen – Al1
Song of the Year
Best Music Video
  • Twice – “Signal”
    • Exo – “Ko Ko Bop”
    • Heize – “You, Clouds And Rain”
    • IU – “Through The Night”
    • Red Velvet – “Red Flavor”
  • BTS – “Spring Day”
    • Exo – “Power”
    • Twice – “Signal”
    • Wanna One – “Energetic”
    • Seventeen – “Don’t Wanna Cry”
Best Male Artist Best Female Artist
  • Zico
    • Yoon Jong-shin
    • G-Dragon
    • Zion.T
    • Psy
  • IU
    • Sunmi
    • Taeyeon
    • Heize
    • Suzy
Best Male Group Best Female Group
  • Wanna One
    • Exo
    • BTS
    • Seventeen
    • Got7
    • Nu’est W
  • Red Velvet
    • Twice
    • Mamamoo
    • GFriend
    • Blackpink
Best Dance Performance – Male Group Best Dance Performance – Female Group
  • Seventeen – “Don’t Wanna Cry”
    • NCT 127 – “Cherry Bomb”
    • Exo – “Ko Ko Bop”
    • Monsta X – “Beautiful
    • BTS – “DNA”
    • VIXX – “Shangri-La”
  • Twice – “Signal”
    • Girls’ Generation – “Holiday”
    • GFriend – “Love Whisper”
    • Apink – “Five”
    • Red Velvet – “Red Flavor”
Best Dance Performance – Solo Best Collaboration
  • Taemin – “Move”
    • Hyuna – “Babe”
    • Sunmi – “Gashina”
    • Psy – “New Face”
    • Lee Hyori – “Black”
  • Dynamic Duo & Chen – “Nosedive”
    • Soyou & Baekhyun – “Rain”
    • IU & Ohhyuk – “Can’t Love You Anymore”
    • Hyolyn & Changmo – “Blue Moon”
    • Jay Park & Dok2 – “Most Hated”
Best Vocal Performance – Female Best Vocal Performance – Male
  • Heize – “You, Clouds, Rain”
    • Kim Se-jeong – “Flower Way”
    • Suran – “WINE”
    • IU – “Through The Night”
    • Jung Eun-ji – “The Spring”
  • Yoon Jong-shin – “Like It?”
    • Zion.T – “The Song”
    • Jung Seung-hwan – “This Fool”
    • Han Dong-geun – “Crazy”
    • Hwang Chi-yeul – “A Daily Song”
Best Vocal Performance – Group Best OST
  • Bolbbalgan4 – “Tell Me You Love Me”
    • BtoB – “Missing You”
    • Highlight – “Calling You”
    • Winner – “Really Really”
    • Mamamoo – “Yes I am”
  • Ailee – “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow” (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God)
    • Chanyeol & Punch – “Stay With Me” (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God)
    • Bolbbalgan4 – “You and Me from the Start” (The Emperor: Owner of the Mask)
    • Suzy – “I Love You Boy” (While You Were Sleeping)
    • Crush – “Beautiful” (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God)
Best Band Performance Best HipHop & Urban Music
  • Hyukoh – “TOMBOY”
    • Day6 – “I Smile”
    • Buzz – “The Love”
    • CNBLUE – “Between Us”
    • F.T. Island – “Wind”
  • Heize – “Don’t Know You”
    • Zico – “Artist”
    • Dean – “Come Over”
    • Mad Clown – “Lost Without You”
    • Woo Won-jae – “We Are”
Best New Artist – Male Best New Artist – Female
  • Wanna One
    • Samuel
    • The East Light
    • Golden Child
    • Jeong Se-woon
    • Weki Meki
    • Kim Chung-ha
    • Dreamcatcher
    • Momoland


Favorites Awards

Mwave Global Fans’ Choice 2017 Favorite KPOP Star
  • Exo – “Ko Ko Bop”
    • Winner – “Really Really”
    • T-ara – “What’s My Name?”
    • Wanna One – “Energetic”
    • BTS – “DNA”
  • Got7
    • BTS
    • Winner
    • Zico
    • Psy
    • Exo
    • CNBLUE
    • Seventeen
    • Twice
    • Red Velvet
    • Highlight
    • F.T. Island
    • NCT 127
    • Monsta X
    • IU
    • NU’EST W
    • Blackpink
    • Wanna One
    • BtoB
    • Day6


Special Awards

Nominees Winners
Favorite Vietnamese Artist Presented By Clear & Close up Sơn Tùng M-TP
Best Asian Artist Japan  AKB48
Indonesia  Agnez Mo
Mandarin  Karen Mok
Vietnam  Tóc Tiên
Singapore  Aisyah Aziz
Thailand  Lula
Best Asian Style in Japan EXO-CBX
in Hong Kong BTS
New Asian Artist  NCT 127
Best of Next Wanna One
Style In Music Sunmi
Discovery of the Year NU’EST W
Best Concert Performer Monsta X
World Performer Got7
Worldwide Favorite Artist Seventeen
Best Composer of the Year  Raisa Andriana & Isyana Sarasvati
Best Executive of the Year  George Trivino
Best Engineer of the Year  Dat Nguyen Minh
Best Video Director of the Year  Atsushi Makino
Best Choreographer of the Year  Youngjun Choi
Best Visual & Art Director of the Year  Yang
Best Producer of the Year  Pdogg
Inspired Achievement Yasushi Akimoto




Who doesn’t know EXO, the most popular boy-band in South Korea? In this MAMA 2017, in the Japan edition, EXO-CBX put on black suits. They are always cute, handsome, and sharp during their stage act, giving fresh, young performances.

During their performances in Hong Kong, EXO did the best, too. They did a mashup of The Eve and Ko Ko Bop altogether. Their handsomeness and cute side were so aligned for this perfomance.

Wanna One

At the 2017 MAMA Japan edition, Wanna One was dressed in white, all the way. This particular group was put together of the top winners of an elimination-style music variety show. for the awards event, they gave a fantastic performance of the song Energetic. Their moves and their charismatic style were positively contagious.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet’s performances are like a cherry on top. They always come out with a cute and bold style. They performed Peak-A-Boo combined with Red Flavor.Sometimes they look so tired, but so human, and Wendy always offers a bit of brightness!

NCT 127

NCT performed Hitchiker on the 2017 MAMA in Hong Kong, combined with Reverse, they performed with a swag, hip-hop dance style, wearing street styles in black, red, and white.


Seventeen in the 2017 MAMA Japan edition gave a performance that was nice and cool with song Clap. Wearing white jackets and black shirts, they sent their spirit to the audiences.


TWICE in 2017 MAMA Japan edition gave a sweet, cute performances of their hit song TT. Their outfits also fit the song’s vibes with schoolgirl-style skirts. TWICE also performed the song Likey, which is another of their very popular numbers.

The audiences and all the K-pop stars imitated part of their choreography so well, it means they are so contagious to dance to.


Ailee was in the 2017 MAMA Hong Kong edition, showing off her skills and singing from the heart. She made people cry and enchanted them with the ballad I Will Go To You Like The First Snow. Ailee performed the song along with an orchestra, making the music so deep. Ailee’s song was the best!


GOT7 is indeed one of boy-bands that you shouldn’t miss. Their stage act is wonderful, their songs have strong beats but are nice to sing along with. Their outfits also randomly harmonize, but aren’t all the same.


Zico is rapper that leave audiences astonished. His solo rap could make the stage bring up! No wonder, Zico is an art rapper yet an inspirational lyrics maker!

His dances moves are also unique and entertaining. His style different, but so artful! This performance must not be missed!

Monsta X

Monsta X performed Flesh Bone at the 2017 MAMA Japan edition. They mix rapping performances and pop combinations together, into fresh and mysterious performances. Their body-goals choreography were in clear evidence on this stage.

Super Junior

Super Junior is a legendary boy-group, and one of pioneers that sent the K-Pop wave all over the world. Their performances are always awaited, and for the 2017 MAMA Japan edition, they performed Black Suit. They really have eloquent moves and a style that leaves you mesmerized. Super Junior always offers something new and fresh!

Special Stage

Seventeen & NU’EST W – Heaven

Special stages from Seventeen and NU’EST W were so perfect and nice. They dressed all in black, looking handsome and showing off bold moves! Be careful of your eyes!