Here’s The List of Famous Male Models From the Modelling Agency YGK+!

YGK+ Model

Did You Know About YGK+?

In South Korea, there are a lot of agency who have a lot of multitalented artists. Whether those artists are part of an idol group, a singer, or a model. One of the most famous agencies, which has a lot of successful models, is YGK+. If you haven’t ever heard of it, don’t worry! Channel Korea will tell you all about them!

YGK+ was the merger project between K-Plus Entertainment and YG Entertainment. They merged the two companies in 2014, and since then their agency became known as YGK Plus Entertainment. The CEO in YGK+ is Go Eun-kyung, and their offices are located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. YGK+ uses both male and female models, and all of them are professionals.

Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you the list of famous male models from the modelling agency YGK+!

The Male Models of YGK+

Since YGK+ has a lot of multitalented and famous models, we were summarizing their famous-models list for you!

First of all, meet Kwon Hyun-bin from YGK+! He isn’t just a model, he’s also known for his time as one of the contestants in the reality-survival show Produce 101 Season 2 in 2017, and as a member of the group JBJ. Not only is he good-looking, Kwon Hyun-bin also has a beautiful voice.

After his time on Produce 101, he was offered a spot in the boy group JBJ, and has released two EPs along with the other members, who were also recruited from among the Produce 101 Season 2 contestants. After the JBJ contract ended, Kwon Hyun-bin continued his career by doing modeling and appearing in some television shows.

Kwon Hyun-bin’s Profile

Birth Name: Kwon Hyun-bin (권현빈)

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, March 4, 1997

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Age: 22 (International age) / 23 (Korean age)

Height: 187 cm

Weight: 66 kg

Blood Type: B

Instagram: @komurola

Here are some of Kwon Hyun-bin’s best photoshoots:

Kim Ki-bum

Next, let’s meet Kim Ki-bum! Before he became a YGK+ model, Kim Ki-bum started his career as a DJ, and occasionally performed in some fashion shows.

Kim Ki-bum’s Profile

Birth Name: Kim Ki-bum (김기범)

Date of Birth: October 31, 1995

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Age: 23 (International age) / 24 (Korean age)

Height: 187 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Instagram: @kibumee

Here’s some of the best of Kim Ki-bum’s photoshoots:


Joo Woo-jae

This is Joo Woo-jae from YGK+! Joo Woo-jae is both a model and an actor. He’s appeared in several dramas, such as Love Alert, Best Chicken, I’m Not A Girl AnymoreCome and Hug Me, and others. Additionally, he’s also a TV personality who’s appeared in television programs such as Hello Counselor, and Radio Star.

He’s even been in one music video, Yoo Se-yun’s We Fought. If that weren’t a full enough schedule, he also has an online shop! You find it through, and it sells various brands of men’s clothing, with the name Siesta Royal Label.

Joo Woo-jae’s Profile

Birth Name: Joo Woo-jae (주우재)

Date of Birth: Changwon, South Korea, November 28th, 1986

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Age: 33 (International age) / 34 (Korean age)

Height: 188 cm

Instagram: @ophen28

Here’s some of the best of Joo Woo-jae’s photoshoots:


Lee Soo-hyuk

Next, let’s move on to Lee Soo-hyuk! We bet you’ll fall in love at the first sight with Lee Soo-hyuk’s eyes! He started his modelling career in 2006, through Jung Wook-jun’s Lone Costume fashion show.

Lee Soo-hyuk isn’t just a usual model, he has also appeared in several dramas, such as Local Hero, Lucky Romance, Sweet Stranger and Me, Vampire Idol, and many more! Moreover, he’s also appeared in some music videos, such as 2NE1’s It Hurts, EXID’s Whoz That Girl, Gavy NJ’s A Love Story, etc.!

Lee Soo-hyuk’s Profile

Birth Name: Lee Soo-hyuk (이수혁)

Date of Birth: Gwacheon, South Korea, May 31, 1988

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Age: 30 (International age) / 31 (Korean age)

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 61 kg

Blood Type: AB

Instagram: @leesoohyuk

Here’s some of the best of Lee Soo-hyuk’s photoshoots:

Nam Joo-hyuk

Who doesn’t know Nam Joo-hyuk? Before he was famously known as YGK+ model, he was also known as an actor, appearing in The Bride of Habaek, Dazzling, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book-joo, Cheese in The TrapScarlet Heart Ryeo, Who Are You: School 2015, and many more! But Nam Joo-hyuk was started his modeling career in 2013 as a model for SONGZIO Homme.

Nam Joo-hyuk appeared in music videos for Akdong Musician’s 200% and Give Love, Kangnam feat. San E’s Chocolate. He’s received numerous awards and nominations for his work on several dramas!

Nam Joo-hyuk’s Profile

Birth Name: Nam Joo-hyuk (남주혁)

Date of Birth: Busan, South Korea, February 22, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Age: 25 (International age) / 26 (Korean age)

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 74 kg

Blood Type: A

Instagram: @skawngur

Here’s some of the best of Nam Joo-hyuk’s photoshoots:

Park Hyeong-seop

Next, we introduce Park Hyeong-seop! He’s a model who isn’t only famous in South Korea, but also does work in the foreign countrys! Currently, Park Hyeong-seop is living in Los Angeles, and has expanded his modelling career around the world.

Park Hyeong-seop made his modelling debut in 2009 through Seoul Fashion Week with the Jang Gwang Hyo Caruso Collection. He’s also done work for the Kenzo, Dries Van Noten, Berluti collections, and many more!

Here are some shot from some of his magnificent overseas photoshoots:

Park Hyeong-seop’s Profile

Birth Name: Park Hyeong-seop (박형섭)

Date of Birth: Daegu, South Korea, September 16, 1991

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Age: 27 (International age) / 28 (Korean age)

Height: 186 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Blood Type: O

Instagram: @hyeongseop

Here’s some of the best of Park Hyeong-seop’s photoshoots: