Don’t Miss Out on MAMA 2017’s Best Performances, Winner, Special Stage, and More!

TWICE – My Name

TWICE also gave a special performance, with My Name. They were wearing white long pants and white, tied crop tops that made them look so special, and had elegant moves.

GOT7 & DAY6 – Never Ever

GOT7 and DAY6 is good combination. DAY6 showed their band performance, which was perfect with the dance move by GOT7. You must watch this!

BoA & Hwang Minhyun – Only One

BoA has never failed to make audiences scream. Her song The Only One was one of her hits, and her dance is always eloquent. Hwang MinHyun is a Produce 101 contestant that always got praise from BoA as part of the jury. Minhyun even said, on Produce 101 episode 11, “I hope one day i can perform with BoA sunbaenim in one big stage.

Then, it was happening during MAMA 2017!  Believe in your words, they may come true!

Chungha, Weki Meki, PRISTIN, fromis_9, Idol School Class 1 & AKB48 – Pick Me

Watching Japan artist AKB48 together K-pop stars is so rare. During 2017 MAMA Japan, is the only time you can see this! They did choreography for Pick Me Up together with Chungha, Weki Meki, PRISTIN, fromis_9, and Idol School Class 1. They are so fit and gave a very nice performance!

XO’s Chanyeol feat. Soyou – Stay With Me

Chanyeol EXO has sweet, soulful vocals that really fit together with Soyou in the song Stay With Me. This song became Tteokaebi (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) drama soundtrack.

Taemin & Sunmi – Move & Gashina

Taemin and Sunmi did choreography that could take your breath away. They put on a stage act pretending to use guns, and will leave you amazed.

Red Velvet & NCT 127

After Red Velvet performed their songs, NCT came on stage and they all gave a dance performance through the beat, like a DJ melody. They were so coolest.

That’s all about the 2017 MAMA performances. Which one do you like? Give your comments and share your thoughts below!